So, I wrote a gift thing for youguysimserious and machawicket who I blame thank for making me obsessed introducing me to Arrow. I just wanted to say a quick thanks for being so nice and for all the wonderful story recommendations. I have an almost endless amount of reading for summer. Any way, this is a little Summer Travel AU. I used to work at the House of the Mouse and you’d be so surprised what people will do… x Jen

Things that’ll get you banned from Disney World

“Those ears look good on you.”

Felicity smiled and cut her eyes in Oliver’s direction. Her tongue swirled around the almost finished, melting ice cream cone as she surveyed him.

“Should’ve got yourself a pair.”

“Nah,” he leaned back against the bench where they were seated, pulling lightly at ends of her newly shorn hair. “I wouldn’t look quite as cute as you do in them.”

“But you would look cute.”

“Of course.”

Felicity laughed and licked a line of chocolate ice cream dripping down her thumb. Every day of their little road trip adventure, she was discovering a new side to Oliver. Sure, there was still so much to deal with, a lot of angry conversations in their future, she had no doubt.

But this? She hadn’t expected this fun and playful side, or the side of him that was willing to just sit down and relax.

“Now, that’s something I think you’d look great in.”

Felicity’s eyes followed his gaze toward where a pretty brown skinned girl stood, dressed as Princess Jasmine, a very dapper Aladdin at her side.

“There’s so much wrong with you, I don’t even know where to start.”

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Summer reading suggestions?

I just started “The Cement Garden” by Ian McEwan and I’m dying.

The best summer reading are the classics that are under two-hundred pages. It’s actually a great way to expose yourself to a lot of writing styles quickly, and give yourself a sense of familiarity with some of the greats. There was a glorious week or two before college where I managed to read a book every day. It was fun, and it paid off. The list was something like this:

Mrs. Dalloway – Woolf
The Bluest Eye – Morrison
The Reader – Schlink
The Sorrows of Young Werther – Goethe
The Nose – Gogol
The Death of Ivan Illyich – Tolstoy
Notes From the Underground – Dostoyevsky
First Love – Turgenev
Sputnik Sweetheart – Murakami
This is Water – Wallace
Vanishing Point – Markson
The Breast – Roth
The Dead – Joyce
Giovanni’s Room – Baldwin
On Love – de Botton
Cain – Saramago
Franny and Zooey – Salinger



Leila watched the hyperactive teenager race up to her. She watched him and couldn’t help but snort lightly as he fell into the lockers beside her. “Sup Stilinski?” she asked amused by his antics. “Have a bomb summer? Solve any crimes? Read any good comics? Win over any models?” she teased looking between him and her books.

Just a stranger (Part 2)

“oooooh “just a stranger” was so soo good. Thank you for doing it :)could you maybe do a part two to it ?! maybe where he bumps into her after the concert while waiting for luke. and he just risks it and then maybe a time leap like 4 years later or something ?! it would mean a lot to me. you are such a good writer :)“ - anon

A/N: thank you very very much. I made this a little bit different. Hope you still like it. I love it somehow :)

“No you don’t. You stay here. We’re going back to the hotel now” I yelled after Luke but the younger boy ignored me leaving me to go to the toilet. Luke had the whole concert to go to the toilet yet he decided to go after it ended. I sighed at his behaviour. I fumbeled with the car keys in my hands when suddenly someone bumped into my back causing me to drop the keys. I couldn’t help but let out an angry “Fuck you”. “Oh you wish” was the reply I didn’t expected. I looked up and stared into a beautiful pair of eyes. “Y/N” I breathed out but once I realised what I did I shut my eyes closed tight.

“How come you know my name?” she asked obviously surprised and confused.

“I …I …uhhh” I stuttered not finding the words. “My friend….he …uhhh…kinda met you and he told me about you and pointed at you”

“Really? Because I think it looked like you were staring at me” she laughed still looking down at me. I felt the blood rising into my cheeks as I searched for words to say.

“I think you’re really pretty and I’d like to go out with you” I blurted out and damned myself again. How could I be so stupid?

“That’s what I call straight forward” Y/N laughed before she said “I’ve got to go back home but is it okay if I give you my number? Because I think I’d enjoy a date with you, clumsy boy.” I stared at her again as she typed the numbers in my phone. “That should do it” she told me before she disappered without saying goodbye.

“How’d you get her number, huh? Did you threaten to murder her?” Luke joked approaching his me.
“You’re so funny, aren’t you?”

“Well it seems to be a miracle that she didn’t notice how you’ve drooled over her.”

“You’re just jealous” I retorted.

“Right right. That’s why I didn’t ask her for her number an hour ago. So I could be jealous now” he laughed.

I couldn’t believe that she actually showed up. Y/N looked so beautiful. It seemed to me that every day made her prettier and even though it was a month ago since I last saw her I remembered every feature and recognized every small change. For example she was wearing another pair of earrings or that her cheekbones were more visible tonight. Again like so often before I couldn’t take my eyes off her and waited unpatiently until she reached me. Butterflies were erupting in my stomach and it felt like fireworks would light up the sky every second. My heart jumped as she smiled and greeted me with her melodic voice “Hello handsome.”

I smiled wanting to answer something smooth but I was breathless. She was so stunning I had no words for that. ‘I won’t be able to tell her how I feel. Never in a million years’ I thought. But in the past I’ve let myself getting content with this reality. I was tongue tied as I led her into the restaurant.

“I can’t believe that I took you as my boyfriend four years ago, you moron” Y/N teased and all I could do was kiss her lips. She had me wrapped around her finger and she knew it from the first time she looked at me at the concert. She never told me that and I let her believe it was her little secret. She had no idea how I aware I was of this but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Watch my beautiful homegirl talk about queer summer reads for gals! 

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Im going to die next year I'm taking AP US History (APUSH) and its a college class and I'm scared. We have a huge ass textbook which we are reading CHAPTER FOR CHAPTER over the year, and for summer projects for that class we have to read the first two, do notes on them, fill out a bunch of maps, memorize all of the states and capitals and presidents, and oh yeAH 120 MULTIPLE FUCKING CHOICE QUESTIONS JUST FOR THE SUMMER. Help I'll only be a sophomore next year I don't wanna die young.

Honestly rest in peace its going to be a hell of a ride .. I remember when I was a sophomore taking AP Global yikes

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Would you ever consider doing a summer read-a-long for The Book Thief? I wanted to re-read it this summer but figured that reading with others who love the book too would make it more fun!

I don’t usually re read books but I would totally re read The Book Thief for the third time! I would try to do a read a long but it would totally depend on my schedule. Also, when is summer?? Like where are you? Summer for me is still five months away 😊