Alright so I’ve seen a boatload of people complaining about TAI only doing one show in Chicago, and why not do other tour dates or so a real reunion tour and I needed to put this into the universe

I don’t know if y'all know or remember this but those guys weren’t exactly best friends all the time - especially Bill and Carden. Like they literally would just stop talking to each other /while on tour/? And now they’ve been broken up for some years and are doing their own things and I highly doubt they’d be any closer. And of course they’re only going to so chicago! That’s where it all started and where it needs to end. Also they’re all hometownboys and I’m not the tiniest bit surprised.

So try and keep that in mind? Of course be upset I would so much rather they come to my city. But if you’re commenting on posts or tweeting the guys please just remember that they’ve done this before, they know what they can and can’t do as I honestly don’t think they /could/ do a full tour together. The guys probably feel kinda shitty with so many people telling them it isn’t enough. It’s amazing that they’re doing this and probably isn’t going to be super easy.

So I’m sorry if you can’t go. But is doubt the guys would hold back from doing more if they thought it was the best idea.

Ok. That’s all. I just love William so much and I don’t want him getting harassed and upset and stuff. Also he’s doing a solo tour this summer! So see him then. Support the guys on their own too.

Rachel/Delphine similarities

Am I the only one who thinks Rachel and Delphine could actually be friends if circumstances were different? I feel like they would empathize with each other quite a bit considering they’re actually quite similar in personality. They’re both very ambitious women who worked very hard to reach very high levels in each of their fields (medicine/corporate business) which are both very competitive fields dominated by men. Granted, you could say that Rachel had an in with DYAD, which is true, but that would have made it even more difficult for her to prove her worth/prove that she had what it took to control a multinational corporation and she wasn’t just owed it because of her status as the self-aware clone/daughter of the Duncans/adopted daughter of Leekie. In a similar way, Delphine had to do what we can only imagine as a series of ambitious (read: shady/perhaps immoral) things to reach her position as monitor for DYAD. We know she had an affair with Leekie and it’s pretty safe to assume that was a massive factor in her becoming a monitor. For her age, it seems she is several years ahead in her field compared to others and it wouldn’t be much of a leap to assume it was her ambition coupled with her intelligence that led her to her current position. They’re both type A personalities who have worked hard presumably their entire lives to get to the position they desired.

Not only that, they are fiercely loyal and would do almost anything to protect those they love. Everything Delphine has done has been for Cosima’s own good, whether Cosima would agree or not. Most of these choices were done against Cosima’s will or behind her back but Delphine chose to act in whatever way she could to protect Cosima, even if it backfired on her which it almost always did. With Rachel we see much of the same. We know her father left her when she was young and Leekie became somewhat of a father figure to her. When he became a problem she was meant to have him killed. She couldn’t because she loved him so she spared him. Her father, though her resentment for him was very deep still loved him deeply, which is evident by her distress when he kills himself. And even still, we see her love for her father in the latest episode. She clearly misses him deeply and we are able to see her express this much clearer now that her emotionless facade has all but disappeared. Even Daniel, who we assumed was only her monitor, she clearly cared for when we saw her react to his death. Both women project calculated, emotionless facades because being a strong, independent, ambitious, emotionally detached woman is necessary to succeed in their lines of work. But we’ve seen, time and time again, how behind this facade they are both caring, emotional, fiercely loyal women.

And yet, at this point, they both seem to be left in similar situations; alone, damaged (but not yet broken), and left with little ability to control what is happening in their lives. Rachel’s situation is a bit more perilous; she’s completely alone, something she’s used to but she no longer has any control. I think that is the worst part for her. Yes she’s been hurt, not like it’s the first time for her, but this time it has left her with little ability to control what is going on around her as well as her own body. Control has always been deeply important to Rachel. She was raised a clone so her entire life, from the beginning, she has not had complete autonomy over herself. Until she took that control and demanded control of not only herself but others around her. She has always been in control of her emotions, bar the times she was emotional over her father’s death. The scene in season two where Ethan tells her she is barren by design, she imagines destroying the lab in anger but she doesn’t because she has complete control over herself and she must not make a showing of it. We know she takes control of the men she sleeps with; we saw it with Paul, it was mentioned with Daniel, and we saw it when Sarah was with Ferdinand. That control is gone now. She cannot hide behind it anymore. She is no longer in control at DYAD, no one respects her anymore, she cannot even control her own body as we have seen in these past few episodes. She is alone and is disabled and she has no control of her life anymore, she is trapped. She has lost pretty much everything.

Delphine, while she still has her job, has lost the thing that has become most important to her: Cosima. The ambition and drive to succeed which led her to DYAD in the first place became entangled by a drive to protect and cure Cosima. She did numerous things in order to help Cosima that could have gotten her fired from the job she did some not necessarily moral things to get. But she did them anyway, because she loves Cosima. It’s almost exclusively what she has been doing since she met her. But she no longer has Cosima. She could no longer do her job within DYAD to keep Cosima as well as her sisters safe while continuing to be with Cosima. Her love and loyalty have not wavered but her mission to save solely Cosima because of her love for her has been trumped by her drive to save her sisters as well, because it is her job and she promised Cosima she would. She’s alone with little control over the safety of Leda due to their mistrust of her and their inability to work together towards a common goal: to save Cosima and the other Leda clones. And Cosima, the person she has been fighting for all along has moved on. She’s not in Cosima’s life at this point and she has no immediate control over her well-being, especially when it seems Cosima is not willing to cooperate. She has lost what she cares about most and she is no longer in control of keeping her safe. 

Basically, they’re both strong, ambitious but loyal women who have lost a lot of control in their lives and have no one but themselves for company. I think they’d understand each other quite well.

honestly, as far as i’m concered, sarah and brittnee are dead equal gameplay wise. it’s not like will/boogie where there was clearly one playing for the both of them. They both had their own games and were both planning to beat each other. Sarah really impressed me with her final jury answers. Honestly, it might even be something that was specifically better about her game that made her less of a target because if you noticed, brittnee was always targeted before sarah. i’m really happy for sarah, she worked hard to get to her win. 

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What's your story with the hubs? Like how you met and got engaged and married, ect. Sorry if you've posted that before! ❤️

Haha I definitely have posted it before but I don’t mind telling it again ☺️

We met online. I was house sitting at my grandma’s in the next town over and that’s the town my best friend lived in so after work, she came over and made me sign up for a website called MeetMe so that I could like her pictures and see all the creeps who talked to her. A week or so went by and I was about to delete it when this really hot guy sent me a message and that’s how it all started! He never really asked me to be his girlfriend or told me he liked me or anything at first. We were absolutely glued to each other for the first two weeks and one night we had been talking on the phone for hours and we were about to get off when he said he needed to tell me something but didn’t know if he was ready to say it. I told him to say it anyways aaaand he told me he loved me 😊 After that we kind of just assumed our positions as boyfriend/girlfriend. Romantic, huh? 😂

He proposed like two weeks before our one year anniversary and we’d been apart for 6 months when he moved to a town closer to me. We were staying at a hotel for the weekend while we waited for his apartment to be ready and he showed up and we obviously went straight up to our room and got it on 😅 we were lying there, cuddling afterwards when he announced he was going out to the car to get his PS3 and we got in a fight because of how rude I thought it was. But he ended up leaving and I was stomping around the room, all pissed off and he came back ten minutes later and knocked on the door and I was even more pissed off that I had to get up because his dumb ass forgot to grab a key before he left (😂). So I went and opened the door, still completely naked, and he was there, on one knee, with a big shiny ring in his hand! He made his little speech and asked me to marry him and obviously I said yes.

And we got married just under a year later. We were talking one day about how we’d been engaged forever and still hadn’t started planning and we decided that instead of wasting all that money on a wedding to entertain and feed people we didn’t even like, we would just go get married at the courthouse and spend the money on a vacation that was just for us. So we called and set up an appointment and a week later we went down to city hall and a judge married us! And the vacation was far better than having to deal with all my shitty relatives 😅 Plus we adopted Ru a month later, so yeah. Way better than an actual wedding!

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Holding an opinion like that of that person's history teacher as a reason to "oppose Israel" just seems like such an incredibly unnuanced & simplistic understanding of the entire history of the country/region/all parties involved that I actually feel a little offended for all parties involved.I obviously don't expect everybody to be scholars on this but the willingness of people to boil down this issue to some pithy statement seems like an injustice to circumstance and suffering on both sides.--

It is. This situation would’ve been resolved A LOT earlier were there not compelling existential issues on both sides. The reality most people don’t want to face is that no one is going anywhere. Efforts need to be made to ensure that Israeli Jews and Palestinians can find a way to live with each other as neighbors. This obsession with reducing the situation to “Jews bad, Palestinians good,” especially by those who most likely have no connection to anyone involved, is not only useless, it’s counter-productive. 

[okay sorry just posting all about my memories tonight bc i’m having another sexuality crisis]

and there was this one girl in my afterschool program in kindergarten who joined the class partway through the year and when everybody crowded around her to introduce themselves i stood off in the corner because i was too shy and i didn’t learn her name for three weeks because i was too scared to introduce myself but i drew pictures of her in my diary and imagined what it would be like to be friends with her. and then when we actually did become friends when our soccer teams played against each other we would completely ignore the actual game and run down the fields holding hands. 

i didn’t want to tell anybody about this story for years because it was a crush story that would have been adorable if i were acting that way about a boy but it just made me feel weird and creepy 

and then when i ran into this girl again in middle school i instantly got butterflies and i felt wrong and terrible for how much i thought about her and stared at her in band class

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What did you think of Roobarb's 2005 sequel series, "Roobarb and Custard Too"?

It’s all right. It certainly captured a lot of the spirit of Roobarb with Richard Briers’ narration and Grange Calveley’s writing. But the animation, despite the simulated boiling, is undoubtedly Flash cut-out animation.
In the original Roobarb, there was a great number of specific expressions and contorted drawings which added impact. It was another lovely case of each animator drew the characters in their own way, and even that changed an awful lot.

Unique drawings like these would be seldom seen in a Flash cut-out style animation, with their stock expression symbol libraries.

These sort of drawings would be unacceptable to the executives of those imported cartoons of the likes of Filmation and other horrors which were during the same era.

The most specific expression in the spinoff series was that goofy Custard expression. Nonetheless, both series made the most of their tiny budget. 

Also the original’s music was great. I really wish they’d release a soundtrack.

A vearlet dream

I think I’ve been spending too much time obsessing over drag queens on tumblr because while I’m amused by all this vearlet shipping, I don’t ship it myself. But y’all have sunk into my subconscious because last night I had a dream that I was hanging out with the two of them at a bar after they did a show together. We were pretty drunk so we were sorted all leaned into each other and playing with each other’s hair and shit and somehow the topic got turned to sex (like it so often does). They were asking me about if I’d ever been with a man and talking about whether they’d ever been with women and then pearl commented that while she had fooled around with women, she had never had sex with one. Violet says she totally has and then turns to look at me and says “I’d totally fuck you”. Which made me blush, pearl giggle, and then she became more insistent that it could “totally happen”. So then we keep drinking and after a little while pearl decides that she’s maybe interested in trying to have sex with a woman. SO THEY PROPOSITION ME TO A THREESOME AND I FLOOD MY BASEMENT. They order a car service because we can’t drive, pile into the back, and start making out with each other and being generally touchy feely. Then I woke up and this made me blush to even type but I had to share this with someone so why not with my tumblr drag family?

So that’s how my day started! Hope all you kitty girls are having a good week, I’ll be over here giggling to myself in the corner.

Okay. Like hutchhitched said, “Quit beating a dead horse” and “Don’t poke badgers with spoons”…..

I just want to thank everyone who came to my defense over the last few days, sent me an encouraging message, and told me everything would be okay.

You are all stars in my book, and that is why I have a problem making a follow forever. Despite the effort to be torn down, we stood strong, and were made even stronger through this.

I also want to send out hugs and apologies to anyone who got an anon or a hate message, or just anything related to this whole thing whether you were directly involved or not. You all deserve medals.

Why did sex have to be so important? Why couldn’t people live together, spend their whole lives together, just because they liked each other’s company? Just because they liked each other more than they liked anyone else in the whole world? If you found a person like that you wouldn’t have to have sex. You could just hold them, couldn’t you? You could sit close to them, nestle into them so you could hear the machine of them churning away. You could press your ear against that person’s back, listening to the rhythm of them, knowing that you were both made of the same exact stuff. You could do things like that.
—  Tell the Wolves I’m Home by Carol Rifka Brunt
How someone just walks into your life
and picks out a corner. I am thinking about lungs
and what is inside of them. You fill up the car
and we laugh at everything and there is sweet wind
on our necks and it is its own strange song.
I have always known that you were just what I needed.
That is to say, my teeth feel everything first.
We speak to each other in words that are made up
but real, and the quiet yellow guest room
at the top of the stairs, all of our wicked sleep.
My roses are hopeful. Our hands reach for the moon
through the roof of your car while somewhere
in a lab in Arizona scientists are trying to replicate
this feeling. Of all the pictures we’ve taken,
I like us best in our candid moments, your face
a globe of light, my eyes closed from all of your bright. 
You are miracle like bobby pins, spoons, dusk.
You are the only poem I keep trying to write new.
—  Kristina Haynes, “Something Entirely Different”

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what is the diddl things all about ?

diddle were a brand of merchandise around little mouses with oversized feet and ears, especially young girls used to collect mugs, school equipment and most importantly letter paper with the merch.

 in many elementary schools, such as mine, a whole economy around these papers created itself.

we used to bring our folders full of these papers into the schoolyard at break and furiously trade with each other. the ones that were scented were worth the most. 

i had a folder with probably 50 different papers in plastic slidersand damn, that shit was my whole pride. 

then thehype sorta faded and i gave them all to a friend who was still into them at her birthday. 

the comnpany that made those paper blocks probably still salvates when thinking about the time when their product was treated like fucking gold bars in school yards.

Francis and Mary's Theme
  • Francis and Mary's Theme
  • Trevor Morris
  • Reign: Season 2 OST

Your mother would say we are stained with such choices, such brutal and difficult choices we’ve made but we can only do our best. Can we not make another choice? One equally hard but so important. To commit our hearts to each other, no matter what?
If only it were that easy.
It isn’t. It’s terrifying. And nearly impossible. Especially if we think we can save each other. We can’t. We can only love each other.

Francis and Mary’s theme, composed by Trevor Morris, is featured in their most prominent scenes throughout the show (especially in Season 1). This version in particular was played during their reunion love scene in the Season 2 finale.

The Avengers Preferences: They React To Your Death

Tony Stark/ Iron Man:

You were the only person that could tolerate him. You both sassed each other all the time and argued over everything. You helped out in the lab whenever you could. Due to spending so much time in the lab, you an Tony became really close. He was like an older brother to you. When you died, a part of him did too. You always made him laugh and was there for him when none else was. He vowed that no matter what happened, he would be the person that you wanted him to be. He was less sarcastic, in fact he was quieter but he helped others more, just like you did.

Steve Rogers/ Captain America:

You were the person that taught him about the modern age. You helped him in so many ways. You understood him and he had fallen for you. You always managed to make him smile and you loved him for who he was, not for what he was capable of doing. You made a great team. He lost his partner and someone he trusted with his life. He was lost. After your death, he went missing. None knew where he was or what he was doing. He needed to grieve on his own. He wanted to find another purpose in his life, because without you he had lost all direction.

Bruce Banner/ The Hulk:

You were the person that helped him when he needed it the most. You taught him the meaning of control and watched over him during tough times. He enjoyed your presence in the lab as it always calmed him. You were the first person that he opened up to and you always listened. You were his savior and light at the end of the tunnel. You both always protected each other and helped each other though everything. When you died, he was quieter than usual and it was easy to miss his presence in the Tower.


You helped him understand the wonders of earth. He saw you as the little sister he never had and protected you through everything. You gave him advice whenever he needed it and helped him understand anything he didn’t. He loved talking to you and loved hearing about all the adventures you had been on, on earth while he shared his adventures on Asgard. When you died, he stopped talking and found it hard to engage in conversation. He lost a reason to smile as he found your death so unfair.

Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow:

She was like a sister to you as you both were the only girls on the team. You bonded rather quickly and became partners. You always had each others back and no matter what happened you knew you could count on each other. She wasn’t a big talker about her feelings but with you, she could say anything. She loved how open and loving you were. When you died, work seemed to be the only thing that kept her going. She didn’t open up to people and found it hard to be in the Tower as it reminded her of you.

Clint Barton / Hawkeye:

He was like a brother to you and loved teaching you what he knew. You could both spend hours practicing your skills. He loved talking to you and other than Natasha, you were the only other person he talked about his feeling to. He always had your back in field as you had his. When you died, he didn’t really talk to anyone other than Natasha. He hated talking about you as it did nothing but bring tears to his eyes. However, he vowed to protect the people you cared about as you would have done the same.

Requested By: twilighost123

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Can you make a short about hiro and Tadashi saying sexual things to each in front of their friends in Japanese and their friends are like WTF are they saying (maybe plot twist Fred starts laughing at the end cause he secretly know Japanese as well)

Note: The dialogues in italic mean they’re speaking Japanese. 

“I’m gonna fuck you so hard when we get home.”

It was the umpteenth time that the Hamada Brothers had abruptly switched between languages which made the gang wary to no end and what fueled their curiosity even more was the way they were acting around each other; staring at each other with a certain glint in their eyes and with a sly and knowing smirk.

GoGo had even tried to threatened the translation out of them, but to no avail as Tadashi would merely brush it off as trying to help Hiro with his Japanese but everyone had clearly noticed that Hiro was speaking the language as fluently as his older brother.

Soon the Hamada Brothers had decided it was time to go home; heading towards the door—not before Tadashi whispered something to Hiro that made the younger one giggle—and cheerfully saying their goodbyes to their suspicious friends who only muttered a small farewell except for Fred who, with a smirk, decided to shout out smoothly in the foreign language: ‘Have fun dudes.’

Both brothers had quickly whipped around to stare at their friend with a slacked jaw and flushed face and their reaction was enough to have Fred on the floor laughing out loudly as the rest of the gang looked on in utmost confusion.

You think you’re okay without the only person who made your heart full. Your heart was full of happiness, enough love to fill your whole city. Your smiles lasted all night, until the early morning. Your heart now beats slowly, as slow as it can possible beat without ending your own life. You lay awake at night, empty as the other side of the bed.
You loved him. You loved him so much that it made your skin itch with happiness. You had never loved anyone like that before and it scared you. You each made a few mistakes, but you lost him. You took his adoration of you for granted. And you lost him.
Now you try to remember the way he would look at you from the drivers seat. The way his brown eyes filled with sadness when you would cry. How he held your inner back whenever you were too weak to stand. He made you laugh on days where you weren’t sure you wanted to exist anymore. You try to remember that smile. That beautiful kilowatt smile. How he would smile at you after ordering your favorite drink at Starbucks because he knew you didn’t like the way he said “caramel.” How he would smirk whenever a girl you hated walked into the room and squeeze your hand a little tighter. How, even though, you could be mad at him and the whole world.. He could look at you with those sparkling brown eyes and beautiful smile and you would remember why you loved the world and why it was so utterly beautiful. How would flash it at you from across a room, and your heart would stop for a half a second.. Long enough for you to remember how much you adored him. Now seeing that smile from across the room was enough to make you want to hit the floor. And you did, everytime.
You love that boy more than you love yourself. And now you know you’ll be searching for the same beautiful smile for the rest of your life.

STAN: I think we all know the answers to both of these questions.
STAN: No, I never would have made it anywhere without Kyle, and we already saw the other one.
KYLE: Did we?
STAN: Yeah, dude. That fight we had? The stuff with Cartman?
KYLE: No, no, I know that.
KYLE: I mean, we weren’t really without each other?
KYLE: Like, you were still in my life and hanging around. I just hated you a little bit.
STAN: It’s okay, I hated me too.

STAN: But I count that as being without you, dude.
STAN: If I can’t call you my best friend, or even my friend, I mean.
STAN: That’s like. It.
STAN: Yeah.
STAN: That’d be it for me.

STAN: When you’re not around, I mean. I’m like twelve times shittier.
KYLE: That’s not true, dude.
STAN: It’s so true.
STAN: After that fight, I couldn’t look at myself the same way. Knowing I’d pissed you off like that.
STAN: And I took vows in that clinic, that I would live the rest of my life with the express purpose of never doing that to you again.
STAN: And making sure nothing like that ever came between us, either.
STAN: I don’t take vows lightly, dude.
STAN: I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I let you go one more time.

STAN: Anyway, I reek, so.
STAN: I should go shower.

We started as strangers. A stranger whom i never thought will have a big spot in my heart. I got the chance to enter the broken window that’s full of darkness. I was lucky i got the chance to know you. I never thought i would fall in love with someone like you. Maybe, we were destined to meet each other, to fall in love, to learn something and to realize things that only the two of us can discover. You shaped me into what I believed was a ‘better’ version of me. You took me to places I’ve never been. You taught me how to love unconditionally. We shared secrets and i love the way you made me feel that i was once the most important person in your life.
But just like seasons, people change, some needs to leave, others need to find their place and few chose to stay. And you’re the season that needs to leave after destroying the beautiful garden that i was trying to protect. You left that night without bidding good bye, without saying anything, without any explanation. I was left dumfounded. I feel like i am nowhere to be found. I feel like you had taken away my soul that night. I knew that you would leave me, but I love you enough to let you go.
Then i started to convince myself you never felt anything for me. But i was wrong, i thought i would be okay when you left. But everyday, every minute i waited for your comeback. I stayed at the place where you left me. It feels like everyday, i am having a hard time to breathe. I don’t even know how to embrace myself every night when i am missing you because my whole body hurts like hell. Life was like a black cloud, there was no happiness. You had taken it with you that night. I spent months poisoning my self with liquor, i thought it will help me forget about you, even just your name. I always thought that it would bring you back to me. It didn’t. I waited, months had passed and everyday i am losing my hope that you will come back, but still i waited, until i lgot no strength to continue waiting for you. But you know? I still waited, i used that small hope that maybe, one day you’ll realize something.
But now that you’re back. I don’t know what to feel. I should be happy right? You’re now back and i don’t know what you up to. I don’t know if you came back for me or you came back just because you want to get my hopes high then leave again for the nth time. Honestly i can’t feel anything now. I waited for your explanation. I waited for your sorry, but i got nothing. I was the one who said sorry because i thought it’s my fault why you left. But i didn’t hear anything from you. I didn’t even hear you say “i miss you”. I’ve been dying to hear that from you for how many months of not hearing anything from you.
I still want to hold on to you. But i’m slowly losing my hope that we still have our second chance. But it’s draining and I’m tired, so tired.
I still love you but i think i’m losing my chance. Can you save me this time? Can you please find me this time? I want you to chase me this time. I want to know if you still want me in your life. But if not, then i’ll just leave.
—  The one that got away // JC

“I paid no attention to one direction before June 2014.

My friend was obsessed and shipped Larry. She showed me a video and some pictures of them and I said “doesn’t the little one have a girlfriend?” She explained about that and then it hit me- Elounor made Larry real for me. I’m sure they care about each other, but I’m sorry, there was nothing there. I was in a long distance relationship for 2 years, I once went 11 months without seeing my love, and we were forced to actually communicate and have a real relationship. When I saw pictures of Louis and Eleanor they both just looked so.. Over it. Like strangers who couldn’t wait to get away from each other, not two people who had been in a loving and healthy relationship for 4 years.

Then, I got to Louis and Harry… Harry’s entire being changes when Louis is around. He smiles so wide, so bright. They both look so happy! Also, When my friend explained that now they barely interact, that raised a red flag for me. If there is nothing there then why can’t they sit next to each other?

Lastly, I think a lot of those who cry that Larry “doesn’t act the same” and “can barely stand each other” have never been in a long-term committed relationship as an adult. You try being in a relationship with the same person for years! That honeymoon phase? (2010-2012 Larry) It goes away. You still very much love each other, but you can actually go 2 seconds without touching, you can go to other cities for work and be fine, and I think that’s what happened. Not that they don’t love each other or that they aren’t together anymore. I think they realized how much the fans obsess over them and they learned that every single move they make is scrutinized.. 5 years is a long time, and people change and the way they love changes. They may not show it as publicly now, but I do believe they are still together and love each other very much.”

What is YOUR Larry/Related confession?

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