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Can you pleease do #4

4. “He doesn’t understand you”

This turned into a rapid-fire, unedited Joshifer thing because I am trash and only very intense rehab is going to make me kick these two. Please enjoy: Joshifer, feat New York through the years.


They had to give me this dress.

I rolled my eyes as I looked at giant dip in the green fabric, like staring at myself was going to make it higher and less nerve-wracking. Eventually I accepted nothing was going to happen, and I lifted my eyes from my all-too-visible tits and saw the reflection of someone standing in my doorway. I immediately sighed in relief and turned around with a grin to greet Josh.

At least I’d only have to be with him today.

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Clexa Jurassic Park AU 

Clarke’s an up and coming paleontologist who hopes to become one of the world’s first dinosaur veterinarians. Lexa works at a genetics lab and wants to go wherever the science takes her. Both are invited to participate in an elusive, all expenses paid internship program hosted by Jurassic Park. Each attendee is assigned a room mate to make their stay more comfortable. Unfortunately for Clarke and Lexa their interests couldn’t be more different. Clarke loves the animals and adventure and Lexa just wants to stick with the science side and take it easy. Neither is prepared for whats on its way.

Part 1/?

( Thanks clarkegriffindork  for helping me get the idea off the ground& for the encouragement)


September 1980

This is by far one of my favorite bootlegs and live shows I’ve found on youtube, it’s a shame that this one is a little bit slowed down but I wanted to share it with all of you anyways, I posted this previously on a list of my favorite live shows but the yt link doesn’t works anymore bc the channel was deleted by youtube altogether with a lot of gems of the early days of New Order, I think this was like their 4th ever gig, Gillian wasn’t part of the band yet and they were trying to find out who will became the lead singer that’s why the 3 of them take turns to sing:

1. In a Lonely Place: One of the darkest versions I ever listened tbh. Steve is playing synths and drum machine, Hooky playing cymbals and bass, bernie playing melodica and singing. (that’s the obvious way for me at least)

2.Cries & Whispers: I’ve cried about this song before bc I think is underrated and the earlier versions are my favorites, it has some great synths (it sounds distorted here tho) and a powerfull and raw bass, Hooky and Steve aternate in vocals, I guess bc Bernie was playing synths.

3. Hour: An unrealsead but great song, vocals by Hooky.

4. Procession: This early and really short version of procession features drum machine and vocals (omg lol) by Steve ( I think this song was originally composed by steve but correct me if I’m wrong), this is one of my favorite versions tho

5. Truth: Not too much to say tbh. Bernie’s voice make it for an obscure and depressing atmosphere though.

6. Mesh: A very punk version of this song brought to you by Hooky’s singing style.

7. Dreams Never End: Hooky has said that this was the first riff he composed after the death of Ian and Joy Division and this is one of my favorite NO songs ever, you can hear he changes his voice tone at the begining but ends up almost screaming, the lyrics are slightly different to the final version in Movement. Really good imo.

‘We’re New Order… this is our last song’

8.Ceremony: Steve Hooky and Bernie take turns to sing, this is great or what? at the end they sound as if they were using autotune lol but still, this my ultimate favorite version of Ceremony and the fact that the the three of them sing fucks me up and make me feel things jfc Iconic..

On second thought, I’ve accepted that my main emotion is Joy. My mom is insistent in any case and I do dance around and sing far too often for someone whose main emotion is disgust or fear.

And I can be in whatever I choose (“It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.”) so I’ll be a Hufflepuff too if I damn well please!!

I can be the happy me I try to be~



cards against humanity / doctor who edition

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[sherlock edition] [supernatural edition] [avengers edition]