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favourite stony quotes in mcu and 616? :)

i’ll do you one better


  • “Be safe, Steve. Win.” – Infinity #1
  • “Any excuse to get me to hold you.” “You see right through me.” – Avengers: Prime #3
  • “You know, Shellhead… nobody’s called me “Winghead” like you just did since I left the Avengers last year! I miss it!” – Avengers, Vol. 1 #144
  • “All those things…all the things I said and did– I’m–I’m so, so sorry. I know that’s not enough, but I hope you will allow me the chance to earn your friendship back. I don’t deserve it…I just hope you let me. I’m not half as good at– at anything as I am when I’m doing it next to you. And that’s the truth.” – Avengers: Prime #5
  • “Why are you naked?” “It’s my new armor. It’s see-through.” – Avengers: Prime #3
  • “I actually think they need to go out and have an adventure together to remind them why they love each other so much.” – Brian Michael Bendis on Steve and Tony in Avengers: Prime
  • “Where is here? Is this a dream? Tell me it is, Tony, tell me you can save me.” – Captain Ameriva, Vol. 1 #437
  • “Tony Stark and his armor. His wonderful metal suit. The end result of all the technology he’s mastered in his hands the ultimate weapon for good. A good that I can never hope to equal.” – Tales of Suspense
  • “I feel like a snail or a tortoise, lumbering along in my shell, whenever I’m with Steve. So clumsy, and so safe, next to his grace and daring. I have so much, I know I shouldn’t envy Steve and his Strength And yet I do.” – Tales of Suspense
  • “Whatever the threat –– We’ll face it together.” – Avengers, Vol. 3 #1
  • “Captain America. Steve. I look at your handsome face… into your clear, azure eyes.. and, as ever, I feel the same guilty envy.” – Tales of Suspense
  • “A man’s worth isn’t measured by what he’s made of, by blood or bone. It’s what’s inside, what you beleive, and how you act on those beliefs that counts. And by that yardstick –– I doubt anything could diminish you.” – Iron Man, Vol. 1 #314
  • “Tony. Tony. Tony. I didn’t think you were serious… This is Captain Handsome ordering you to rock and roll on that 45. […] That is the last time I let Tony freelance the door codes. We all said, six digit number! Just because he has trouble remembering his own birthday…” – Avengers Christmas Annual #1
  • “Good morning, beloved. Did anyone check the dumpsters for Clint yet?” – Endless Wartime
  • “Sorry, Tony… but Captain America is more important than you. Let’s hope I can keep him alive long enough… for Panther to get him out.” – Avengers, Vol. 3 #70
  • “I… Look, I’m not the crying kind, Steve. I didn’t cry at my own father’s funeral. But right then and there I realized that in this crazy business we’re in, there’s no one I’d miss more than you. And I… well… you’re an inspiration to me, Steve. To a lot of us. We may not think like you or act like you –– but we still respect and appreciate what you do and the way you do it. You’re an idealist in a world that is far from ideal. I don’t know how you can do it, Steve… How you can keep all the ugliness from getting you… hardening you… I can’t. I’m not as perfect as you… Forgive me.” – Captain America, Vol. 1 #401
  • “Tony… I’m not perfect either. I’m sometimes too quick to judge… too slow to forgive. I appreciate how much courage it took to come here –– in a bar, of all places –– and to level with me like you just did. I’m really sorry our ideological differences bent our friendship out of shape. I miss having you as my friend. I’d like us let to bygones be bygones.” – Captain America, Vol. 1 #401
  • “Mr. Stark, when I woke up in this era, I had no one. Nothing. You gave me a purpose, somewhere to belong… You gave me a home.” – Civil War: Casualties of War
  • “It wasn’t worth it.” – Civil War: The Confession
  • “And now I’ve lost you, too. Maybe… maybe there was a reason you had to be on the other side of every argument. How you could be my rudder, steering me when others couldn’t… I don’t know if I can do it without you… I certainly won’t do it as well…” – The Death of Captain America: Iron Man
  • “I miss your battle cry.” – The Death of Captain America: Iron Man 
  • “All I can think about is him.” – Avengers, Vol. 5 #43
  • “There are people that get married and they love each other and have real relationships, but then one of them cheats on the other and even though they’ve loved each other very much the schism is forever. There’s never going to be any getting over it. Some people can get past it. Some people can’t. [The memory wipe] was a betrayal that Steve was never going to get over.” – Jonathan Hickman on Avengers, Vol. 5

avengers assemble

  • “I’d hate to be on the other end of that grunt.” – S01E06, Super Adaptoid
  • “I was brave long before I was Captain America. And Tony Stark wa a hero long before he was Iron Man.” – S02E07, The Age of Tony Stark
  • “You want to do some trust exercises? Fall backwards. I’ll catch you.” – S02E09, The Dark Avengers
  • “Iron or no, you’re still the man.” “Sure, I’ll go all… billionare philanthropist on their butts.” “Billionaire genius philanthropist.” – S01E26, The Final Showdown
  • “Don’t pretend you didn’t miss this.” – S02E17, The Ultron Outbreak
  • “Taking a huge risk that ends up saving the world? Tony does that five times before breakfast.” – S02E17, The Ultron Outbreak

earth’s mightiest heroes

  • “I know you believe in the future, but I believe in people. And I choose to believe in you, Iron Man.” – S02E19, Emperor Stark

marvel cinematic universe

  • “How are we guys planning on doing this?” “Together.” – Avengers: Age of Ultron
  • “You could have saved us.” – Avengers: Age of Ultron
  • “I think there’s been a very nice journey between Steve and Tony, and I feel like in “The Avengers,” we were both kids, there was [an ego struggle]. In this movie, we argue, but the dialogue is even written more just like a seasoned relationship, the way you’d see an old married couple argue as opposed to a 20-year-old couple argue. They know each other. They might press each other’s buttons, but they get past it quickly.” – Chris Evans, on Steve Rogers’ relationship with Tony Stark, AOU press tour
  • “It’s like a marriage… We love each other, but it’s explosive. You’re working toward the same goal but you have very different approaches to it.” – Chris Evans, on Steve and Tony’s relationship in Captain America: Civil War
  • “I didn’t know if you and Stark were done staring into each other’s eyes.” – Natasha Romanoff in Avengers: Age of Ultron
  • “I’ll miss you, Tony.” – Avengers: Age of Ultron
  • “You alright?” “…I’m home.”Avengers: Age of Ultron

oops I sketched kane and abby
(come on we all know this happened after the season 2 finale)

My eve-of-exam routine

I do this before every exam and I swear it helps me. Now, please note that I am an emotional wreck during exam time. Anything that can help me calm down has a good chance of benefiting stable people as well. It can be so hard to know when you’ve done all that you can do. This is my process.

1. Avoid caffeine after 5PM.

2. Stop studying at around 9PM. Make it 8PM if your exam is an early-morning one. You won’t cram any more knowledge into your poor, tired brain, and you know more than you think you do.

3. Make sure you’ve eaten. If you haven’t had dinner, do that. If you have, well done! Have something yummy with carbs and veggies. Treat yourself to something sweet if that’s your thing.

4. Take a bath or a shower and use your favourite products. Break out the Lush stuff. Use a face mask, or exfoliate your skin. Deep condition your hair. Use body lotion. All that good stuff. Brush your teeth and do your skincare. If you’re anything like me, marvel at how much better you look currently than you have in the last week.

5. Put on your favourite pyjamas. I make sure mine are clean and ready. Bonus points if you’ve found the time to change your sheets, too. Enjoy feeling like a newborn.

6. Pack your bag so you have everything you need ready in the morning. Notes, pens/spares, water, student ID, medication, campus map, etc. Give yourself one fewer thing to think about. Charge your phone. Pack yet another pen. Remember a jumper/cardigan/hoodie if your exam halls tend to get cold!

7. Read something purely for the joy of it. No notes. No textbooks. Read something you love. Start a new book. Delve into some short stories (neil-gaiman is my favourite). Take half an hour to unwind and distract your brain.

8. Set your alarm. Be asleep by 10:30PM. If you struggle, try a warm milky drink, or a hot water bottle. I sleep best when I’m cosy and these comfort me endlessly. Set a second alarm if you get paranoid about these things. Make it a little earlier than it needs to be.

Self care is always important, but during the exam period, many of us ignore it. This little routine is calming and restorative. You’re amazing. You’ve done so much already. You can definitely do this.

Because I am female, I’m expected to aspire to marriage. I am expected to make my life choices always keeping in mind that marriage is the most important. Marriage can be a good thing, a source of joy, love and mutual support. But why do we teach girls to aspire to marriage, yet we don’t teach boys to do the same?

Hello followers of my human. I am Milo, and I’m here to tell you a thing:

You are good enough. Your existence matters. Please be kind and gentle towards yourself. You deserve to be ok. You are loved. And lastly, everything will be ok.

That is all, you may continue with your scrolling now *lick*


Hello friends! I’m selling some new paintings at my blog. I’m raising a little extra cash to pay for my immigration process, so I can live with my partner in Texas. I hope you like them! Also if you want to support me but you don’t want to get an original anything you get from my webshop helps too! I am thankful for all your reblogs, likes and good vibes : )

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Does it bother you when people repost your art even if they provide credit?


See, drawing frequently doesn’t make the whole process anymore easy for me. I spent 2-3 or even more hours per piece, and during that time, I am constantly faced with questions about whether it’s good enough, whether I’m good enough. Am I just wasting my time? What’s the point of all of this?… But then posting it, seeing people liking/reblogging/commenting on my drawings, it makes it all worth it. It keeps me going. 

But then again, seeing people doing the bare minimum of screencaping/saving and then re-uploading them wherever, bombarding my drawings with filters and hashtags, getting the likes/follows/reblogs that THEY DON’T DESERVE, it really annoys me. 

“but it’s so pretty i wanna share it” thank you, I appreciate it, but I’d rather do that on my own terms. That’s why i have this blog, that’s the reason I made an instragram account.

“i want my friends to see it” you can tag them on the original post???? it’s not hard? everyones doing it, get with the time. 

Oh and yesterday on instagram, someone reposted my drawings and so I commented on their page telling them to stop, and they were like, “why I gave you credit” so I said “What I want to do or not do with my drawings is all up to me” and they were just??? “Why are you so hostile? if you’re gonna be this mean maybe you don’t deserve people reposting your drawings” so naturally, i asked if telling people not to repost my drawings makes me ‘mean’ and ‘hostile’ and they said, “no but telling people not to post your drawings (((so that’s a yes?))) and then attacking me after” so again, I asked when I was attacking them and they either blocked me or deactivated after that…… 


Good morning my beautiful angels!!! I am here on this Monday in a bright pink top to remind you to be like this top: bright, radiant, and vibrant :)

HAPPY MONDAY & have an incredible week!! Smile, laugh, and remember all obstacles are temporary. Believe in the good and do things that make you happy and feel great. Eat well, drink water, and kick ass.

Love you all :)

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Where can i read marvel comics?

ooh ok so basically if you’re new to comics (u might not be idk) then i suggest finding a character you’re interested in and starting there 

if you’re a better person than i am u can read them legally here:


  • the #comic masterpost tag is a good place to start
  • here’s a civil war masterpost, a daredevil masterpost, a cap & bucky masterpost, a black widow masterpost, a wanda maximoff masterpost bc like i wasn’t going to include her and some general ones with a bunch of stuff (x) (x) (x)
  • there’s also some sites here: (x) (x) (x) (x)
  • more generally speaking there’s torrents which is what i use most of the time but it’s a bit more difficult bc u sometimes will need to know issue numbers and volumes

if you’re new to comics and want to start with marvel then i suggest starting off with something like

also if you plan on reading them on your computer you’re going to need a program like CDisplayEx otherwise there’s a list here for mobile devices 

i hope this helps!!! im no expert myself i only started reading comics late last year but if you have anymore questions i’ll try to answer them!! 

You kids and your fast talking

As part of my working from home during my surgery recovery time, I’ve been watching a crap ton of online global health lectures. They’re interesting, but after watching for 4 hours straight it gets a little tedious so after about 2 days I decided to do like the Medblr kids do and up the speed on the videos. 

Oh my goodness. I was not ready. 

#1, I trained at a school with no lectures. I am not used to sitting unengaged for so long. My ears are also not used to all the listening. My comprehension with reading or visual aids is about 300% better than my auditory learning comprehension.

#2, I am from the Deep South. I talk slow. I also listen slow. These lectures are by a bunch of Yankees who talk fast already. 

I put that mess on 1.5 speed and thought that I had changed it to a different language. 

How do you kids do it?!

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1. can get very frustrated about the Diana subject. People treat her like she was a saint.. and of course she had an untimly and tragic death.. but she was not a saint.. and definetly not good for the royal family. she has done more bad than good

2. for them as a monarchy. (even though she was great for some charities). I am sometimew so annoyed by the continuous talk about her and all her grateness.. even now with the baby. I first thought it was the worst possible idea to call her Diana. and never thought they might. Now I think they could possibly do it.. just to associate the name worh somethong else than the former princess of wales.

I mean that’s your opinion and you’re entitled to it and yes Diana made so many mistakes but she was put in a position that she did not deserve at age 19. By the time she was my age (21) she had a child and was the most watched woman in the world. That coupled with a complete lack of support from your husband and his family and her predisposition for mental illness was a disaster waiting to happen. Her own brother wrote “I fear for you,“ he wrote. “I know how manipulation and deceit are part of the illness … I pray that you are getting appropriate and sympathetic treatment for your mental problems.” (x)

I tend not to judge people by their behaviour in extreme distress, desperation, depression and in the grips of an eating disorder (bulimia). Diana had an extremely difficult life and I don’t pretend to know that I would’ve acted any better than she did had I been put in her shoes and under constant pressure from all sides.

No, she was not a saint, but she did wonders for the monarchy when she was Princess. It’s unfair to say people shouldn’t talk about her greatness because she was great. She brought attention to AIDS, and when people were scared to be in the same room as patients, she hugged them. She brought attention to uncomfortable causes like landmines and homelessness. She even used her own personal experiences with bulimia to call awareness to eating disorders many years before it was a mainstream topic in the media. She wasn’t afraid of exposing herself if that’s what it took to help others. She wasn’t afraid of the ugly in society but rather used her fame to bring these issues to light.

Doing amazing things does not make you a saint any more than making mistakes makes you a bad person. Diana was human like all of us. But she was a beautiful human nevertheless.

Monday snapshot

My cocker is snoring louder than my father in law ever did. Think of a old fashioned lumber jack saw being drawn s cross a piece of sheet metal.

I went to get coffee and somebody destroyed the kitchen. Everybody cooks, no one cleans up!

The first few steps in the morning are murder. My tendons in my arches have drawn up, after a few steps they stretch and all is well, what’s up with that?

I really had fun at work last night. My boss asked me how so much had been accomplished and I smiled. I enjoy it immensely and my good co workers are becoming energized as well, slug boy is about ready to quit, I’m not sure what they have told him but I hope and trust they were truthful. Sometimes the truth hurts.

I get Wednesday and Thursday off now. I am really looking forward to it. I didn’t do too much before because I was worried I’d be too wiped out to do my job. Now it will probably rain on Wednesday and Thursday perpetually

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I have never had a boyfriend and that bothers me sometimes. All my best friends had and I think that I'm not ugly at all. When I'm at clubs and partys they are always coming to me but they are ugly and drunk. All I want is a normal, funny, handsome guy. I mean, Idon't search David Beckham but why am I always single? I feel stupid. I am 16, almost 17. I'm feeling like I'm gonna die before I met some guy...

Babe, please have no rush on it. The perfect person to you will appear, and sometimes the good things delay to come :) And ofc you are not ugly, idk you but i’m pretty you are an handsome girl with a lot of qualities. We all want a good person by our side but always remember that it’s takes time to come, and don’t feel bad for being single, that’s a normal thing xxx

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honestly wtf is gamer gate?

This list should explain it to an extent.

it is about ethics in gaming journalism.

Zoe quinn is the catalyst that sparked it all off.

Although it was a long time coming. Journalists were shown to have secret talks and basically show favouritism towards certain people giving them good reviews without disclosing the nature of their relationship.

Also people liek Anita is a con artist tried to make a quick buck and did off of the whole waah waah gamergaters hate women and minorities. Notyourshield hashtag is minorities and women who stand for gamergate.

Brianna Wu is pathetic, attention seeking and both have been known to send threats to themselves to spark more attention and lime light to them and portray GG’s as bad even though antis tanked a feminist gaming charity and GG’s got it back together again and so on.

Anti gg have shown themselves to be bullies.


because many journalists have changed their ethics policies however then you still have idiots sending death threats or bomb threats or w/e to GG meet ups so GG is still sorta on going not to mention Anita and Brianna are still being twats but mostly GG is done..mostly..for now.



When I started this blog I never thought I would get 1000 or even 2000 followers!! Guys I am about to dance but my cat’s will stare at me weirdly…

You have no idea how happy I am right now!!!

So many gifs.. BUT DON’T CARE! I like gifs ^^

I hope I can make something for you as a thank you for 2000 followers! Any sugestions? Please?

I also have got some recuest in the drawing section and if you have asked me to draw something, DON’T BE ALARMED IT IS COMMING! Just my drawings are weird.. some days I can draw reeeeeally good and sometimes it just don’t so some of them I will have to draw again till I get happy with it ^^

Again, thank you and I welcome you all to this SasuNaru blog <3

(needed that gif and I’m not sorry)

To all my mutuals who add me on fb please don’t take it personally but I’m not gonna accept u guys only because if you interract w me on there my grandmother will comment on it and read u so like please believe me when I say I am doin this for yours and my own good