Okay but imagine being best friends with Luke and you guys are hanging out backstage before the show and he takes out his phone and you guys just start taking selfies. You guys are being such dorks taking random weird pictures then you turn to him and say “okay, let’s take a normal one” he agrees and does his beautiful big smile but when he took the picture you were still looking at him to see what he was doing so you could do the same, you hit him across the arm “I wasn’t ready for that you shit!” then he starts laughing and says “But you look so cute!” You squint your eyes at him “Let’s take another one and this time wait until I’m ready!” He just laughs and gets ready to take another pic. He again was smiling and this time you grabbed his face and kissed him on the cheek, he took the picture right when your face collided with his cheek, you guys looked at the end result together “My nose looks weird in this one” you said laughing, “Oh my gosh Y/N! Your nose looks fine” Luke says while booping your nose. “No! Let’s take one more I promise the last one!” He lets out an exaggerated sigh and gets ready for the last picture. You went in to kiss his cheek again but when you turn your head you don’t feel the stubble on his cheek, but feel softness, you open your eyes and realise that you and Luke both went to kiss each other’s cheek but collided lips instead. You hear the shutter sound in the background then see Luke looking back at you, you both back up and continue to stare at each other in shock then you go to say something but he reaches for your face with shaky hands and leans in to kiss you again… Oh my god what did I just write someone take my laptop away from me

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Hey! I love your blog and I was just wondering if you could do one of your famous Kaisoo spams for me. I have an essay due tomorrow so I was hoping you could bring out the big guns and help ease my stress with some Kaisoo therapy~

hello thank you so much, and of course (famous hehe ahh) i hope this helps your stress levels and good luck on the essay <3

no1 fanboy

i find this so cute

like baekhyun was right next to him he could’ve whispered to him

tryna twist his nipples

rubbing his back

nini u talk

of course of course (still not over this) 

they totally look at each other like i swear fuck my life like i wonder if they have those talks like if we weren’t idols how would we spend our lives together talks oh god

u okay there jongin

biggest dweebs ever

good excuse to touch nini tbh

sehun had like no mercy who gave him that spray jfc

the fact this shot is actually real baffles me ah

ksoo was the only one who chose properly

people still say kaisoo is one sided?


one of my faves ever


patting the chair to jongin to sit next to him

which was a blessing cause it turned into this

eye fucking





okay~This is all my autographs.Every actors are very nice.Rob and greyston gave me a big hug,feilcia talked about china with me,the food,people…she’s so cute.Richard made a joke on me (that was so funny.)
cockles autograph totally misha sign at first,I gave him some destiel stuff(my paintings:paper tape,towel,stickers and badges),he thanked me and asked “if jensen will have the same package?” I said“he will have a package,but no that badge”(“you’re my baby dady”badge)and misha lower his head and smiling.
when jensen sign to me ,he saw that photos and gently smiled ,looked in my eye and thanked my gift.I asked if he can write my name on the photos,and Daniela said“No!”and jensen putting his palms togethe said“I’m so sorry I can't”,a very sorry face(that face shoot my heart!)

I usually can’t stand when kids come into my work bc they’re loud as fuck and obnoxious and have to touch and yell at everything while the parents do nothing. But today it was really dead and at one point a little boy, he was probably like 7 or 8, came in by himself and walked right up to me and said “Hi I would like to buy some crickets please.” He was so freakin’ cute he had these big dark rimmed glasses that made his eyes look huge and he had kakis on a cute striped shirt and had his wallet in his hand. So I smiled at him and said “Okay how many, and what size?” He scratched his head and I told him the sizes we had and he said “I think medium would be good.” So I went to get them and he followed me and told me they were for his tarantula and then proceeded to give me a 5 minute science lesson on tarantulas and their different types. I asked him how much money he had so I could get the right amount of crickets, since they were .12 cents each. He counted his money and said “How much would $4.73 cents buy?” I told him 30 crickets and he said that would be perfect since that would last his tarantula a long time. When we were heading back to register I was closing the bag the crickets were in and he said “Wait don’t breath air into the bag, the crickets need oxygen and carbon monoxide comes out of our exhales and that will kill them so you can just close the bag.” I smiled and apologized and he said “It’s okay.” So we get back to the register and I’m ringing him out and his total was $3.50 He sighed and said “Well I don’t have the exact change but do you have change for a dollar?” I said yes and he gave me 4 dollars. And then he saw some dog treats so he proceeded to pick out 3 mint dog treats which came to a total of .50 cents which he had. After ringing him out entirely and giving him his change and receipts he put everything in his wallet very neatly and told me to have a good day. IT WAS LITERALLY THE BEST INTERACTION IVE HAD WITH A CHILD IN MY 1+ YEARS OF WORKING THERE HE WAS SO POLITE AND ADORABLE AND SMART AND JUST OMFG

D.G.I.F.U x Chris Brown ft. Tyga x Pusha T

Chris x Karrueche

“You gotta be fuckin kiddin me.” Chris whined as he tossed his phone to the side of him with Karrueche’s Instagram page blatantly staring him in the face.

Something told him deep inside that he shouldn’t lurk, but with his mentions on Instagram going crazy; he decided to see what the big fuss was all about.

Karrueche: $mile for me daddy, lemme $ee ya grillz. Lol, this was totally his idea. @iam_objxiii  #HisNHerFangz #FangGang #UCantBangWitUs #AlmostGameTime #GoodLuckBaby!

“Why every time I turn around you lurkin? Seriously Chris? You got this charity football game in less than a hour and you all in here depressed and shit.” Ron groaned as she shook her head, picking up his iPhone 6 to see what got him so bent out of shape this time. “Oh my god that’s so cute!” She blurted out causing Chris to suck his teeth and look up at her. “I-I-I mean… That’s so corny, who does that shit anymore?”

“We used to do corny shit like that.” He mumbled, standing to his feet and brushed past Ron to go find Mijo. If it was one thing that he knew could make him feel better was the word from Pastor Barry.

As he strolled the halls of the arena, smiling and waving at fans here and there all while searching for his voice of reason; Chris stopped dead in his tracks as his eyes landed on a familiar zipper tattoo in plain sigh; causing his heart to race and his eyes to trail upwards from her black and gold Tom Ford zipper heel suede booties, up that infamous zipper tattoo on the back of her smooth thigh, one of the thighs he used to wrap around his waist or raise high up in the air during one of their many steamy intimate moments together. Shaking the thoughts from his head, his chocolate brown orbs continued up her body and his lips curled downwards into a from as he realized that all she wore was a black, gold and white football jersey with number 13 on the back underneath the name he truly hated: Beckham Jr.

He watched as she posed with fans, laughed and smiled without a care in the world as she strutted around in that nigga’s jersey; causing his jaw to clench in anger.

His anger only intensified when he saw him walk up to her and wrap his arms around her waist before he placed a kiss on her cheek and smile for a picture or two that a few fans asked them for while he placed his hand on the arch in her back and he kissed her repeatedly on her face causing her to break out in her infamous high pitch laughter.

“Oh my god it’s Chris Brown!” A voice shrieked, breaking him out of his hateful glare causing him to toss a smile on his face as a crowd almost immediately formed in front of him and he began signing any and everything from cellphone cases and cds to boobs and stomachs.

His eyes glanced up for a split second as he signed one chick’s forehead and he spotted the pair all hugged up, kissing with Karrueche standing on her tippy toes and her arms wrapped around his neck and his hand cuffing her ass.

He rolled his tongue around his cheek angrily and nodded his head before going back to the task at hand.

He definitely had something for that ass.

/.\ /.\ /.\

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  • Phil wearing a suit that’s waaaaay too big for him and Clint thinks he looks so awkward but at the same time really really cute and he just wants to give him cuddles and kisses bc awwwww
  • Phil wearing a suit that’s perfectly tailored to him and is flattering in all the right places and Clint’s brain just going haywire like ‘asdfghjkl’ and then when they’re finished at work for the day Clint goes up to Phil and is just like “Bed. Now.” and so Phil goes home with him even though he had been planning to stay at the office to finish all that stupid paperwork

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I really really really enjoy like ashton putting his hands on Luke's waist?? Just all the time, maybe they're just casually talking and ashton steps closer just to hold Lukes hips and look up at him just because. And of course when they're in bed, before they go to sleep, luke takes Ashton's hands and wraps around his own waist cause he loves being surrounded by ashton. I feel like hands on hips are underrated it's so cute

especially bc they are ashton’s BIG hands on luke’s slender waist oh my goodness aND LUKE WOULD FEEL SO MUCH JOY AND PROTECTION WHEN ASHTON’S HANDS ARE AROUND HIS WAIST :((( 

For actualwizardbillykaplan who wanted Helen teaching Gansey to swear. 


Their grandparents’ house is so boring. Helen picks at the ruffles on her dress. No one even pays attention to her anymore. Not when her little brother Dick is so cute. So precocious. Whatever that means. Their aunts hover around him like he’s made of cake and ice cream, or is one of those chocolate fountains that Helen had gotten into trouble for sticking her finger into at Aunt Tess’s garden party.

Helen lives with Dick, and he is nowhere near as exciting as a chocolate fountain.  

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So the Modern Circle Ken sculpt has always had weird lips to me but the rest of his sculpt has really cute features like the drooped eye shape and big nose

Usually I tolerate how my face ups look on dolls but surprisingly I love how this guy turned out. Which is surprisingly cuz I like the factory look too but this looks so much better to me.

Anyway, I tried to make him look more Asian and tried to give his sculpt a bit more depth with shading and stuff, but I also wanted to make him look stylised so it’s a bit of a mix of my usual art style lol.

seztren replied to your post: stickysheepart: Ooohhhh Crowley what …

ther r no balls tho

See this is my struggle tho. I figured it’d be simpler to draw him without balls so his cock is more of those types that come out of a slit that forms when he’s aroused. BUT THEN I WAS LIKE “BUT HE WOULD LOOK CUTE WITH BALLS TOO??”. So I am stuck. But I am thinking I’ll just draw him with balls whenever I feel like it. Like, if he’s OVERLY aroused and his balls are super heavy with cum they’d force their way out of the slit and bam, big fat balls? Yeah? yeah sure why not idk i am tRYING TO JUSTIFY THIS BECAUSE I’M SURE SOME MONSTER GIRLS/GUYS WANNA FEEL THOSE GIANT BALLS SLAPPIN’ AGAINST THEM WHEN BEING PLOWED RIGHT?

Okay, so the Bat I order from Beezeeart arrived today. And look how cutely it was wrapped!

So here the little guy is unwrapped. Cute little guy.

And here he is showing off~

And here’s his new big bro! The Vampire Bat with the oh so original name “batty” when bothering with a name at all. Hello new buddy!

Thank you so much Beezeeart! I love him, he’s so very cute, the new guy will have a very nice home here! He’s adorable!

but like what if Changkyun lets you wear his pilot hat backstage before his performance but it’s too big on you so it falls down to cover your eyes causing you to pout. He’ll probably get all flustered about how cute you are before attacking your face with kisses while you beg him to fix the hat.

“Ah, but you look so adorable jagi! Let me take a picture!”

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How would VIXX react if their girlfriend tried baking them something and they come home to the kitchen and her covered in flour/egg/etc but she is holding her creation with a big 'I did it!!' smile

N: Picture time! N wants a picture of your cute, messy look and then he wants a picture of whatever you’ve baked him so he can brag on SNS about how cute and amazing his girlfriend is. When he’s done uploading everything, he’ll help you clean yourself up and then offer that you two eat your baking together~ 

Hongbin: Seeing your smile is just such a good way for Hongbin to brighten up his day. He’ll be so excited to try your baking, but first he would want to tend to your appearance first, laughing as he gets a towel and rubs at your cheek to get the sugar clumps off. 

Ken: Sounds of cuteness would come out of him, maybe some squealing or something because how lucky is he to come home to such an adorable sight?! Ken’ll want to try your baking right away, but not before getting some flour out of your hair and teasing you for all the hard work you’ve put in for him- ah you must love him so much?!~

Leo: He’d find your proud smile heartwarming, but he’d find whatever you made much more interesting because we all know Leo’s love for food. He’d dig in right away, munching away with a little smile of his own on his face and when he’s done, he’d give you a kiss on the forehead and whisper a ‘thank you’. 

Ravi: With a big smile on his face, he’d just be in shock like “wow! you made this just for me?” and he’d immediately just tackle you in a hug, even with all the flour and egg all over you because Ravi would be overcome with emotion.  

Hyuk: Setting down his stuff, Hyuk would chuckle at the sight and walk over to see what you’ve made. He would make a joke or two about your appearance and maybe do something silly like lick some flour from your cheek because he’d want to see you get flustered. 

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002 ran mouri


002 | Give me a character & I will tell you

  • How I feel about this character: She’s one of my favourite characters, she is so strong but so tender and sweet, she cares so much about those around her and she’s so freaking brave! this woman is a queen.
  • All the people I ship romantically with this character: I ship her mainly with Shinichi, ShinRan is my sin, i love them so freaking much.
  • My non-romantic OTP for this character: Sonoko, I mean look at those two! such a cute friendship they have, god, i love them .Kazuha because both of them have so many things in common, both are so strong and have detective dorks with them all the time, poor things, and I honestly think that Ran and Heiji will end as really good friends because of Shinichi, I can imagine them discussing about Shinichi’s behaviour and having to take care of him like the big baby he really is.
  • My unpopular opinion about this character: I don’t know? 
  • One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon: That she finds out CONAN IS SHINICHI FOR THE LOVE OF GOD COME ON JEEZ GOSHO
  • my OTP: ShinRan. I don’t even have to think about it. 
  • my cross over ship: I don’t really know, sorry…
  • a headcanon fact: after all of those times Kid pretended to be Shinichi, she didn’t want to go to any of his heists for a while. 


PLEASE READ....So can I have some advice pretty please?

I’ve been having lots of doubts that he likes me, its a natural thing my mind does when i think something good will finally happen…so let me fill you in okay? 
I really like this guy. Lets call him Jasper. I’m friends with his twin sister. Lets call her Soph. So I’ve caught Jasper staring at me before with his guy friends.Once Jasper said to me “you should like come over house so we can like all hang out”(months ago.I didn’t answer) I told soph I think he’s cute and asked her to tell him, apparently said “Thanks!!!"his bestie is OFTEn pointing me out to him-literally pointing. yesterday jasper and i held eye contact and he was smiling big then looked down. Thoughts?Yesterday a girl in my school with mental problems walked to me and said "SAAAAAARAAAA” (she loves talking to me i treat her normally and really nicely)and jasper was near and my friend said when he heard my name he suddenly looked around looking for me, Thoughts?
His sister once asked me who I like. Once, his bestie spushed him in my direction holding his shoulder and pointing him to me yelling his full name twice. I was like “Uh…hi?” The first time I met him he kept putting off taking a pic with me for spirit week…cause i remember he kept saying politely “can we take it later?” (it was really crowded in the school) and at one point i was standing near him and with his sis and his friend dragged him somewhere else whispering it was weird… What do you take from all this?  I saw him in the hallway but I froze and he glanced at me with huge owl eyes and did a hair flip…ok so good newz….My neighbor told me that she notices that whenever he sees me he stops what he’s doing and watches me walking and he smiles when I’m not looking…I have news! In the hallway today like half an hour ago when school ended, he was behind me and next thing i knew he was next to me, my neighbor said that she heard his friend say something and she said thought she heard jasper say “shut up man!” after. And he was literally right next to me