Gajevy week: Bonus prompt - masquerade

He narrowed his eyes as he watched her scurry into the office, simultaneously tugging down her skirt and smoothing down her messy hair as she ducked behind her desk.

“Two hours,” he mumbled as she retrieved her glasses from her bag, slipped them on and powered up her computer.

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My life in GIFS

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Your life in gifs.

1. Your first date.

2. That time the electricity went off

3. First Day at school

4. School Vacation

5. Last Day of School

6. Life Choices

7. Bad Experiences

8. Good Experiences

9. Drunk

10. Sober, but around drunk people

11. You and your best friend

12. At parties. (The last party I went to, they destroyed EVERYTHING.)

13. A Bad Break up

14. Relationship with parents



15. Relationship with yourself.

16. You and food.

17. Bad Habits

18. Life Goals

19. Bad reaction to dreams

20. Good reaction to dreams

21. Anime Spirit animal

22. Actual Spirit animal

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These GIFs all fit me so perfectly and it took me an awefully long time to find them all.

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anonymous asked:

I need some advice I'm falling in love with my best friend When we hang (with or without other people) we always cuddle/spoon when we go to bed. We fit so perfectly together we just like intertwine. The last time we hung out tho it was just us & we did things & it was really intense. People know she likes girls but they don't know I do, as I just only came to terms with this myself We've always told eachother we love eachother as friends & we're getting closer but I want more & idk if she does

I mean in my opinion it sounds like she has feelings for you. I would tell her how you feel. 

I kind of really want to do a 1x1 inspired by Shawn Hunter and Cory Matthews from Boy Meets World. Where our muses have been best friends since they were kids and their friendship absolutely should not work because they’re so different but somehow they just fit so perfectly together. Whether we keep it platonic or venture into the realms of romance is up to us. It could be either m/m, m/f, or f/f I’d love it either way so hmu in my ask if your interested!


But the blood on my hands scares me to d e a t h
                                                       Maybe I’m waking up today

You guys remember the color palette thing?
Because honestly- I forgot!

But I just got a few lovely colors from an even lovelier anon and..  yea it’s back!!

I’ve had some unused colors from forever ago so I’m kinda mixing and matching.
Expect more :)


Tao leaning on Kris’ shoulder then giving him a peck ~