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Chey bab i got another thang 4 u. Imagine- futuristic assassin world. Ones a techie to the other as an assassin. Two men. One mission. And one... Sauna. And ofc go with midam

You give me so many thangs it’s fabulous omg i’m imagining it now and it’s beautiful

So my first thought was obviously Adam’s the techie and Michael’s the assassin BUT THEN i thought…what if it’s the the other way around??

Picture this: experienced techie Michael who’s like, late twenties, early thirties, who has risen through the ranks of an underground anti-government organization and proven that he’s valuable not just because of his father, who founded the organization.  He’s proven himself to be the best of the best, and he’s done it by being ruthless and cold and calculated, so everyone in the organization and out of it respects the shit out of him, but is also mildly terrified of him.

Then there’s a big job coming up.  Like, really huge, the biggest one to date, the assassination of a major political figure.  And Michael is of course selected to be the tech part of the duo needed to complete the job.  And he’s expecting to work with Dean Winchester, who he doesn’t like much and doesn’t get along with but knows is the best assassin they have.  But then for whatever reason Dean can’t do the job - maybe he got caught up in another job or something.  So instead, Michael is told that he’ll be working with Winchester’s younger brother, who’s apparently some type of assassin prodigy.

Michael is not impressed, and even less so when he meets Adam.

“I thought you had to be at least sixteen to join.”

“I’m nineteen you absolute fuck.” 

And the other thing that really annoys Michael about Adam is that Adam is both disrespectful and completely, 100% Not Afraid of him.  Like Michael will give him the patented Glare Of Death, the one that says I will arrange your very efficient murder and make it look like an accident, after Adam says something really sarcastic, and Adam just makes a face back at him.  Or when Michael will be trying to explain a thing or come up with a plan Adam will be mimicking him in a super-snobbish voice just to piss him off.  And despite it all Michael can’t help but wish that he didn’t find Adam so goddamn intriguing and somewhat adorable at times.

Meanwhile Adam thinks that Michael is the most stuck up, arrogant asshole he’s ever had the misfortune to meet, which would be bad enough, but he also happens to be unfairly hot. Or at least he would be if he wasn’t a total jerk.  (At least, that’s what Adam keeps telling himself).  It’s pretty clear that Michael is skeptical of Adam’s abilities so Adam takes it upon himself to prove that he knows what he’s doing and can complete the job with minimal help from Michael.

And thus begins a comedy of errors as they take on this job, involving lots of arguing, constant attempts to one-up each other, botched reconnaissance missions including one very awkward and uncomfortable sauna experience, and a buildup of sexual tension as they try to organize a plan to assassinate this one clueless politician, who has absolutely no idea how much drama is surrounding these two people trying to end his life.

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I am honestly so in love with your portrayal of Abelas. Its hard enough working with a minor character, one who only appears for one section of the game, but you take what little is given and have built this amazing character that has been a source of admiration for me. And you yourself are so kind and wonderful, I just have hearteyes seeing you on my dash, ic or ooc. Thank you so much for bringing all your talent and kindness to DARP.

wtf this is just so unexpected !!!!!
i have no idea what prompted this but my hands flew to my hand and tbh i’m sitting here in disbelief.  just….all the things you said, about ic and ooc omg that’s the absolute sweetest thing. i hope you don’t mind me publishing this because tbh i want to keep it forever.  i really try to be as giving as i can bc i know how far something kind can go, even if it’s a small gesture. like this one! this means so much to me.

you are just hgklhg one of the first people i ever rped with on abelas and so hearing this from you is just like omg. i can’t express myself apparently because oghgkfgh i’m blushing so there’s just a lot of RUN ON SENTENCES AND KEYSMASHING. THANK YOU !!

Matsumoto Asters- Iwaoi drabble

Fandom: Haikyuu!!

Pairing: Iwaoi

Characters: Iwaizumi Hajime, Oikawa Tooru

“ When Oikawa woke up that mornig, he had no idea he would soon find someone stealing flowers from his garden.”

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i have to say, your style of art is really quite unique and beautiful!! it kind of gives me the creeps but in a very lovely way. i hope you keep creating these gorgeous portraits--the one of Kakashi and Sakura is simply SUBLIME wow!! also if you are ever feeling inspired, Itachi and Shisui make for a lovely drawing ;))) LET ME KNOW IF YOU EVER DRAW ITA/SHI or just SHISUI BC that might make my life complete!! sending good wishes for you down the road :*

THANK YOU SO MUCH! You have no idea how bad I needed this right now. Omg. I love you! ;-; I wish I could hug you right now!
Here, have some Itachi and Shisui<3

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my url!

Send me a url and I’ll answer the following;;

Opinion on;

Character in general: For mun Ichigo is the husbando. I have this huge crush on him so for me he is perfect to my sore eyes and so hot like omg all the panties off the window! 
How they play them: Adorable, you just give me so many feels and the idea of Ichi being a father is very cute. Seriously keep going cause I love to read your posts and would love to keep our thread(s)
The Mun: Shipper friend who I’ll end up boring sooner or later with my random asks, oops.

Do I:

RP with them: Yup
Want to RP with them: More and more

What is my;

Overall Opinion: Both you and your girlfriend are sweeties

Bojoo is basically:

Sungjoo is the annoying guy in class who has a crush on a girl but only knows how to attract attention in unsavoury ways like pulling her hair-ties and snapping bra-straps. So he keeps on doing that and pissing the girl off every time but he has no idea what else to do and he keeps thinking: why does she play with other guys but not ME?? LOOK AT ME YIBO, DON’T PLAY WITH OTHER GUYS. 

And Yibo is just like omg get off my back, you are quite endearing but I will pay attention to you when you give me some respect bai. 

Gosh I love this ship. 

outoftears; yo au idea though–

Yonah has died but refuses to transcend to the pearly gates of heaven, so she wanders the world as a ghost and comes across her father under Tyrann’s influence. She takes pity on him – not knowing who he really is, of course – and decides to haunt him to keep him company. Tyrann sees her out of his periphery and inside Nier’s soul just kind of … struggles bc “omg dude that’s my daughter LET ME THE FUCK OUT”. And Yonah doesn’t even know that her father’s soul has been suppressed and is just kinda like “he’s kinda familiar for some reason but idk”.

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-pushes URL in-

                       Send me your URL and I’ll tell you
                                           ;; accepting

My Opinion on;

Character in general: this original character is jace’s younger sister. she is the daughter of stephen herondale (who came back long enough to conceive a child) & amatis graymark. 
How they play them: okay, lemme get this out of the way. I LOVE THIS CONCEPT. jace as a big brother & i love how this OC really thought things through, like in a way that i can work with. 
The Mun: omg i love the mun. she is soooo sweet & she comes up with the best plot ideas that constantly keeps both me & my muse on our toes! hehe

Do I:

RP with them: of course. 
Want to RP with them: hell yeah. 

What is my;

Overall Opinion: they give me FEELS through each thread. & i need them on my blog. okay? OKAY? 

**Note: Mun’s answer are all to be completely honest. Don’t send url if you don’t want brutal honesty

Tells sister to get me change and to repay me my money

Siter literally goes into my wallet and takes money from there


Like, I keep my money in a strict form for a reason. You literally just took my money and regave it to me. I am 5 years your younger and I have better money management than you. Maybe you forget I am saving for a car. Maybe you forgot that one time I bought you a new phone, one that was better than mine, because you lost yours in a bathroom and didn’t want to get in trouble.

Do you never learn. Instead of buying a PS4 and then coming to me for bus fare money, which our parents still give you, which you used on the FF14monthly fee, you should start saving your money cause I swear I’m gonna start hiding mine. You already owe me around 1000 dollars, and I only keep loaning you more money cause we’re family and you ask/take it when I’m not looking.


Had the coolest time with my friendsssss omg we dropped acid and stayed up all night taking silly pictures of ourselves with the instax while smoking weed and drinking beers until we went out and watched the sun come up from a field while drinking coffee and hanging out with lil bby slug friend and their chickens and then we ran our friend’s yard sale/listened to records while she went to work and cleaned up around the house and got artsy fartsy and OMG I loveeeee my friends so much you guys have NO idea. It was just so happy and it’s nice to keep company where you don’t have to worry about everyone doing each other dirty and we all do nice shit for each other!! I helped clean house and they bought me ice cream and these little sparkly hair pins from the 50’s at an antique store and it’s so give and take/take a penny, leave a penny with them and I LOVE IT!! Plus we just keep letting each other borrow each others’ clothing and books and etc and that’s just. That’s what I need in my life always.