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bellarke for the ship game ^.^

omg wait 

who’s the cuddler: bellamy. because he’s super adorable

who makes the bed: also bellamy (imagine him getting hella annoyed at wrinkly bedsheets)

who wakes up first: clarke (saving lives waits for no one)

who has the weird taste in music: BOTH  i kinda imagine the rest of the 100 viewing the music that bellamy/clarke like the same way that we view our parent’s music

who is more protective: bellamy (did you guys see him with octavia in the beginning i feel like he’d be protective but he’ll loosen up over time???)

who sings in the shower: clarke. loudly and sometimes off key. other times she’ll hum, but most of the time she’s singing

who cries during movies: clarke (but i may change my mind after seeing bellamy tear up when he hugged jasper)

who spends the most while out shopping: clarke because she likes to mom the rest of the 100 and she worries and gets them stuff 

who kisses more roughly: jsmamsdfmmmmmpppphhhh beeeeeeeeeeeelllaaamy???????/

who is more dominate: both man they’re both pretty in charge idk if y’all have noticed

gets jealous the most: tbh idk how to feel about this i think like they’re pretty secure about themselves i’d say that others get jelly of them 

one headcanon I have: YOOOOO IDK I JUST LIKE TO IMAGINE BELLAMY IN AN APRON because he’s the one who cooks in the relationship ok


*whispers* it’s too much 

nicknames: princess

my rating of the ship from 1-10: 1000000000++++ 

ok but that in no way affects how much i ship them with other people

W: 15 & 16

Gonna watch Ninninjer today! Kinda late I know but Jamie’s schedule is weird sometimes!! So super exciteeeed!!! (Er, um, and here, have some W feels. Hope your day turns out awesome anyway!)

OVERALL: In which LIBRARY FIRES ARE THE LEAST LEGIT FIRES. No, hear me out here guys: Library fires are fire… CONCENTRATED. The building is on fire and every single thing in it is individually on fire. It is fireception.
Oh, and I suppose we also get a tiny raptor mecha which is also an upgrade, Phillip and Sho continuing bros, gdi nasca she’s never going to love you, and 90’S COMICS MEET PHANTOM THIEVES, as well.


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Keywords: 2cute 2deal with this, The Most Legit of Bros, LIBRARY FIRE.
… Bingo! Would you care to see the results…?

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ok so i'm the hopeless aquarius dude actually i need your love guru advice so i'm pretty sure she's a gemini anyways i know she's born in june late june OKAY SO she's so goddamn beautiful and i'm weird and socially stupid and i'm kind of a stoner and she is too so sometimes we ''hang out'' but its more like i stand next to her three other friends while we smoke up and i totally love her but she never even looks at me I'M GONNA SCREAM what could be something i could start a convo with?

i already love you guys together it’s crazy

OKAY SO getting a gemini’s attention is super easy but keeping it is the definitely challenging as hell. Like, geminis are excitable as hell so starting conversation is going to be just be just fine. Geminis are attracted to mental stimulation and intellects. Talk about facts you know about and don’t hold back. The minute she’ll feel that you’re shy she might not feel as into it. Be yourself, excessively yourself, know what I mean? With her sign, there is no such a thing as talking too much. Be lively and be blunt. Oh and oh my god this is super super important but you have to make her laugh. It’s a complete turn on for her. They love any kind of humor and if your humor is dry, black and slightly akward (typical aqua humour) she’s going to love it I’m sure. Geminis and Aquariuses naturally have a magnetic connection and are drawn to each other. So there’s already that. OH ALSO do not forget to flirt like crazy. Geminis flirt a lot but love to be flirted with even more. Sweep her off her feet but be mysterious. She’ll love that. In all honesty, she probably sees you as a really intelligent anal-retentive guy and thinks that you don’t like her very so be clear to her that you do. Finally, give her space. As air signs, both of you value your independence greatly and you want her to miss you. The key is keeping the excitement going, you know? And to be yourself. Show her everything you know.Tell her about everything you like. Learn about what she likes and impress her with it. Do bold and mysterious romantic gestures. OH AND PLEASE KEEP ME UPDATED ON THIS I’M EMOTIONALLY INVESTED IN THIS SHIP NOW AND THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR PUTTING YOUR TRUST IN ME AND CALLING ME A GURU LMAO.

Valentine's Thoughts

It’s been awhile since I ranted my thoughts, so let’s go. This is a weird holiday for me because I really want to be into it, but I never have anyone to share it with. What a lot of people probably don’t know is that I like to consider myself and idealistic romantic. The problem is that side of me is buried under a deep, deep pile of cynicism, so no one ever gets to see it and that layer of cynicism probably doesn’t help. So, in 21 years I’ve never once had a date on Valentine’s day and I thought this year might’ve been different. There was this girl I was super into, she liked horror movies, I liked horror movies. She had a weird laugh that I sometimes dickishly mocked, but found strangely endearing cause it was so unique. She loves cats, I tolerate them. You guys get the point. It was a bit depressing though to see her leaning towards another guy, but whatever that’s life. I could also be wrong, but I’m stuck in this weird limbo of fear. Anyways, so I had this idea that I thought would’ve been pretty sweet to just make a small dinner and watch the collection of cheesy horror movies I have or find something on Netflix. Whatever felt right, but again that’s all for not. I guess my rant here is that I’m kinda bummed out because I hadn’t really felt any real feelings for someone in awhile so it hurts to watch those feelings go nowhere.