Yui is her own character.

Lately I have seen a lot of my friends in twitter bothered by the insistence of someone in the tag about Yui not existing as anything but an avatar for the player, which is evidently not true, instead of making a long list of reasons why that makes no sense, I will just list main reasons why that line of thinking is wrong:

Character design

She, as estated by Rejet and Satoi, was designed to visually stand out from other heroines by making her really cute and also the reason why she is blond instead of a common self insert MC hair color like brown.

Now, I don’t know how many of you have taken courses or classes about character design and story development, but those of you who have won’t let me lie when I say that when you are trying to make a character for the reader to self insert you don’t make them have characteristics that stand out because that would go against the objective.

Individual characteristics:

Now if you are trying to make a self insert character for the Japanese market you most certainly wouldn’t give said character a trait you know will go against most of the people for which the work is intended.

In this case make Yui a Christian in a country where more than half of the habitants believe in Shinto and Buddhism.


This have been brought up to death but as you play the game you can see how Yui is constantly thinking sassy answers to the brothers even if she can’t say them out loud (and even then there’s the famous manzai event in HDB) she often fights back even if her attempts are ultimately for nothing, and speaks out her mind when she thinks she can get away with it, those are not the kind of traits given to a character intended to be a self insert, these are the kind of traits you give to a character to be it’s own person. 

Of course we can always go to the side materials where the staff will talk about the things they added to Yui to stand out as her own character but ultimately that is only if after you look at the game, and you are still ignorant enough to think the staff behind Diabolik Lovers would blatantly break every single story telling rule about self inserts to make one in the end, which would make no sense. 

So, I can’t try to self insert?

Of course you can!

Nobody should dictate how you enjoy the game while you play.

However when it comes to fandom discussion outside playing the game, ignoring the Heroine is her own character (if that’s the case like with Yui) will probably get you a line of people ready to show you why you may be wrong

In which Lexa is all about trust.

If you look back at all of Lexa’s interactions since her introduction the main theme throughout has been trust.

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fake ah ot6 where some shit goes down in ray’s hometown and they all end up meeting mama narvaez

they’re driving out to ray’s childhood home and eventually jack’s like, “so what’s our cover story?”

and ray raises an eyebrow. “cover story?” he echoes.

"i figure you don’t want us telling your mom we’re criminals," geoff says, snorting, fingers tapping against the steering wheel. 

"she already knows," ray says casually, and suddenly everybody’s staring at him.

michael’s the first to speak. “and she’s…cool with that?” he asks.

a slow grin starts to tug at the corners of ray’s mouth. “guys,” he says. “who the fuck do you think taught me how to shoot a gun?”

(ray’s more worried about mentioning the whole six-person polyamory thing, and the fact that his mom is probably gonna chew him out in angry spanish in front of his crew because he hasn’t called home in like a month.)


"Don't Hate!" vs. "Don't Hate Yourself, too!"

Ever since I overcame my own personal battle of self hatred, I’ve been in a rush to make sure that I am assisting others to overcome theirs. I’ve been in a rush to spread the precious promotion of self-love, hoping that the mood of the promotion will bring serenity in the air, so that when the wind blows, it will lightly kiss the skin of others so that they may feel the love that is being promoted. I’ve been in a rush to protect others from every iniquitous critic, who proudly spill such acidulous insults out of their mouths that tend to soil the sweetness in one’s confidence. I know what it feels like to be inspired by others to hate yourself so much to the point where loving yourself is fictitious to the mind. I know what it feels like to be a victim of someone who is so talented at being genuinely boorish. In fact, I know what it feels like to be the boor. I was so blind to the chance to love myself completely because all I allowed myself to see were what others thought about me, which influenced me to think about myself in that way, too. Again, I was not always the victim, for I once played a role where I made others become a victim to self hatred, as well. It’s pure criminality to be the person who is always bringing others down to the ground for plenty of absent reasons. I love to spread self-love, I really do, but it’s so hard to do so when others are constantly putting others down.

It’s a very strenuous thing to love yourself. I swear to you it isn’t an over-night type of miracle. The perfume that is scented on the idea of self-love is such a pleasing sense to the nose. The melody that is hidden in the discussion of self-love is so harmonious to the ear. It’s so easy to appreciate the idea of self-love and the promotion of what it’s all about, but when it comes to actually doing it yourself, it leaves you wishing that it is just as elementary as talking about it and hearing about it. I’m personally extremely elated to see self-love become more common and an even easier idea to grasp and I’m more than happy to have some of that responsibility to make sure that the world is seeing the charm that self-love clothes itself in. I love to give plenty of tips and advice on how to start falling in love with yourself and I’m sure God has a pretty long file of all of my prayers, praying that my tips are active in assisting others to love themselves. I want self-love to be a personality that we can all have. I want self-love to be an action that will be easy for us to perform. But, I’m starting to realize something that has truly got me thinking, something that I have very little thought about before. Just like how we need to say, “Don’t rape!” instead of, “don’t get raped,” and “don’t bully!” instead of, “don’t get bullied,” we need to start doing that with self-love. We need to start saying a lot of more of, “don’t hate!” instead of, “don’t hate yourself, too!”

None of us were born to hate others, nor were we born to hate ourselves. Hate is something that is learned, not a natural trait. With that being said, the hate that we may have developed for certain people is something that we were taught, not something that we had since our first day on earth. Being influenced by our prejudice surroundings may have caused that hate to go into action and caused us to be hateful towards others. So many hateful traits and hateful actions are easy to learn from that a lot of us fall right into its facility and end up containing hateful traits and hateful actions. It breaks my heart to see how easy it is to hate someone rather than love someone. Loving ourselves is already hard enough to do and the hate that is given by others only makes it more strenuous.  Though we’ve all hated before and though we’ve all had hate hidden within our hearts, it’s time to delete hate from our beings. It’s time to get rid of our hate first so others won’t have a prolific amount of hate on their back while trying to love themselves.

As said before, hate is learned and maybe we’ve learned it from a certain experience we’ve gone through. We all have a story. We all have a tragedy. We’ve all been through a battle. We’ve all wanted to give up before. Personally, any hate that may still be alive in my heart may have originated from my own battle of self-hatred. It may have originated from being exposed to someone who was genuinely rude. It may have been from a grudge that is a battle in itself of trying to let go. Bottom line is that I learned to hate from an experience I’ve gone through before and I think that that’s where a lot of people learn to hate, too - from their past. I’ve learned, and still learning, that the people who I meet in the future are not responsible for my past. Yes, I put my trust in plenty of the wrong people before, but the people who I meet in the future may be different from that wrong group of people. Yes, people have hurt me, but the people who I meet in the future won’t necessarily hurt me, too. Holding a grudge on those who have hurt me needs to be let go in order for hate to leave my heart. I need to forgive those people and remind myself that the people who I meet in the future won’t exactly be just like the people who hurt me in the past. I think that’s an important step in letting hate go. People have been out to get us before, but that’s not everyone’s goal. People have hurt us before, but that’s not everyone’s goal. We tend to fall back on a certain pain we’ve been through and lash it out on others. They may not be like the last person. It’s not their fault for what happened. It’s going to be hard recovering from your past, but it will result in letting all of the hate and unforgiveness flow out of your body.

Forgive your past and forgive those who were included. Forgive yourself and let go of your grudges. I understand how strenuous it is to realize that not every hand that reaches out to you wants to abuse you, but some will reach out to heal you, instead. Let your hate drain out of your blood as you forgive and as you move on. It’s time to let it go. It’s going to be hard, but you have to let go.

Kindness doesn’t have to be anything major. As long as it isn’t mean, rude, disrespectful, etc., it is kindness. Kindness can be giving a smile on a Monday morning because let’s face it, it’s a huge deal when someone smiles on Monday morning. Kindness can be holding the door for someone or complimenting someone. Kindness can be listening to them when no one else is doing so. Kindness can be forgiving someone who has done you wrong. Kindness can be starting the conversation. Kindness can be listening to their choice of music. Kindness can be willing to listen to another side of an argument. Kindness can be offering to improve yourself. Kindness can be sharing your food, which is another biggie. Kindness can be anything that doesn’t resemble hate, whether that hate is rudeness, disrespect, or just flat-out mean. It takes $0.00 to be kind to someone. Why not pay the price?

Loving ourselves is hard to do when hate is such a commonality. It’s so hard to love who we are if we are constantly being reminded that we are hated. Yes, I will continue to spread the promotion of self-love, along with tips and advice on how to do so, but I also want to take some time to acknowledge the fact that it would be easier to do so if hate was removed from our hearts. You got to get rid of your grudge. You have to forgive your past. I never said it would be easy, but it’s such a huge necessity that you do so. Lashing out hate at others who are trying to love themselves is such a horrible thing to do. It’s a win-win situation if you forgive your past and let the hate dismiss itself from your being. You get to move on without your past at your tail, you will have the chance to replace your hate with kindness, loving ourselves will be easier without unresolved hate being lashed out at us, and with all that hatred oozing away from our beings, loving ourselves will be easier for all of us.


so I was tagged by both rzclo and ambertheliuser — so I guess I’ll do this 5 selfies thing haha

So yeah, here’s me, loving animals, wearing makeup for like the fourth time in my life, and when I got all my hair cut off.

I honestly don’t know who to tag so any of my loyal followers/mutuals, feel free!

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damn, you're making me want to watch the fosters! what is it about? it is good?

IT IS!!!!!!!! IT’S SO IMPORTANT!! it has this one annoying major storyline (it’s taken care of by now i think but there is always the danger of it coming back again) but just look at this tag and tell me the first post doesn’t convince you to watch !!