Wish you could beam down just for a few minutes to see us all in action. How proud you would be of some of us. How you could help us help her. Know you’re doing you’re best watching over all of us though. Just keep an extra special eye out okay? Save me a seat up there big guy! It’s what you do next… Track it. Wack it. 5.8.11♥

One day...

everything’s going to be okay again. All of it. One day it’s all going to be ours. The bad and sadness are going to go away and for once we are going to be happy. So happy that we couldn’t picture life anywhere but right there. Until then, I’m always going to be here. No matter what, where, how, or why I’ll be there. Whatever you need…a shoulder to cry on, arms to comfort and protect you, someone to be stupid and make you smile and laugh. I’ll be whatever you need me to be. Everything’s going to be okay. One day, we’re going to have nothing but smiles and laughs and all the pain, tears, and suffering will have paid off. Day by day we slowly get closer to that one fine day. Someday soon is going to be our long time coming. I promise, it’s all going to be okay.