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- supernatural
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- how to get away with murder

- looking
- grey’s anatomy
- shameless us
- torchwood

- game of thrones
- constantine
- once upon a time
- criminal minds
- marvels
- dan howell
- phil lester

there’s like a lOT of others things i like but im too lazy to write more so

Advent calendar: December 21st

Author’s note: “A HUGE thank you to the amazing wearethecumbercollected for giving me the idea for how to end this fic and just generally being wonderfully helpful at gone midnight.”


Art by mybrokenboys || Ficlet by lethalpepperpots || Wordcount: 1.655 || 
Characters: Amy, Kieren, Amy's Dad, Amy's Gran

"Last Christmas"

21st December 2008

Amy sat with her forehead against the glass of her bedroom window. She was absently watching three kids outside, running around playing chase. It would have been more seasonally appropriate if they had been having a snowball fight or building a snowman, but it was too warm for snow.

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Other people’s tags for Simon Monroe are my favourite thing:

#extremist grandpa

#trashy depressive sweater wearing asshole

#bb duckface

#partially deceased bab

#kind eyed irish garbage can

#mister heart eyes mother fucker

#undead homo

#hot irish dead man

#favourite undead revolutionist puppy

#in love and dead

#grandpa sweater addict

#smitten sweater wearing dorkface

#weirdo zombie dork

#huge sweaters mcgee


"I wish there was a show with a  bi/pan main character"


"I wish there was a tv show with developed POC characters"


"I wish there was a show talking about mental illness"


"I wish there was a show that talks about racism and social injustice"


"I wish there was a show with badass, developed, intriguing and non-sexualized female characters"


"I wish there was a show with realistic and relatable villains/antagonists"


"I wish there was a show with gay characters whose storyline doesn’t revolve around the fact that they are gay"


"I wish there was a show that depicts rape culture"


"I wish there was a show with main characters that deal with suicide, abuse and depression"


"I wish-"