MY ACRYLIC CHARM CHILDREN HAVE ARRIVED!!! AAAA I’ve been bouncing around exitedly for the past few hours about them oh my gosh they turned out so perfect ;__;

Thank you everyone who preordered too! I will start shipping and assembling them this weekend (once I get new tweezers- they broke while I was using them today oops), and will open orders in shop later today/tomorrow!! Gonna take some more pictures of each later~


I started these at 11AM this morning, and good lord, I’m finally done. I’ve just purchased both pillow cases from ArtsCow to see the quality. I’ve combed through reviews and all I see are five stars, so I am very excited to have them come in the mail. Oi!! And they now accept paypal, too, so I can make purchases for interested individuals.

Let’s see, what else… The pillow cases are huge, maybe a quarter of a pillow larger than a full body one, and are printed on a silky material. They run for about $29.99, and are around $39.99 when you tack on shipping. If ya want one or two lemme know. We can work out a reasonable price.

I’m thinking about making a page or a post on my Animal Crossing: New Leaf wish list; would anybody be interested in any sort of trade or a kind of “you come to my town or i come to yours and i hold this item then give it back to you” thing? Please message me or reblog this post with your friend code, if so.