This was a sketch commission from bmouse for Julian to meet Mila after the war because honestly it’s terrible that it can’t happen and I am NOT happy!

And then I just did a little bonus because I seriously feel like Garak sneaking into people’s rooms while they’re sleeping was one of those things Mila was referring to when she mentioned him getting into trouble a lot as a kid. 

i’m home

aside from wanting to topple capitalism, burn it down, and dance on the ashes, i’m fine


On stage with elzyzen at the Finnish World Cosplay Summit preliminaries! We placed third and I really enjoyed cosplaying these two, so my first experience with the WCS was a blast~

Tales of Xillia
celeinia as Gaius
elzyzen as Wingul
Photos by nyymix

Birds may be singing in my eyes this day
Sweet flowers blossom when I smile
But my soul is stormy and my heart blows wild
My sweet heart rides a ship on the sea. [x]

I was watching The Hobbit the other day and I’ve decided I am ridiculously attracted to that dwarf Kili. He’s handsome and funny and tall for a dwarf so he’s close to my height anyway and I wouldn’t look like — well, a dwarf. We’re getting married in a week.


[whispers] ships with height differences

anonymous said:

What the fuck?...

someone said they were close to my height and they were 12 cms taller than me

if you’re the same anon that said they were 190cms you are 23 cms taller than me

we’re practically not the same height

anonymous said:

tell us about your crush !!

omg ??? ok uhmmmm well hes really good looking like DAMN BOY „ , , his eyes are really crystal blue ??? (and he told me blue eyes have no pigment in them which i thought was cool) he has brown hair and the fringe kinda looks like a wave in the way its styled „ he says his eyebrows are different shapes but tbh his eyebrow game is A+ hecka rad, , , hes 5”7 so really close to my height, hes actually shorter than i thought he would be omg „, he has a burmese cat !!!! (awwwe) and he comes down to where i live for soundwave every now and then and hopefully ill b going next year ?? so i might meet him thatd b fun uvu hes v calm!! and he doesnt really understand all of my jokes but hes funny in his own unique way and hES A REALLY GOOD COOK LIKE HE SHOWED ME A CURRY HE MADE AND OH MY GOD IT LOOKED SO GOOD„ ,  and hes a giant league nerd and he doesnt sleep much and hes bomb at scanning things in coles at cashier (he got the highest scan right omg) and he hoards CD’s AnD he taught me that :* is actually a kissy face not a scrunched up face and WHOA THIS IS REALLY LONG IM SORRY 

he also compliments me a lot and im not really used to it but its luvly hearing it from him i rlly luv it when he calls me precious angel like omgahhhhhhhhhhh

anonymous said:

Describe your crush!

umm.. okay..
she is beautiful, both physically and personality wise! always seems to have a smile on her face and manages to always look cute! she’s also into quite a few things I’m into, like comics, anime, video games, things like that. um close to my height and a few months older than me. she’s funny and smart! always seems to be friendly even when she’s quiet.
um… yeah.. I guess I’d describe more but at the same time, I know she has a tumblr and may or may not be following me soooo… yeah… hopefully that description is good enough for you anon!

anonymous said:

Aku No Hana, Sword Art Online, Attack on Titan

Aku No Hana: yeah, when I was in the 4th grade i was first diagnosed with depression, when I got back to school from that I thought something was wrong with me, And I thought my mental illness made me less of a person but my teacher at the time helped explain to me that it didnt, she helped me come to terms with it, and to this day I’m still grateful.

Sword Art Online: I’d try and beat the game. Why stay in an unreal world?

Attack on Titan: well I don’t really watch Attack on Titan but I guess Levi, only cause from what I have heard is he’s close to my height. dumb reason, I know.


Thank you so much for the ask though anon! its been awhile since I got one of these. It really made my day!