Carmilla MiniCrack v.2 otherwise known as ‘this is ridiculous i am so sorry

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I still think one of my favourite things Noel has ever done is when someone mocked him for “only appealing to teenage girls and art students” he replied with “That’s brilliant. They’re the perfect demographic for me.” because those are both groups of people that tend to be dismissed as not really being important and his response is basically that he loves all his fans and they are all equally brilliant in his eyes and that’s something all celebrities need to understand I think


No seriously, after crying for the past 3 weeks because of the fairy tail chapters. It was nice to have such a good and amusing one. 




"This is what’s ridiculous. People who suffer from cancer, severed limbs, or blindness receive sympathy from others, but people suffering from mental illnesses are viewed as outcasts by everyone. Everyone’s prone to a mental breakdown if they suffer a traumatic experience. We all just act like that would never happen to us.”

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Jensen about being a bit uncertain about how to play Demon!Dean and how Jared helped him with that. [x]