you are challenged by swimmerniya! i can’t decide which one i like more…

thank you guys for the pokemon suggestions ovo)b it was really fun! hopefully i’ll be able to do some more of these in the future. good practice with poses~

just because that list post wasn’t tru it doesn’t mean you should give up hope that taylor will see your posts and want to meet you

that being said, don’t get so caught up in it that you forget to enjoy your show and have fun


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Part two of x

You and Pietro just got back from your first date. Your first idea had been to go to a movie, but you figured Pietro wouldn’t have been able to sit still through one. So you decided to show him around New York.

“So, lovebirds, how did it go?” Tony asked as soon as he saw the two of you walk into the room hand-in-hand.

You glared at Tony for the “lovebirds” comment before replying, “It was fun.”

“I thought Sokovia was big. New York is huge!” Pietro commented.

“It was nice doing all the touristy stuff for once,” you said, looking to Pietro. Pietro winked, which made you blush.

“If the two of you are quite finished staring into each other’s eyes,” Natasha commented, pulling yours and Pietro’s attention. “Tell me about the kiss.”

You and Pietro glanced at each other awkwardly. “We didn’t kiss,” Pietro stated.

“We didn’t even think of doing that,” you added.

“Alright, this day is not about to end without you kissing,” Natasha stated.

“Natasha, in my day it was perfectly normal to not kiss on the first date,” Steve said. You couldn’t tell if he was just stating fact or poking fun at you and Pietro for being innocent, like how people saw him. Steve’s smirk in your direction pointed to the later.

“Oh please, with how much those two flirted, this is practically the third date,” Clint stated.

You blushed a deep red when you noticed the implication.

“Did I miss something?” Pietro asked, noticing the blush. “Does third date mean something?”

“It means sex,” Tony said with a sing-song voice.

“Let’s go,” you said quickly, pulling Pietro out of the room. You heard the Avengers laughing as you left.

Once you were out of earshot of the Avengers, Pietro chuckled. “Looks like going out didn’t stop the teasing after all,” he commented. “It was worth the try.” He leaned in, giving you a kiss.
EXO’s reaction to their girlfriend asking them for a school assignment.

Suho: *teacher mode* I hope you are ready

Baekhyun: Oh fun… School work.

Chanyeol: You want me to what?

D.O: Prepare for the hardest questions you’ve ever seen.

Kai: Are you being serious?


Kris: …Can we cuddle instead?

Lay: I don’t even understand most of this. But I will try.

Luhan: No thanks. 

Xiumin: Sorry, I really can’t help you with this…

Chen: Yay…School work…My favourite…

Tao:  You said you wanted to do something fun… Not bore me to death..

Hayley Atwell Comicpalooza Scoop

Eeee omg today was an AMAZING DAY.  Lots of standing in long lines, but such a fantastic, memorable day.

Photos are pending, as I’m still out of town and headed back to the con tomorrow, but I got to meet Hayley Atwell today in Houston, at Comicpalooza, with my wife foxyfussings - get an autograph, photo taken with her, and attended her Q&A Panel (and mets lots of awesome fans, too!)


Hayley has said the following:

- Season two will have 10 episodes
- Angie WILL be in Season Two
- Season two will take place 1 year after season one, in 1947

Other fun tidbits:

- Hayley Atwell plans on crashing the Captain America Civil War set some time in the next week - from the sounds of it, Marvel has no idea. 

- While Hayley Atwell has delved into writing for entertainment before, she doesn’t really think she would be a good choice to write an episode of Agent Carter.  However, she’d love to direct one if the series continues and there is interest.

- Regarding her tweet about NOT getting Peggy Carter on the buzzfeed (Which Badass Marvel Lady Are You ) quiz, the character she got was Gamora

- When asked about pranks on set, Hayley hid in James D’arcy’s trailer on Halloween and jumped out, terrifying him (he screamed shrilly, fell onto the sofa, and then onto the floor.  Pranks and antics on set included throwing big grapes across the set into each others’ mouths, and wheelie chair jousting with foam weapons.
James also wanted to see how far he could stretch innuendo in the dialogs - including wanting to use the British desert “Spotted Dick” instead of “Sicky Toffee Pudding”.

- Diversity was brought up in Season two - saying that there was a big meeting about it and this is something that they want to address!  Hayley said she considers herself a humanist - wanting equal rights for all people - men, women, trans people.

- She loves the online love for Cartinelli.  She loves the show portraying two women who are supportive of each other and not in compeition.  As far as Carinelli in the show - she says SHE would certainly be open to anything [but sounds like it’s not her call]


Hayley Atwell is a treasure and a wonderful person. She was SO sweet and considerate to her fans, during the Q&A and photo session.  She really, genuinely seems touched by the fan support.  

When I mentioned to her briefly after the photo op about her recent tweet not supporting Sharon/Steve - I told her to tell the Russos that there are many fans who completely agree that Sharon/Steve is creepy and a disservice to Peggy - and her face lit up and she gesticulated wildly with an “I KNOW!! THANK YOU!”  

i also saw two lil girls with ‘Liam Louis Niall Harry Zayn’ shirts in town after I booked my trip to Vienna and I smiled at them and said “nice shirt” and the poor angels thought I was making fun of them so I told them I just got my train ticket to Vienna to see the boys and they totally freaked out and started talking to me about how much they love them and that they never met an older “directioner” and god they were so cute and then their friend showed up too and they said “look!!! this woman is a directioner!!!” and i screamed on the inside because they were 14 and i am fucking 21 but it was really adorable and they said they would’ve guessed i like niall the most too so :-) they were so excited it was so cute 

anonymous asked:

I used to follow a blog called genderoftheday because the posts looked fun, but then I saw an ask that said something like "I really love your blog, even though I'm cis, blogs like this have made me really understand and respect the trans community" and their only response was "I don't care if you're cis, this blog isn't for people like you." So I anon asked if they hated cis people and they responded "I don't even think I need to respond to that" and they kept being rude to every cis ask.

my sister: *looks over my shoulder at 1D gifsets*

me: *sees one from the FOUR livestream* That was not a fun day.

my sister: Why?

me: They weren’t very nice to Louis. They tried to get him to deny Larry and he refused and then the next day they said some pretty nasty things on his Twitter.

my sister: Like “ASS”?

me: *dies laughing*

I know I said I was going to try to be less of a downer on this site but it just really helps me clear my headspace when I vent. It’s almost like laying my thoughts out and analyzing them and reevaluating my mindset. So yeah I’m going to vent right now; I’m sorry I don’t want to annoy you guys!!!

This week was such a needed vacation. It was so much fun being with people who are in to fitness and eating right—I didn’t feel any pressure to be anything other than what I am. It was also as if my anxiety and bad body image were on vacation too. I only had a few hateful thoughts about myself, but I was too busy having fun to get sucked in to them.

Now that I’m home, it’s all rushing back. It’s hard living with my family because they aren’t healthy and I often get teased for trying. They have no malice in their hearts, but it bothers me. I also am really feeling the body negativity right now. I’m hoping it’s because I’m exhausted and that I’ll be feeling myself more tomorrow because right now I am feeling “less than lesser”

Tomorrow is a new day though. I am going to be positive and look at it as 24 individual hours to make the most of. I am going to get my car washed and go see my boyfriend. He invited me to lift back with him which he NEVER wants to do because he much prefers working out alone so that made me feel good.

To quote one of the world’s greatest women: “Bad days build better days”

chaotic-blessing and sonickitty came up with this fantastic headcanon about Bucky with PTSD and Steve as an art therapist which is SO MUCH MY JAM i can’t even tell you. 

So yeah I asked if I could draw that and they said yes and here we go. Quick sketch but I might tidy up/draw more later :DD tbh I wanna see them rolling around on the floor together covered in paint fingerprints. 

everday homophobia

in the past two days, 4 things have happened

1) a friend of mine said “you can’t do anything with a gender studies minor, unless you’re gay and mentally unstable” (after making fun of butch lesbians for “looking like ugly boys”)

2) my youth pastor said “obama has brought change, but the change he has brought is allowing two men to marry- and that is not a good change”

3) my mom apparently did my housing contract for me (for a roommate in college) and in the “groups” section she put LGBT groups as the last option- because, as she said, “lesbians and gays are disgusting”

4) my mom also said “you know, lesbians and gays are only like 1% of the population, yet they are so vocal. it’s sick.”

I literally want to cry right now. :( Fucking ignorant homophobes, don’t know their own friend and daughter is a lesbian and gets depressed when you say things like that.

Less than 3 months, and I’ll feel safe and loved. And mother, the first fucking thing I’m doing once i get to college is joining an LGBT group, because I’m a lesbian and I need support and love from people who will actually care about me.

lucaya one shot: long way home

As Lucas reached his locker, he heard his name being called. 

“Lucas!” he’d recognise that voice anywhere. It was Maya. He turned around.

“Hey Maya. What can Ranger Rick do for ‘ya?” He teased as he winked and playfully tipped his imaginary cowboy hat.

Maya smiled and playfully shoved him. “So, are we gonna walk back home or what?”

Lucas smile dropped. For the past few months, Lucas and Maya had this routine where they would walk to school and back home, but today, Lucas forgot. He made plans with Zay and Billy after school.

“Maya, I’m sorry I forgot… I kind of made plans with Zay and Billy today…” Lucas said while rubbing his forehead.

“Oh.” Maya’s face dropped but quickly replaced it with a fake smile. “It’s okay. Have fun with them.” She said then walked away.

Lucas spotted Billy and Zay and they all went to the football field. 

While Lucas was playing, he couldn’t help but feel distracted. He felt bad. It was a routine of theirs and he just ditched Maya to play football. Thoughts came to his mind. Like Maya walking home alone in her sketchy neighbourhood alone. 

“Guys, is it okay if I leave early? I’m not feeling well…” lame excuse he thought.

“C’mon man. You never hang with us anymore.” Billy said. That was true, but, they hung out all winter break and school just started.

“Just for today guys. I need to take care of something important.” Lucas said before he dashed out of the field to catch up to Maya even though he knows she’s probably in her neighbourhood already.

Lucas finally reached Maya’s doorstep and rang the doorbell, which gave him the chance to catch his breath. 

Maya opened the door and looked surprised. 

She put her hand on his shoulder. “Lucas? Why are you panting? Did you run like three kilometres?” She said, while stifling a laugh.

“Actually yeah.” Lucas panted, and Maya just let out a laugh.

“Why are you here? Not that I don’t want you to be here. Quite the opposite actually. It’s just that you made plans wi-” she was babbling and Lucas cut her off.

“Maya, stop babbling.” he chuckled. “And I was worried. You were walking alone and I didn’t want anything bad happening to you an-” this time it was Maya’s turn to cut him off.

“I’m fine.” She chuckled. “I took the subway, silly.”

He gave her a confused look. “I thought you hated the subway?” 

“Why would I h-” She looked down then blushed. “I mean yeah I do.”

“Then why did you take the subway?”

She sighed. “Fine. I like taking the subway and I hate walking home.”

“Wh- Maya, if you didn’t like walking home, you could’ve told me!”

“But I like walking home-”

“But you just sa-”

“With you.” She finished.