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i just saw on your recent ask that you had chosen to join the church. i'm not sure if you've answered this before, but could you tell the story of your conversion to the catholic church?

Oh man, I’ve been asked so many times and I have yet to write up the complete story, haha.  Sorry it took me forever to write this up.  I guess for now I can make a quick timeline:

  • Grew up with fallen away Catholic father and southern baptist mother
  • Knew about God since my toddling days
  • When we moved to live closer to my mom’s family, my dad was slowly returning to the Church and my mom was somewhat interested
  • even me and my sister started taking RCIC classes, I didn’t fully understand everything and the only thing I remember learning was how to do the sign of the cross
  • doesn’t matter anyway because my mom’s anti-catholic baptist family bullied my parents to stop the conversion
  • later on we start attending their church
  • it was a typical baptist church, loud music and long, drawn out preaching
  • but the pastor was a good man and made a lot of good sermons
  • eventually I “found Jesus” and was “saved” in an emotional yes to live for God when I was 12
  • soon pastor was old and retired and a new guy took his place
  • eager about his work but also attacked other denominations and religions alot
  • it confused me because I was all “okay I get it they are wrong but who cares?  I’m here for Jesus”
  • when I am 13ish my parents make me go to the youth service instead of the regular one
  • it’s okay, but it had too many rock songs for my liking
  • sermons were also okay, there was a really awesome one once but overall the youth pastor sermons didn’t inspire me or move me
  • my favorite part was when we split off into our little youth groups and discussed what was preached.
  • i was so passionate about learning and being firm about the Bible that one girl described me as “a chihuahua, because she’s a big person in a little person’s body”
  • At this time I also started struggling with my sexual sins but I never talked about it because it was supposed to be “private” between me and God
  • in sophmore year of high school, parents divorce.  Not a surprise for me because of the tension that built up beforehand but it was still a huge blow for me
  • it was an ugly divorce and I’m still not over it completely
  • I saw my mother’s family’s ugly side, and truly saw how far they would go to judge my father for growing up Catholic and being “different” from them
  • I stopped going to the church after that
  • slowly I gave up many Christian ideals
  • I still had a belief in God’s existence but I hated Him and that anger came out in my desire to hurt others through “theological writing”
  • I was a bit of an eccentric with my personal beliefs, I subscribed as non-denominational, but I was also drawn in by neo-paganism
  • I would read and follow a few pagan blogs and go out into nature alone
  • At this time I was also drawing closer to Catholic practices, but I mostly did so because I knew it would piss of my mom’s family
  • Before I started my senior year of high school, I started dating my husband (then boyfriend).
  • As a devout Christian, he asked me what I believed, and was refreshingly patient and kind in engaging me in conversations about God.  He didn’t just preach to me, he listened to what I had to say before he spoke, and I loved that.
  • And most importantly, he ANSWERED questions that had plagued me since my deconversion.
  • So I was Christian again, though I still struggled greatly with my anger and sexual sins
  • After I graduated, I finally decided that I wanted to be Catholic, a decision that was the result of a year of thinking over it since I started dating.
  • I’m not sure if there was a single moment where I thought “I NOW DECIDE TO CONVERT TO THE CATHOLIC CHURCH”, it was more of a gradual acceptance that I should return to where I started as a child.
  • The parish I did RCIA with was fantastic, I honestly miss them.  The sister there was kinda progressive but whatever
  • I was confirmed on July 7th!!!!! A month after I married my hubby.
  • Here I am with a stupid tumblr blog now

And that’s the gist of it I guess.  LOTS more to it but I figured ya’ll would want an answer by now, haha.


Well that took forever! Sorry about the long absence guys, I’m trying to get thing’s together and working on stuff to sell once I get to Grand Brony Gala in July!

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Studio Ghibli Masterpost

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4/8/15 [10:16pm] an anonymous wanted to know how i set up my bullet journal omg

i use: [pic #1]


what is a bullet journal:

a flexible planning system that combines a planner, to do lists, and calendars into one notebook ~ i personally love that i can tweak the system to what works for me and my life :]

key: [pic #2]

every point u make on a bullet journal uses a symbol ~ i use a dot for an event, a box for a task, a clock for a deadline, etc. i then divided the page to add the status of the task boxes, whether it partially completed or irrelevant // in addition i color code my points by ‘genre’ of my life ~ school, band, health, etc. this is where u can make up ur own symbols / meanings to fit ur needs 

index: [pic #3]

the index serves as a table of contents so u can go back to that one list u made last month :] make sure u number the pages in the corner for future reference! ive seen people use plastic tabs or dividers instead of an index ~ im still deciding if i need to alter it or leave as is

daily spreads: [pic #4 + #5]

these are the daily planning pages where i scribble down assignments, thoughts, deadlines, water trackers, and literally anything else that comes to my mind ~ this is where the key comes in handy [im so glad i decided to color code tbh] this is what i mostly use my bullet journal for

collections: [pic #6]

those random lists u have around ur room? they can go right in here… i write down collections of ideas [music ive discovered, things to do when ive got a minute, exam schedules, mixtape inspiration, etc] and they are super fun to make!!! i have page ideas in my bullet journal inspiration tag [linked above]

the bullet journal really helped me stay accountable for my tasks and continue my productivity throughout the school year ~ if u have any questions feel free to ask! xox