Arc-V Opening reactions

I said in my episode opinion post that I’ll talk about the opening separately, so here we go.

Security…security everywhere! I guess they’ll even try to pick a fight with the Lancers as well.

So, when a Riding Duel is about to begin, pillars rise and make highways? Sure, why not xD

About time you showed up Crow!

Thank goodness they actually showed his face ^_^ Also, he was watching Clear Wing and Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon, so I guess this means something. Maybe he knows Yuugo and Rin.

Jack watching from a high place as usual.

And his face isn’t shadowed either :)

Possible villain spotted. I get Rex Godwin vibes from this guy…

And who are these people…?

Oh, so they still kept the scene with Jack and Red Demons Dragon at the end, only with the shadows removed.

Angie wasn’t at the automat. 

Sitting for a quick cup of coffee to keep up appearances, Peggy barely drank half of it before she left lipstick on the mug and a five cent tip, opening her umbrella for the dusk rain.

Angie didn’t show up for dinner.

Having arrived at the Griffith just in time for Mrs. Fry to hustle her off to her room to drop off her trappings before joining an overdue mandatory supper, Peggy decided, concern mounting, that she’d try the other woman’s room next.

Angie wasn’t in her room.

Knocking, and knocking again, raising her voice as what almost felt like fear settled heavily in her stomach, Peggy frowned, lightly tried the woman’s door, and barely convinced herself she didn’t need to pick the lock.

Angie didn’t come back all evening.

Staying up, unable to get the dread thick in her throat to ease away, Peggy laid back on her bed with her hand clenched around her gun, ears pricked to down the hall and manging only a couple snatches of sleep.

Angie wasn’t at breakfast.

Casually asking a couple of the other women, sliding on a tight, easy smile, if they knew where Angie was, all Peggy got before excusing herself to the powder room to touch up the foundation over the bags under her eyes were innocent shrugs and reassuring platitudes, barely mollifying her enough to make it into work.

Then, Angie wasn’t at the automat during Peggy’s lunch run.

Knowing it was a day Angie was scheduled to work, Peggy called the other waitress she knew over. “Have you seen Angie today?” she clipped politely, arms crossed, hands clenching, head tilting and barely covering the agitation in her body.

“Angie?” Darlene tilted her head, frowning. “Sure. She was in earlier. Begged the rest of the week off.”

Equal parts alarm and relief and hurt shot through Peggy, stinging. “Did she say what she was doing?” When Darlene gave her curious look, she forced a smaller, more real smile than before. “We had plans for tomorrow, you see, so I’m only trying to figure out if they’re still viable or if I’ll have to find someone else to accompany me.” It was a lie, but Darlene didn’t need to know that.

“Oh, of course. Wasn’t very nice of Angie if she just left like that, but I’m actually not surprised. She’s impulsive, that one. Mmm…” Darlene thought for a second, “I think I overheard something about her family? Oh, and she left in the nicest car you’d have ever seen.” She laughed nonjudgementally, “Gee, if that’s what her family can afford, why’s she working here?”

Mumbling something that was agreement and good cheer and innocent interest, Peggy was just about to thank the waitress and let her go back to her job when a thought hit her. “Did you see who was driving the car?”

Darlene nodded. “Yeah, some handsome man? Clean cut, with a mustache though - and looking somewhat like that Howard Stark?. All I could really see. Hope that helps!”

“Oh it does, thank you,” Peggy responded, distracted, rage starting to boil in her chest. Quickly throwing back the rest of her coffee and sweeping her hat onto her head, she stalked out of the automat, flagged down a taxi, and directed him to Jarvis’ residence.

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Cat Maid Outfit for Your Prince

Did it end like you thought it would? Oh no…no no…

I’m not that kind of person to wear a cat maid outfit but hey~ I would if I’m in a good mood! Haha, Keith yelled at me… =u=||| Oh well, I told the stories what happened after the night I put on the cat maid outfit~~~~


anonymous asked:

Hmm... BMP?

Send me a Voltage title and I’ll tell you:

My first impression based on the prologue

It was cliche I thought. I mean HOW CAN YOU MEET A PRINCE..on the street….?!?!? I didn’t see any good-looking princes, but they were nice. When I saw Prince Wilfred, I thought he was nice. 

The guy I thought I’d like best

pROBABLY…Prince Wilfred since he was very nice.

The guy who I actually fell for

HAHAHA…WE ALL KNOW~~~ Prince Joshua

The guy who surprised me most (good or bad)


Which main route I like best

I guess I liked Prince Joshua’s since he showed more emotions

Which main route I liked least

You ALL GONNA HATE ME! I didn’t  like Prince Wilfred’s route that much, there wasn’t any spark… I’M SORRY!

My favorite sub-story (if applicable)

AHHH…I don’t know the name but it’s where Joshua is drunk and he’s jealous when he sees MC go talk to Wilfred

Overall opinion of the game


btw, I like all the princes so there’s not much that I don’t like about them~

Things I am looking forward to in S4
  • Finding out who “the other one” is and what happened to her/him;
  • Seeing the second, and probably darker, half of Mary Morstan’s story arc;
  •  Finally understanding who Mary is, what she’s been up to, and what she wants now;
  • Molly and Lestrade dancing around each other;
  • Moriarty vs Sherlock, round two (presumably);
  • The Holmes’;
  • Sherlock’s angst about John;
  • John’s angst about Sherlock;
  • some casual violence from John, because he was a soldier, in case you’ve forgotten, he knows how to sprain people;
  • Billy doing some helpful chemistry;
  • If possible, Janine, but that’s mainly because I have a crush on Yasmine Akram (WHO DOESN’T);
  • Sally Donovan;
  • Mrs Hudson butting in and presuming John and Sherlock hooked back up again, and being relieved about that, because aren’t they both happier when they’re together? Why fight it, John?
  • information about John in Sherlock’s mind palace;
  • Sherlock’s mind palace generally! I enjoy Sherlock’s mind palace, it’s terribly revealing;
  • John being very sad, and Sherlock being very sad because John is very sad;
  • Mycroft being withering;
  • more board games;
  • John with no shoes on;
  • Ella (John’s surely going to need her);
  • John moving back into 221b;
  • Whatever cases and twisty plots they come up with!