Let’s play a game of “Is that Trickster!Gabriel or a Character in Alias?” I know which won out for me. XD (x) (x)

my favorite travel story is when i was in kyoto wandering around the city on foot in the rain for hours and hours and i was cold and tired and hungry (and apparently, disoriented) and my blood sugars must have plateaued me into mental autopilot or something because when i came out of my tunnelvisioned stupor and regained self-awareness i was motionless in front of a street map with my hood up singing the “cat, i’m a kitty cat, and i dance dance dance and i dance dance dance” song to myself surrounded by a small crowd of amused but highly perplexed japanese people


No, it did not end in fire but in cold ice winter! THE HOBBIT TRILOGY: MY FINALE REVIEW

So maybe, this is extremely way overdue than it’s supposed to be (I’m very sorry!). But, it seems that I wouldn’t have any other choice but to finish this so that I could truly move on…

I guess I must say that my 2014 is an unforgettable year for me. It was hard to forget since I myself have been battling for many days (and months) on how to write this next entry. I’m even having a hard time…

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Here is something to put your life and achievements in perspective.

This is one of the great masterworks of French art, “Raft of the Medusa” by Jean Louis Theodore Gericault.

Must have been an extraordinarily experienced painter, right? Yes, that is true. But his experience brought him to the point of producing this prodigious masterpiece at the ripe old age of 18. You read that right. He was 18 and, at the age of 11, had already wowed the French art world with an earlier work, “The Charging Chasseur”.

All that creative drive and intelligence must have burned very brightly. Like a straw fire on a cold and moonless winter’s night. Gericault died at the age of 23 in 1824.

That’s your art history for today, children. Now go out and do something significant.

(So I still couldn’t decide which TMNT fic to write, and instead, this popped out. Uh… yeah. I was in this kind of a mood, lol.)

TMNT 2012 drabble

Cold Comfort

He awoke to a quiet stillness. With deep, slow breaths, he laboriously attempted to peel his eyes open after what must have been a very heavy sleep. As his eyelids first cracked open, however, he found bright, warm sunlight filtering in through some blinds over a window. Squeezing them shut once again, he took another deep breath before trying again. Once he had finally adjusted to the light, he blinked tiredly and gazed around him.

He was lying on a dusty, wooden floor inside a sparsely furnished room. The air was cool, but carried with it the scent of something delicious. Turning his head curiously, he quickly spied some food and water not far from where he lay. Lifting himself up off of the floor, he crawled over to it, the empty feeling in his stomach urging him forward. Opening his mouth wide, he began devouring the meal as fast as he could swallow his large bites.

"I’m glad you’re enjoying it."

For some reason the voice put him on edge and he stopped eating to glance around the room. In a shadowed corner sat a large turtle with a mask on his face. It was a familiar sight, one that sent warnings off in his head of impending danger, and he was instantly still, staring at the turtle awaiting any sudden moves.

"Don’t stop. Go on, eat."

He leaned forward slowly, lowering his masked face so the two were nearly eye to eye. But as the large turtle reached a three fingered hand out to him, he shrunk back, the warnings in his head growing louder. The cause of his distress merely smiled.

"It’s alright. I wouldn’t hurt you."

The voice was calm, but that did little to ease his fears. This turtle was a predator. He’d seen it with his own eyes. Or at least he thought he had. It was all very fuzzy.

"I guess I can’t blame you. You’ve been through a lot tonight. But from now on, I’m going to be taking care of you."

Pushing a bit of food in his direction, the masked turtle continued to talk in a soothing voice. Distracted once again by the smell of food, he inched forward against his better judgement and slowly took another bite. The large turtle’s smile widened as he gained confidence, once again accepting the sweet smelling offering.

"That’s it. I know it’s not your normal breakfast, but you’ll get used to it."

As the other occupant of the room continued to speak in a relaxed tone, he made quick work of his meal. Once he’d finished, he turned to the water, drinking it with just as much gusto. When he was finally done, he took in a satisfied breath and lay back down.

"There now. See? I’m not such a bad guy."

Lulled into a momentary state of comfort, he didn’t notice the hand again reaching for him until it was too late. As he felt himself being picked up, his first instinct was to bite at the nearest digit, but he found it just out of reach. Looking back up he found himself staring into intense green eyes, alarms blaring in his head to escape.

"Still feisty, I see. Some things never change, do they?"

The crooked smile on his face seemed much more menacing up close. As attacking the giant turtle was clearly not an option, the only other thing to do was go on the defensive.

"You know, I’m going to have to thank Donatello for that batch of retromutagen. I always wanted a pet of my own."

Even with his head and legs tucked into his shell, he could still hear the change in the voice. It was as calm as ever, but the tone had shifted. No longer was it soothing. It now had a distinct cruelty to it that made him close his eyes in fear.

"And don’t you worry about your brothers, Raphael. I’m going to make sure to take good care of them."

The laughter that followed sent shivers down his spine.

(…well that was fun! XD For whatever reason this was running around in my brain all day so voila!)

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Hey! I'm writing a fanfic based on a character who is actually very bitchy and basically 'ice' Queen , but I want to make a little bit of a romance between her and her husband but I don't want it to be unrealistic and out of characters real personality. Can you help? Xoxo

Sorry this took so long to answer. Been a bit busy lately plus I have a wicked head cold.

What would be realistic is if you can remember why the “ice” Queen fell in love with her husband and married him. There must be at least one reason why they fell in love (unless this was an arranged/forced marriage). Tap into that/those reason(s) and you should be able to bring some reality into the romance you’re writing for them.

Hope this helps! Good Luck!

Entry #8

The air has turned cold and signaled the approach of winter again. Summer seems so short to me, but there are so many things that we try to do that we cannot when it is cold. Da has been teaching Bain to shoot a bow and arrow this year, but it has to be done very quietly, lest the “Bard is a rebel” rumors grow. He says sons of our ancestors have been keen with the bow for centuries, ever since Girion, and we must keep up the skill. Everywhere, in the market, on the wharfs, on the boardwalks I meet people who agree with Da and say that they think the execution of the three guards was unjust, but they are afraid to do anything about it. They tell me that he is a man they would follow. I don’t know what they mean by that, but I am happy because it means praise for Da. Of course, I would think he is a great man, but it pleases me to think that others are noticing too. He always does what is right and fair, and is kind to everyone. I suspect that is why business is good for him, though it has been slowing down of late. But that is owing to the lateness of the season. In the winter there is less trade between the elves and the town, and more fishing and quiet survival.

The Master gives his yearly speech on the first day snow falls (a ridiculous tradition, because that means the people of Laketown have to stand outside and listen as he pontificates from his balcony), and this year we went so as not to arouse more suspicion. Tilda kept asking me how much longer it would be, and Bain shifted and stamped his feet to keep warm until Da told him to stop. I don’t know how in the world the Master can talk for so long and yet say so little. He was terribly conceited and seemed to think Laketown a flourishing city under his rule. It is anything but, but who is there to disagree with him? I pulled my hood close around my face, but I still think his servant Alfrid may have spotted us, because he showed his ugly teeth in another smile, and nodded to me. I looked away, because I did not know what else to do. He makes me feel sick.

Bain has taken to imitating them, waddling around the house with a pillow in his shirt and ordering us around, or terrorizing Tilda by smearing soot between his brows to resemble Alfrid’s ungroomed appearance and leering at us. It’s funny, but Da usually puts a stop to such antics if he comes in while Bain is in the middle of a performance.

At night, Tilda and I stay up whispering. She asks me so many questions about life, about the world, and about ideas. She is smart, and we have such fun together, though sometimes I have to remember how young she really is, and not burden her with too many of my worries and older things.

I must go, my candle has burned low, and Tilda is telling me to come to bed because she won’t sleep until I’m there. Dear girl. I can’t bear the thought that comes into my head occasionally of leaving my loving family for a strange man. I wonder if Mam felt the same way when she married Da. I wish I could ask her. Enough, though, I’m really closing now. More some other time.

lillytuft replied to your post:"this thing is illegal, how do I research it…

and suddenly….I am very very concerned. what unspeakable thing are you putting characters through!

Well, nothing at the moment. 
In the past and future, however, though… I still have to work on rewriting ‘Tempting the Sea’ and doing something fully for ‘Nanobites’ besides writing Teri bitching about the weather/having flashbacks. Or sitting in the woods being cold and worrying about Aly. Or bitching at Agent Peters. 
Then again now I wanna draw my snarky pirates. Mary and Arthur haven’t been used in a bit. Been gathering dust, they have. Must be bothering him something awful. I have been needing an excuse to draw flashy coats.
Ohh maybe I could finish that drawing of Icarus and Lilith on their way to Ikratem from ‘Ash-wing’. I need to practice feathers and their feet. Would help me practice their faces too. Claws as well. 
Ahhhh maybe I can finally get to redrawing Thir and Katsen on their wedding day so they look less like ugh. Or looking badass. I’ve been meaning to look into redesigning their weaponry…
oh oh or I can draw Yavta, Tarth and Ravi from the ‘Traveler’ story and give them some more trans love because i’ve been lazy drawing their glory. Ahhh I could probably do Yavta so much better now— she deserves pretty. Tarth deserves more badassery. Ravi, they deserve me being able to draw more than a bust. They need a book and a spear propped on their shoulder… hmm

Ahem. It’s not fandom related things, you;re good. Though I do know enough about trauma and injury that I have the mental library to pull up on should i determine to put people in things. 


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" My my. You certainly seem to be quite lost… aren’t you? " Rei chimed out, his cold and emotionless looking eyes locking contact with that of the others. For one, nobody should have been able to enter the factory, there were no entrances that were safe other than the front door and people would have noticed if she got in though there let alone the gates. Something must have teleported her into the office, but what…

" I suggest you leave. " The voice was very stern, almost demanding. No non-employees of the factory were allowed inside. " Now.

Anticipating 2nd Expedition

Tomorrow we leave for our second expedition backcountry skiing in pretty much HMI’s backyard. They call this expedition the “winter expedition” despite every expedition taking place during the winter. That must have some implications as to how cold it is. I have to say I’m very nervous. Not only have I only been tele-skiing for a week, I get cold pretty easily. considering we will be living on snow for the next eleven days, I can’t help but worrying about the temperature. Not to mention our first day will have a high of 10ºF. Regardless, this is an incredible experience. I’m so excited to get entirely out of my comfort zone and learn a new skill set  that will set up for future exploration.

Yesterday we had stations to learn a few skills before heading out. For the first two nights, we will be sleeping in a “mid” while we build our quigloos. We learned how to dig a pit to pitch our mids. We will be camping on something that looks kind of like THIS (CLICK LINK). We will be learning how to build a quigloo (CLICK LINK), or a combination of an igloo and a quiche. All three are forms of snow caves. Considering the structure of the cave will freeze and remain around 32ºF, the interior of the structures will be significantly warmer than the surroundings. Additionally, snow is a natural insulator, so our heat will be contained in the cave. Other stations from yesterday involved stove maintenance, building a snow kitchen, packing sleds, fitting for a feet warming system, and getting war gear!

Travel wise, we will be skinning or hiking on skis with a special coating/skin on the bottom of the ski that does not move backwards. While we travel we will be carrying a forty plus pound pack on our backs and rotate pulling an eighty pound sled. Because it is so cold, we will be bringing LOTS of extra materials and food. in fact, we will be consuming 6,000 calories a day! From putting butter in hot chocolate to sleeping with a jar of peanut butter, we will do anything to increase our calorie intake to stay warm. Just imagine — one meal is equivalent to what you are supposed to consume in a full day in the front country! For our water sources, we will be boiling snow.

Because I’ve never done this before, I have very surface-level expectations. Primarily, I expect to be FREAKING COLD! I also expect to make some awesome snow structures and enjoy being around a new group of people. OUr I-team, or instructor team, is AWESOME. They each have really distinct personalities but we will clearly have a blast and mix it up. The group of kids is awesome! Although there are seven girls and three boys on the trip, I feel like we have a good mix of people and will bond quickly in such a harsh environment.

A huge goal that I have is to absorb the environment and live in the moment as this incredible experience unfolds. I look forward to updating you so soon with what life backcountry skiing is ACTUALLY like. I hope everything is awesome where you are!

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(i'm weburnedthebridge) Once you get this, you must share five random facts about yourself. Send this to ten of your favorite followers :)

- I love romanticism and i’m studying it this semester in college :)

- i have 2 cats (Mew and Ultron) and 1 dog (Kesha)

- i hate cold weather so it’s a nice thing i live in Brazil

- i like to swim but i don’t do it very often anymore

- it has been a long time since i don’t get drunk, i miss vodka but i don’t miss the shits vodka makes me say

I don’t think i’ll send this to anyone because i’m lazy, maybe i’ll send it later

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(3)stares at the wall why she bubbled something about her hard life and in the very next second after he hung up the phone he decided to go outside. It was cold, much to cold for this time of the year but he couldn't care less when he put on his summer coat. For hours and hours he just walked through the streets of his small hometown but as he lost every sense for time he didn't even realize. But suddenly he stopped. There was a little mouse just in front of him. He must have been so quiet she

(just posting it)

February Blues

The Valentines have been distributed and the flowers are mostly wilted away, except for the people who were given plants, of course. The bills are all in from Christmas and lots of us have a vague kind of flu or a cough that just keeps going….must be February in the North! National Suicide Prevention Month….

We have had another very cold winter so far but I remember it being normally this cold when I was five or six years old. We walked (through 5 feet of snow up hill for ten miles) to a little one room school house in Milford Bay, Ontario. We learned our abc’s and were given Cod Liver Oil pills to swallow at the drinking fountain as protection from the Winter bugs we’d share. It took us all, 15 little ones, about a half hour to remove our snow suits and layers of scarves and mittens and hats. It was exhausting. We’d spend recess and lunch hour indoors most days and every year, without fail, someone would get their tongue stuck on the handrail outside the door or get stuck in a snow drift. Moments of excitement were rare. I was in training for my life today.

Life indoors isn’t bad for writers and artists; we are often away in our heads. However, it’s messy and dusty heating with wood so I fight a daily battle in my attempt to keep things clean and tidy. I never wear my glasses in February in the house. (better I don’t see the dust!). Our little cabin is well insulated (six inchess of spun slag called roxul) and small (only 500 square feet in the house and 200 in the shop part of the building where our water supply is stored) so wood is the most economical and sustainable way to stay warm.  

The space is plenty of room for two of us but, I must admit, there are days when we need our own space. We’ve become polite like the Innu. Living in small spaces makes the “excuse me please” and the “just coming behind you for a minute” vital pharases. We are nice to each other generally but in winter we become positively courtley. As I am writing this Charlie has stepped on the foot of our ‘top dog’, Nottie Girl. She gets stepped on regularly because she dotes on Charlie and is often a step behind him. Add the fact that our lantern light doesn’t shine on the floor areas and the collisions are unavoidable. He has appologised profusely..

Charlieboy, the rescue dog, is keeping a low profile, quietly gnawing on a giant, smoked cow knuckle to keep the stress down. It’s been 30 plus below zero most nights and not much warmer during daylight hours so we’ve all been close to home this week. We are all injured in the usual winter ways. Charlie and I are sporting matching burns from the new, front loading stove,and wood slivers from shifting the wood around. The cats are both scratched up from a disagreement and Twizzlefart, the Alzheimers cat now about 18 years of age, has recently had access to her sleeping perch above the cupboard removed so she is quite put out. (she had taken to jumping on my head while I slept so access has been denied in favour of me retaining my eyesight). Little the Very Big Cat is very upset about the cold. He sits in the window knocking ornaments down to show his dissatisfaction. It’s OK, I need to dust them anyway…

I am taking a much needed break from the web developing world to switch gears. Tomorrow I start the third book in our children’s book series “Charlie from the Bush”.  The rabbit hides are sewn onto the hoops, the leather paint is ready and I am really looking forward to “Charlie from the Bush and the Ruby Crowned Kinglet”. At least it’s never boring in the winter, eh!

Look at my new article - Driven To Make A Mis-Steak

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Driven To Make A Mis-Steak

By BD Restaurant | Princeton, NJ, USA

(Our family walks into a nice steakhouse at two in the afternoon, due to weather and personal delays. Fortunately, they are still serving customers. A large car is outside of the door, its engine still running. As we are waiting to be seated, an older gentleman walks up to the maître d’.)

Old Customer: “Is your valet usually this busy?”

Host: “I’m sorry?”

Old Customer: “My car has been sitting outside for almost an hour now and it’s still there! He must have been very busy running around parking and fetching cars. Make sure you pay him better. It’s very cold outside right now.”

Host: “Sir, I’m sorry, but we don’t offer valet parking services for lunch hours. Valet service is only available for dinner.”

Old Customer: “Oh… I left my keys in my car!”

(The old gentleman quickly walked out and parked his car. He returned a few minutes later and thanked the host. Good thing this was a relatively safe neighborhood!)


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Baseline Post 41 02.19.15

Do you ever find that you’re not so hungry before you eat lunch..But as soon as you do you’re starving? I was very busy this morning and started munching on my kale chips at about 1pm, and then I ate the rest of my lunch around 1:30 and was like, wow I’m super hungry lol. And I’ve been hungry since…I have already had some nuts and want to wait to eat some more veggies at home. Must be this super cold freezing weather!

Last night I just did a light workout at home, some pushups, squats and butterfly sit-ups. No one else wanted to go to class. But it was good because I was super exhausted yesterday and it gave me more time to balance myself out. I just had a little fruit and kale chips when I got home since I ate my lunch I bought to work super late. Did my workout, took a shower, and then cooked up my scallops in some coconut oil via the recipe instructions I posted earlier this week. I also made more kale chips, and zucchini noodles with the tomatoes and garlic. I cooked them in grass fed butter this time yummy! And chopped up more strawberries. Strawberries are great for fat loss, and when I a few more pounds and get into a more intense workout schedule I will switch back to bananas. 

Whew! and then I got actual time to relax and watch tv! Caught up on this incredibly stupid show that I watch and put my laundry away and went to bed! Its rough because I live in like two different places right now, so I have to do all my chorey things during the week in like a 1 hour timeframe i might get after working out and cooking and showering.

This morning I had two scallop outliers that I had for breakfast with a piece of bacon and some roma tomatoes which held me very good until lunch (the zucchini noodles scallops strawberries and kale chips).

I decided to grab a chai tea latte with soy milk today, because I thought my coffee that I normally bring would be frozen and not very good. As I am waiting for my drink, something caught my eye. I never really thought about how Starbucks made my chai tea latte before. I saw this “Chai Tea” box thing and always believed they made it with real tea. Oh no if you google Starbucks Chai tea latte ingredients you see all this crap! Including sugar! ..granted I still drank it anyway because I’m not one to waste things but Starbucks is going on the cheat list (even their matcha powder for their green tea latte has sweetener in it, even if you ask for it unsweetened it doesn’t matter, the powder itself has it). Unless you get the straight up coffee or tea bags (even beware of these. They switched from Tazo to Teavana which sucks because Teavana uses a lot of sugared candied fruit and artificial flavoring in their teas). I am sticking to  Argo Tea and what I bring from home from now on. Stupid Starbucks. No wonder we all have such sugar addictions! It’s in everything!