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*whispers* Why did you let your brother build a dick museum? You haven't served your purpose. (aph-gods-blog)

*whispers back* My purpose in life has nothing to do with dick museums. It’s to represent my nation. And since my brother is not my nation, nor is he under my government, what he does with his money is not my problem.

25 FOLLOWERS! Ermagherd that feels good!

Thanks so much to the 26 people that follow me on this blog:




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I would like to say thank you so very much again for all of the attention. I am having a great time running the blog and seeing new people finding what I love to do. Drawing is one of my passions and I hope to keep doing it for ages to come.

It is thanks to all of you that I still keep doing this. Before I ran this blog I would hardly draw but seeing so many people noticing my work I have greatly increased productivity. This is not just because I need to upload for you, it is also to improve and adapt. Everyone who follows me is a real inspiration and I am grateful for every single one of you.

I don’t want to sound like you are my fanbase. I like to see you guys as individuals in your own rights. I love working on the blog as I can receive feedback on my art from individual people all with their own separate points of view. It also helps me to become more of a productive person generally. Recently I have been playing guitar almost every day which may not sound relevant but I may decide that some of my playing should go on this blog! (For the record: I play Punk-Rock music but I haven’t quite written any lyrics for anything yet).

Again, I want to say thank you to everyone who has even looked at my blog. I don’t take any of this for granted as I know that I would never be where I am now without you.

You guys are an inspiration to me.

<3, Modpone.

(Also I wish not to show favouritism in the picture, it was purely to do with whatever I first saw in my list of followers. I value you all equally.)

tiny, little SEMI-HIATUS notice

it’s been about three days and besides very short bursts of muse, i can’t get any muses to stick around for more than a few minutes, and never at convenient times. i’ve also been wayyy more into reading fic lately than actively rping and it’s giving me a chance to re-charge and not feel pressured into doing anything i just don’t have the energy to do. nothing bad has happened, but i’m really in need of some ‘me’ time and so i’m putting all my blogs on semi-hiatus. i’ll still be around. i usually keep sam’s blog open just out of habit, and i check the others a few times a day randomly as well. i’m still around on skype if anyone gets an idea that you’d like to plot with me. just ask for the name but beware i am selective on who i give it to now, for reasons.

i’m not gonna be gone forever, and if i do get muse for certain drafts i’m going to do them. just please don’t expect a lot out of me for the next week or so because i’ve finally found a good balance of sleep and rping and doing other things i enjoy and it’s making me feel better than i have in ages. 

thanks for understanding y’all :)

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its funny cos matty has never said he's straight so like here i am, being gay, havin a jolly time

iM laUGHING AT JOLLY TIME BC THAT IS ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! like im not even afraid to say that nothing i do in regards to……….making everything super gay and trans is harmful in any way??? how is anything i do on this blog going to affect my favs?

but its so transparent when people scream over wanting trans fans or queer fans to have receipts for things like trans or queer headcanons (or even just mentioning the fact they would feel good if their fav was queer or trans like them) which in no way are forcing something onto anyone bc theyre….literally headcanons and are not real. but then dont get the irony that they themselves assume the people are cishet anyway. they just dont wanna admit they hate us which is actually terrifying. 

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Hey, I'd just like to thank you for running such a great blog. My partner has HSV2, and I was really scared about doing anything with her. But, thanks to your blog and one or two medical articles, I'm much more educated on the matter, and am no longer afraid. I hope you have a great day.

Awww that’s so great to hear! I hope you both have wonderful days :) hsv is nothing to be afraid of. Thank you for making the effort to get educated!

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why is your username katara and your icon a picture of katara from avatar but your blog has absolutely nothing to do with avatar?

Why is cock one of my favorites tastes? Not only that, but balls smell amazing. It makes me go a little crazy on it to be honest. Like, I cannot get it far enough down my throat to be satisfied. I’m only satisfied when I feel those intense, powerful, salty, hot pumps of cum down my throat. When I sit back on my heels, look up at you with cum all over my mouth and slobber running down my neck, hair all fucked up and wipe my mouth with the back of my arm and ask you if I did a good job and you cannot even speak because I’ve drained all of your energy out the tip of your dick….. That’s when I’m satisfied.

I know this has nothing to do with what I usually post, but I decided to make this blog a little more personal.

I suppose hardly anyone checks my ‘About me’ section, so I guess it’s quite unknown that my ultimate dream is to become bikini competitor and I’m slowly preparing for 2016 season. Lot more work to do but I’m slowly getting there. Anyway, I’m really proud of my progress and I thought of sharing it with you, because this is huge part of my life. Taken today post workout. :)

I’m a man of open words

… and I got some messages lately about this issue, so let me set one thing straight:

In case I have a personal problem with any of you, I will simply tell you. And I excpect the same in return. If something bothers you, just message me, okay? I do not “punish” anyone by not liking their photos. This would be stupid. I’m friends with many people here, but my “liking” of photos has nothing to with being friends with someone.
In case you didn’t have me in your activities as much as usual, this can have two reasons:

  1. I simply didn’t see your posts, even though I go through my dash every single day (which takes a lot of time because I follow way too many blogs). It is a well known Tumblr problem that not all posts of all blogs we follow really show up on the dashes. I try my best to keep up with all of you. Because I like your blogs and photos. My liking or not liking your photos has nothing, and I repeat NOTHING at all to do whether I personally have a problem with you.
    How can you be sure whether I have a problem with you? In case I haven’t told you that I have a problem with you, I do not have a problem with you. Simple.
  2. Your photos suck. But since I do not follw people who post photos that suck, it’s only reason 1

Any questions left? Then message me, okay?

I was asked to do a shout-out post for all of my favourite blogs, so i’ll try my best to include everyone. this is for everyone that I consider a friend, for everyone that has stood out to me, and for everyone that i’ve had nothing but pleasant conversation with. I love you guys, you guys make this website bearable, it doesn’t even matter if some of you can’t stand my existence. in absolutely no order: 
kalterstahl. dahmerandbundy. curiouscriminalsbarbiepukespinkpills. lolitapop06prismlex. themindsetofakiller. serialprowlerxylophoneuniverse. adeadlyinnocence. richard-ramirez-ramone. congenitaldisease. thatsmyreich. ungodlylittlewhore. nowt-here. purpledoxyvenom. dancingundercover. dylanstormroof. as-the-limit-approachestxrnstilee. cool-dog-group. goebbelsthegreat. joukkotuhoase. kleboobsing–bluesilver. serial-killer-files.  dylannstormrooftheydidntcryuntilileftthem. eldersparky. eriction-harris. mermaidmerkins. kxyrt. aliceisthebest. methpals6. thedeathmerchant. penalcolada. paranoia-is-a-way-of-life. godot-is-waiting. yoursecretanarchist. singmeyourriversong. a-cat-among-the-crows. fancy-vivid. mothertrashqueen.theleftnippleofrichardramirez. richestwarlord. bewarethekiller. trashlord3000. scooteraz. corey-feldmanvaporwave. thevelvelettes. serialkillerintrigue. mmmacdemarco. the-hand-that-masturbates. coffincutiecrimeruthellis. pichushkin2. deutschlandsgloria. mudhoney-nirvana-melvinstetrismusic. jimmys-white-hyundai. monstersandwine. harleyquinnholmes. sturmgeist89. kawaiisnuff-04myra–hindley. death–to–pigs. anatomicdeadspace. british-velvet. truecrimeprincess. t-edbundy. u-gun-b-dedtommycash23. zangezy666. wannabe-praetorian. suteruben. edmundkemp. albrecht-winter. richardchaser. bitsapark

this was a fucking terrible suggestion, it turned out so long and I know I still missed some of you. whatever. I love you guys.
this also goes out to the ones that deleted, the ones that got deleted, the ones that haven’t been on in ages, and that one blond german fuck that used to be the biggest dick to me on every single one of my text posts.

[[ Stream over (a bit earlier than planned but ah well) and thanks again to those who came! I hope I’ll get to continue a bit sooner than I did last time, heh.

Also, from now on, I’m going to be tagging any and all stream-related posts with #laur’s stream shenanigans, so if you don’t wanna see ‘em, block the tag. ^_^ Again, sorry for the OOC spam, guys, thanks for those of you who’ve stuck with me through it! ]]

WTNV theory/headcanon dump post

So this has nothing to do with my normal blog content but I re-listened to some older episodes of Welcome to Night Vale and found a thing from History Week that made me feel ALARMED AND FILLED WITH DREAD FOR THE UPCOMING NEW EPISODE so I’m just gonna store that and some other Night Vale thoughts here so I don’t explode from storing them in my head.

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Hi sorry but I have to agree with the anon you got earlier. You can't market yourself as a "fandom" blog and then poison it with a bunch of posts about racism and expect people to be ok with it

Market myself? I wasn’t aware I was trying to sell my blog. Oh, did you read the key word in that last sentence? My blog. The fact that you’re not okay with the posts and see them as “poison” means you’re part of the problem. Does it make you uncomfortable? Do you squirm in your seat a little? Do you shake your head and think to yourself “what’s the big deal?” and scroll on? Then you are part of the problem. You not liking the posts has nothing to do with the fact that it’s “not fandom related”. I reblog many posts that aren’t fandom related: funny text posts, vines, etc, and yet you nor the other anon had no complaints about those posts. You only mention the ones relating to social issues and/or racism. If you have a problem with me advocating for POC or being upset with how much racism there is in the world, then unfollow me. This blog didn’t come with a sign that says “FANDOM CONTENT ONLY”. I have always and will continue to post what I want. I’ll just leave this here:

New Blog for Writings

I have made a new blog so I can post fics and other stuff that have to do with writing.  It will also be where I will write little musings, drabbles, post poems that I like, anything to do with books, words, etc.  

I want my current blog to be the fun place I have always enjoyed, but want the new one to be a bit different.

The new blog is @writingsandramblingsworld, and there is nothing on there yet, as it is still a work in progress. I already followed larouau12 and her writing blog latestarter58, and will be following others as I get things in motion. I will have my AU Caius fic that has the five chapters done up there all in one place, so it will be easier to find for those of you who are still interested.  


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I have probably forgotten to tag some of you, and it was not my intention to do so and my deepest apologies if I left you off the list. I just don’t know offhand who would be interested. 

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Don't take sources off pictures. Thanks.

I hate messages like this. You’re obviously new to tumblr. Removing someone’s 8 page long caption that has nothing to do with the picture I’m reblogging is not “removing the source.” The source is still there. It still says who originally posted it. I just don’t care to have long dumb captions on all these pictures that have nothing to do with me or my blog. Check up on your facts and what it means to actually remove a source before you get your panties all in a wad. That has nothing to do with “removing the source.” People still know it’s your picture. Calm down.

my follower count has gotten really high due to all the blogs that i’ve followed but once       again I must unfollow some people. nothing personal against anyone, I actually hate unfollowing people on a daily basis so I feel bad about this but for my own sanity I will             be unfollowing people I have never interacted with or just don’t see gale really interacting     with them. If we have threads going or we have spoken before you are good but yeah I will be unfollowing any inactive blogs or yeah those I just don’t see myself interacting with. LIKE this if you’d like to remain on my blogroll.

     || A couple weeks ago while at work, a woman came through to order a latte. When she didn’t have enough to pay for it (and after seeing how distraught and depressed she looked), I decided to pay for her drink, myself. It was nothing big–just a few dollars so that she could get her latte. Just today, however, that same woman returned to the Starbucks and sought me out. She told me that after what I did for her, she went into her job interview that day feeling confident and uplifted, rather than upset and hopeless (her words, not mine). And she said that because of the positive attitude she expressed at the interview, she managed to get the job after being out of work for months.

     It’s simply beautiful to see what such a small gesture like paying for a person’s latte can do to change a person’s life. Don’t pass up on those small opportunities. <3

Okay this has nothing to do with my blog but the whole Rachel Dolezal thing sincerely and truthfully disgusts me to my core. I almost feel like she should be locked up for real