I am not back from hiatus but wanted to post this because I do miss you guys!  I am getting caught up and recharging and have some great new ideas.  Talk to everyone soon. 

Story:   Masterpiece  

Daryl and Beth are trapped in a bunker, waiting for a herd to pass.   Daryl has been sketching Beth for two days and he finally lets her see.  What happens next will change the course of their lives together forever.  A post Alone fic where Beth is not kidnapped.  Rated M for smut!  ;)  Enjoy lovelies!   xoxoxo 


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“I take it back,” the troll says hollowly, with eyes that stare right through him. “Human cinema is amazing. It is immensely fucking worthwhile. It is worthwhile as shit, and I take all goddamn grubsquirming credit for having created it. John, I made this.”

“I know, Karkat.”

“I made it for you and you will fucking thank me.” (x

urbananchorite's old johnkat one-shots are pretty high up on my list of things to read when I need major cheering up.


THE ULTIMATE SHIPPER MEME [4/6] current otps
Emma & Hook (Once Upon A Time)

your fave is problematic: aaron tveit
  • claps with one hand
  • killed one bird with two stones
  • likes the yankees
  • didnt know he could grow a moustache
  • questionable taste in fashion
  • tony nominations: 0

per request, the saga continues


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