since i saw the krew’s wanted posters i was wondering how any of them had mugshots yet for hours (literally “are these from the FUTURE somehow or ?????”) before i remembered that all of them have already had criminal records since like book 1 anyway and it’s badass and adorable at the same time and im an idiot

Tessa Virtue. Ice Dancer. Fashionista. Ballerina Extraordinaire.

Happy 25th birthday to the reigning queen of ice dance (and Canada)!
Wishing her a birthday filled with Scott Moir, chocolate, laughter, and love.

Fire flowed through her veins and the deafening rush of blood cascaded over her ears. It seeped out of crescent-shaped marks left by her fingernails. It surged to her core, engulfing every nerve with need.

I will take what is mine, she thought. With fire and blood.

Never had those words been meant in such a way yet the current state of her body forced her to consider that perhaps what had once existed as an exclamation of war was more aptly intended for love. She swallowed the Lysene girl’s gasps with a groan of her own. They were all sighs and caresses and the wet sound of fervid, heedless kisses.

With fire and blood… She is mine. [x]


David Hodgeslove lines

yes, we took the hit, we took the fall,

but looking back, I see we had it all,

believe it, yes, believe it.

We lost some time, we lost our way,

but I’m still holding on to love we made,

for as long as it will take.

come and get it i kill.

IIIIIIN case you’ve been wondering, here’s a ton of new updates on Sora I knew everybody was just dying to see. uh huh. alright

ive still got the gloves nd shoes to do, but the jackets like… 34…%..done..?????? 32..??? maybe :’9 

Con countdown: 6 days. bring it, sister

Okay story time.
Morgan writingfromsomewhere is A+ she calls herself Ashley or Ash Lee or Ashleigh idk but I found her when she reblogged like every single one of my posts and then she changed herurl and did the same thing but turns out its the same person.
And she writes amazing shit omg she’s always writing. But she’s always driving it took her 3 hours to get home last night instead of one.

But we all caps each other about Linstead all day which is great cause she’s like a CEO’s assistant and has permission to sit under the desk and write fic and look at pics of Jesse Lee Soffer shirtless at her desk.

But yesterday we started THE BEST Linstead fic you guys will FLIP its just full of yESSSS moments ugh its perf.

Go follow her ok yes cause she’s got a bad case of the Linstead feels. She also loves Taylor Swift idk much about that but.

So today was the first day we put Candy back outside now that her stitches were removed about 3 days ago and she’s been doing fine. I’ve been going outside to meet her and show her she did nothing wrong and that’s not what the change was for. And she’s been fine, I’d go back in she’d wait by the door like a good puppy. AND THEN THE BITCH SNUCK IN BEHIND ME! I didn’t even notice her until I was halfway down the hall and then she just walked right past me into my room like nothing was out of the ordinary >.> <. she good></.>

anonymous asked:

Slut saturday: last night i snuck out and walked all the way across town to my friends house and we fucked for 3 hours and then took a nap together on her bed. She still hasn't cleaned my cum off her couch. (:

omg nice

this was requested by chocolatbox! it’s been years since i last colored and shaded so forgive me if it looks amateurish! lineart done by diesturbia - please commission her!

this piece took me 3.5 to 4 hours to do, including shading and highlighting. i wanted to add a background but i changed my mind. it would take away the focus. what took me the longest, though, was figuring out the shadows and especially the shading for the clothes. it has been a while, okay…