just dreamt I went to papa johns and the #6 combo on the menu said “look at the banner” and next to the menu was a giant fluorescent banner that said “YOU SUCK” and I was like haha look at the guy that ordered #6 he sucks and then he tried to kill me what does this mean

✝; -

Wow, look at that banner. Much fab. Very trash. Such edit. W o w.

Anywho, thank you guys for sticking with my blog for, uh, what is it… about a month now? Haha, that’s funny. :D Anyway, you guys are awesome ! Now, onto The Livestock Headcount the Follow Forever.


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To all the people whom I have befriended on one of my other blogs—– just because I didn’t put you on here doesn’t mean I don’t love you anymore ! I was just trying to feature all the new people I’ve met in the Owari no Seraph fandom.

Again, thank you all so very very much ! Can’t wait to see you around again !

vanityelric asked:

I'm completely in love with your graphics and gif edits; I sort of forget that I'm looking at them for fandom and just sort of get lost in how nice their composition is.

Wow :D 


I do work as a graphic designer and have always had a big interest for design, so it makes me so happy to get compliments for my ”design mind” here on tumblr, I’m happy that people appreciate my stuff so much from like an artistic aspect too <3

And yes making Nygmobblepot edits is more fun than my job haha <3  But I’m really fortunate to get to work with my interest. Like I make banners too and such so I’m basically making gifs at work and then I go home and make more gifs haha, they just are a bit different ;)

So I love when I see gifs and edits that are just AMAZING perfect aesthetic in my feed, it doesn’t even have to be my fandom you just get so amazed by the design and technical skills in them so it’s just pure joy for your eyes! This site really has amazing artist out there!

Thank you again for your kind words! <3


I watched Avengers yesterday. Some of my thoughts.

1. Omg imagine if we could actually each have our own personal Jarvis. We wouldn’t even need friends.

2. When Black Widow was hitting on Bruce at the bar, it was really smooth. But he was totally being a high school boy by being all like “omg what. wait what. haha lol r u talking about me”. Dude if someone that hot hits on you, don’t think just go with it. Jesus.

3. Thor must spend a fortune on hair products. 

4. I cannot believe Ted and Robin got together in HIMYM. 

6. Why would Black Widow go for Bruce Banner when Captain America is in the room. Yes Bruce has that whole hot mad scientist thing going on BUT GIRL CMON ITS CAPTAIN AMERICA. 

7. Omg that girl looks like Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen. They have the same old lady chin.

8. Omfg she’s their sister (after wikipediaing it in cinema during movie)

9. If Black Widow is sterilized does that mean she doesnt get periods. 

10. Why is it so hard to hate villains who are siblings because though they’re evil af they’re so nice to each other so you’re like awww you guys :3

11. How effective are arrows anyway Hawk-eye. 

12. Doesn’t Hawk-eye’s wife get jealous that he’s such good friends with Black Widow. Who is the hottest female superhero ever.

13. What happens if these guys need to pee really urgently. Isn’t very hard to remove their spandex suits and all.

14. Honestly spiderman would be a lot more helpful compared to Hawk-eye.

15. I wonder what superpower I would have. 

16. I wonder if a superhero would date me.

17. Vision has excellent features and a sexy voice. And that imo, is the best superpower you can have.

18. Did the hulk leave BW because he knew he could never have sex with her.

19. Why did Thor take a random bath in dirty water when his peers clearly needed him. Also, fungal infections.

20. Where are they going to relocate all these people. Do they need to clear it by immigration??? I mean. 

containsquinine asked:

hiiiii. uh my favorite line "jack of all trades, master of none." i'm pretty sure the search function on my blog is broken but you know what i look like haha. can my two fandoms be umbrella'd under the MCU? if not, MCU and harry potter. i never do these so yay?

ryn my beeb you are here ok i must picture your beautiful face in my head

you are: pepper potts
bestie: peter parker/bruce banner
date mate: natasha romanoff
enemy: green goblin

come and get your love!

^Photo: The skyline of Shanghai, 1996.

The year 1996—the last time I also step foot on Asia’s City of Lights and China’s symbol of economic prosperity. As sudden as it is, so happy to have a compacted yet awesome 36-hour opportunity to seize a day in Shanghai (will coin the hashtag #SaturdayInShanghai once I get to upload photos and/or videos on my SNSs), care of a business trip of my generous uncle (gipa kuyog gyud ko, kalit2x lang haha; ‘coz of the Chinese citizenship I also banner & other qualifications, meeting the travel requirements for the trip were yeah, weee!)

Also known to be his birthplace, and I dunno if does happen by chance, pero I do hope to have the bucket list, pang YOLO na encounter with the one & only Yao Ming up personal, hahaha.

So I look forward to this what I’d like to dub it as a “summer ender” for me this weekend, just before review classes start. Not a lingaw2x travel2x but a business trip tho, pero the thought of a 'travel’ is still enticing for me. I’ll grasp whatever I can to enjoy for that short period of time. It’s been a long, 19-year wait for me to return there.

anonymous asked:

why did you tag the flashy dauntlester banner thingy down? do you know where i can get one?

it was cool and all but i feel like it’s too distracting when i look at my blog! haha c: and people might be uncomfortable bc it flashes and stuff. someone made it for me!

did i mention that i sculpted a little Mop Mop over spring break? i remember i said i was going to do Pigeon Pete but i ended up running out of time and decided Mop Mop was smaller scale. plus i feel like i should wait and see if they ever release a toy of Pigeon Pete before i sculpt him

hopefully i’ll bake it soon and paint it c: like i did with the vision quest banners (i still need to sculpt the sticks to make three more haHA), i made it to scale with the Revoltech turtles. so now i am just sad that we don’t have a cute smiley Leo head to work with and instead he has to look all pissed off LOL

I was thinking of building a Mop Mop in Maya to 3D print, but right now I haven’t had luck converting NURBS to Polygons… at least, not without making my computer take a shit for hours. so we’ll see