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so you´re saying you don´t like Jasper? why?

Don’t like Jasper at all honestly. I absolutely hate the way Jasper talks about and treats women. I hate that he seems like the sort of writer write-in mary sue, nerd guy character who gets to be a nerd and then be a hero and get the girl and yet is a total dick. The “low hanging fruit” line really peeved me. I detest the way he treats monty, and now even Miller and Harper like he’s above them and they don’t matter as much as him and I hate that narratively, he gets more screen time than them despite being no more interesting. He just makes me uncomfortable as a character. I feel like we’re supposed to find him funny or endearing and I just don’t and I don’t think that Jason realizes what a tool he is because he defends him quite a bit. If he was more of a nerdy guy character that was meant to purposefully show what a jerk those kinds of guys can be, like that one straight white guy who is a tool in HTGAWM (sorry i forget his name) than that would be one thing. But that’s not the vibe I get from him. 


So, my friend is staying with me, right? She’s helping me pay rent (about 1/3) and I really don’t have any rules - she’ll run/unload the dishwasher or take out the trash, but I don’t ask her to clean or anything, ok? Ok.

Now the ONLY thing I asked was that her boyfriend didn’t spend the night. It makes me uncomfortable, if I’m there if I’m not, it just makes me uncomfortable. I talked to her about it, she said she understood…

Then she texts me while I’m at work and tells me that she wasn’t feeling well so she asked him to spend the night with her, and that she hopes it’s okay since he’ll be gone when I get back in the morning.

The fact that she told me she invited him over, instead of asking me if she could really irks me, like she knew I’d say no or something. I told her that I didn’t want him sleeping there anytime, that this is the only thing I really ask of her and I hope she can respect it going forward.

Like, this is MY apartment, if I don’t want guys staying over, then guys shouldn’t stay over. He’s nice and all, but I don’t know him /that/ well, and the idea of him using my bathroom I just…

I’m just really upset and I feel very disrespected.

TL;DR - I’m not meant to have a roommate.

  • 2005 Jensen:No I absolutely will not sing for you guys no way
  • 2007 Jensen:Well only if Jason sings too and I stand 3 feet from the mic
  • 2010 Jensen:Okay one song because the guitar is right here


Black Mirror is a British anthology series that focuses on how technology intersects with our lives and what kind of darkness can result from it. The show isn’t old people complaining about why modernity is bad, but just explores the darker side of our relationship with technology as it impacts our lives. Its very raw, very chilling, and incredibly honest. Though its basically a sci-fi, its set up to be incredibly close to how we’re living now. In certain episodes, you can practically see how the episode’s reality could be ours even tomorrow. Since each episode has a different cast, story, and setting, you don’t even need to watch them in order and you can skip any episode that makes you feel uncomfortable.

There are six episodes, with at least two more confirmed to be made this year. Robert Downey Jr. even expressed interest in making one of the episodes (The Entire History of You) into a film. There’s also an episode that features Hayley Atwell and Domhnall Gleeson, two tumblr favorites, in a story that’s been compared to the movie Her in terms of themes.

Since some of the episodes are more chilling and shocking than others, if you have any doubts or concerns about triggers, I welcome you to come to me and ask. I would be happy to let you know what triggers a certain episode may have so you know if you need to skip it. However the show has yet to do any of the usual triggers (rape, gratuitous violence, gore, drugs, etc) since it relies on raw reality to shock you. Most episodes aren’t scary like a horror movie (perhaps one I can think of is), so you don’t need to worry about any jump-shots or monsters or gore. Just really tense moments that have you holding your breath wondering what they’re going to do next.

Go forth and watch.


Sometimes I wonder if I draw Nico sleeping too often. Then I remember my hc that he sleeps with his mouth open and tongue hanging (Nico says it’s like a corpse and hates it, Will says he looks like a cat and it’s adorable) and I draw him again

also any weird positions are brittany's fault


reminder that kiba’s first appearance in shippuden involves him stopping a dog from harassing a cat 


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you’re the senpais so you should be setting an example for the underclassmen by wearing your proper uniforms!!


"As the great wealth of the dwarves grew, their store of good will ran thin.  No one knows exactly what began the rift.  The elves say the dwarves stole their treasure. The dwarves tell another tale.  They say the Elven king refused to give them their rightful pay.  It is sad, Frodo, how old alliances can be broken, how friendships between peoples can be lost.  And for what?”


i ’ l l   b e   r i g h t   h e r e

absence, hear thou my protestation
Against thy strength, Distance and length
Do what thou canst for alteration
For hearts of truest mettle
Absence doth join and Time doth settle.