Ian + being as sweet, loving, family-oriented, and dorky as he’s always been while battling bipolar disorder

Don’t look for the “old” version of the person. There’s no “old person.” “This” person was there all along, just hiding. If it’s someone you love, keep loving them. If it’s someone you love, support them. If it’s someone you love, tell them they are not broken. Because we’re not. (x)

Eugenie Clark, whose work in the field of marine biology was absolutely groundbreaking, passed away this morning at the age of 92.

Not only did she make countless discoveries about many species of fish. Not only was she one of the first scientists to believe that sharks were more than mindless killers, and publish numerous studies demonstrating the complexity and intelligence of the incredible creatures. Not only was she a huge advocate for them, constantly working to teach the public about how amazing sharks, and all ocean creatures are, and how important it is that we actively work to protect them.

She was a woman marine biologist at a time when the field was almost completely dominated by men, but she never let anyone stop her from achieving her dreams. (When she applied to a Ph. D. program at Columbia, she was told by a scientist there, ”If you do finish, you will probably get married, have a bunch of kids, and never do anything in science after we have invested our time and money in you.” She then went on to get her Ph. D. elsewhere, and do many, many things in science.)

She founded a laboratory, first called the Cape Haze Marine Laboratory, which then went on to become the Mote Marine Lab, one of the most important centers for shark research in the countries.

She literally changed the game in marine biology. But she was also just an incredibly kind, curious, and bold individual, who always sought to inspire young scientists and ocean activists.

Eugenie Clark was my hero as a child, and honestly, one of the reasons I’m pursuing a career in science. I had the absolute honor of meeting her (twice!!) and she was so, so, so incredibly kind to me, giving me words of encouragement, talking to me about my interests, and just truly, being one of the most humble, intelligent people I’ve ever met.

She changed my life, and I am so grateful to have had the chance to both know about her, read about her life and her work, and to talk to her.

simply seeing Rose as being jealous of Sarah Jane in School Reunion is such a shallow reading of what she’s going through

ROSE: I thought you and me were. I obviously got it wrong. I’ve been to the year five billion, right, but this? Now this is really seeing the future. You just leave us behind. Is that what you’re going to do to me?
DOCTOR: No. Not to you.
ROSE: But Sarah Jane? You were that close to her once, and now you never even mention her.

she’s not jealous that there’s been others before her, she’s scared. because she’s seen what she thinks will happen to her some day, that he’ll just dump her back on earth and then never mention her to anyone ever again.


I’m doing this group project where we have to make a video and I just wanted to do something simple and easy but everyone in my group wants to be creative so now we’re doing this Paper Mario and since I’m the only one who can draw I’m stuck with drawing everything. So here’s some transparents I drew in like an hour.

omg i can’t w/ that text post and the amount of ppl who feel bitter & actually agree w/ it. “famous" blogs lmaoooo

do u actually think the more recognized editors just popped outta no where and that ppl suddenly loved & appreciated their work JUSt liKE thAt??? everyone starts off with getting like, 5 notes on their shit; it’s not just u. u don’t complain about it. u just continue to do what ur doing because u like doing it. somewhere along the way, ppl just start to notice.  

like i’m sorry nOT everything is gonna be handed to u on a silver platter??? i’m sorry some ppl just post things bc it makes them happy??? but ur first priority & primary motivator is to get (x) amount of notes???