Love Is Art, And You’re My Canvas by sarcasticzayn

Zayn is fresh out of juvenile detention, Louis is blind and both of them are the only ones who truly know how to take care of each other.

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fake ah crew Anastasia!au ha hahaha sweats

this is allllllll icoffeecake‘s fault.

basically Jack as Anastasia, Geoff as Dimitri and Ryan as Vlad (but with a different sort of personality and with more backstory to him)

(this ended up being so fucking long oh my GOD WHY AM I A DORK there’s no major spoilers for the movie if you havent seen it and ive tried my best to explain what i can)

((please watch the movie though its dresses and disney-style songs and gorgeously animated ahhhh i love it))

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I tried to see how hard it is to make your comics. Once again, you must have a lot of: practice, patience, time, patience, a good computer and mouse and patience. I’ve come to realise this with my failure of a spin-off: 1. It would be fun if my mouse went in the places I wanted it to go and  2. I need a new mouse. This is what I managed to do.

Awww, thank you for the fanart, dear! <3 spazzing in the tags, as per usual

you guys, cheek by jowl’s measure was GOOD and its isabella was MIRACULOUS

like the production was the tightest most expertly cut one i’ve ever seen (145 minutes!!) it was a gorgeously choreographed machine it ended with a WALTZ and everyone was good, no one was bad, not everything was my favorite (i’ve seen better angelos, i prefer seeing marianas given more to do) but nothing was bad they didn’t do anything wrong and they did so much right and their isabella, god, their isabella.

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Story completion: Chigai

The fourth and final part of the revision project, containing:

Chapter 7 (in two parts): Sengoku; Warring states

Concerning the state of a world “at peace" and what causes it to fall back into war.

Chapter 8 (in two parts): Kougeki; Attack

Concerning what drives one to fight and how the last battle concludes.

Epilogue: Hoshii dake; All that one wishes for

One last moment to see the fruits of eight years’ labor and the first sunrise of two changed lives.

This has been a very fun project of about two months!  At one point or another down the line I will make soundtracks for the story, and for these three chapters in particular because man are they chapters with soundtracks.

Thank you all for reading, liking, reblogging, and commenting along the way!  I’m very glad I made so many people fans of Kailas and Hova, and I hope that you enjoy whatever else I write of theirs!

As always, enjoy!  AM reblog tomorrow per protocol!


‘sorry i couldnt tell i was hurting you while i was hurting myself’

anonymous asked:

so i was thinking about soulmate situations and what do you think of this: someone has a soulmate's name on their arm, but one day they wake up and it's changed, with no trace of the previous name and they start panicking because no one's soulmark just disappears and what happened and are they okay?? and they google it and it turns out that it happens when a trans person changes the name they use and the person's just like thank god, they're trans... they're trans... my soulmate's okay ;_;


Just rewatching 3x19 and Oliver’s all “Stop calling it a team up Ray” and “This is all… fascinating-” and “There’s a decent chance you and Palmer are related” and there’s just so much sass I just??? Whoever wrote this episode needs a pay raise


I wonder how Ron can stand having such a fine friend and girlfriend lol.