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“You can’t kill me, Victor” said Eli. “You know that.”

Victor’s smile widened as he buried the knife between Eli’s ribs.

“I know,” he said loudly. He had to speak up over his screams. “But you’ll have to indulge me. I’ve waited for so long to try.”     -Vicious by V.E. Schwab

DAY 2596

Jalsa, Mumbai                May 25/26,  2015                Mon/Tue  12:57 am

Rasika Shashikant Ef … a wonderful birthday to you for the 26th of May .. have good one and many more … love from all of us !!!

My observations on pain the other day were a general comment. It was not in any way connected with anything to do with my condition. The concern from all the Ef is admirable and I feel blessed that they show their love and affection, but I am well and around and smiling and writing and connecting to all. This is indication enough.

So … PIKU hits 100 cr  and counting !! This is quite remarkable. Remarkable for a film of such condition. From the day it started its campaign and its limited publicity, the effect of its durability and standing became widespread and known. Some features of the film seemed to have connected with the audiences all over. Some found their own parents or grandparents in them. Some identified with the daughter. Some others dug deeper into the moral and socio-moral innuendoes, but all in all they found it worthy of taking friends and family with them. A big round of applause goes out to the audiences the world over for such patronage. Without them this success or critical analysis would not have taken place.

I feel happy for the makers and all those involved in the effort, but most of all I feel happy for the content and its acceptability. On release some eminent trade personnel had written the film off and called it a failure and a losing proposition. PIKU proved them wrong, as have so many other films that had adverse comment. But truly the success of the film has given us an insight into the minds of a most discerning audience. An audience that has shown us a path, a ‘poth’ as I refer to it in the film of what really attracts them. The young that went to see the film went again with their elders. The elders passed the message on to their colleagues. The daughters felt one with the circumstances. And Bengal simply adored all of it. Not just those that live in Kolkata, but in Chittaranjan Park in Delhi - a colony dominated by Bengali’s - an address that belonged to Bhaskor Bannerji !!

Thank you all the eminent EF for all the trouble you take to make such exquisite designs .. they are so attractive ..

My love to all …

Amitabh Bachchan

PS : those poster pictures you see with me in a greenish outfit is a live conversation on video on me answering some net connect questions on PIKU .. it should be coming up on FB … look out for it and tell the neighbours too …

i have been catching up on 4 years worth of b_nes* lately in a messy kind of way and i just need to…like…:

i’m sure there are shows with screwier/lazier timelines, but right now i can’t think of one.
early brennan, i pine for you. are there enough snacks in the well you got thrown down? you good? 
i still basically only care about angela so it’s nice some things don’t change. 

*i feel like this is only possible with time, and also bc it is not the same show. 

anonymous asked:

hi, i am also intersted in animation and i dream of studying at calarts. when you started thinking about animation in more serious way? how long it took you to draw the way you do now? (btw its totally gorgeous and dynamic and omfg =w=) i also follow you on insta and id like to ask what kind of media u use? like paint, pencils etc. stay awesome i love your artstyle so so much ♥♥♥

hey there! I got into animation seriously maybe 3 or 4 years ago when I met this bud. I’ve always adored animation and film, all that good stuff; but I didn’t realize how incredible the actual community and industry is until then. As for mediums, all kinds are lots of fun. Ballpoint pen and mechanical pencils are always great! good luck with your artistic journey, pal

anonymous asked:


GOOD QUESTION omg,,, When the activity club finds out im worried theyll try(or HAVE to try lmao) to take him in but like?? what about HIS feelings on the subject?? was about his buddies feelings?? what about MY feelings?? i want johnny to be happy and safe and thats all i need tbh

anonymous asked:

hello larissa!! im going to london soon and i LOVE candy but idk what candy to get in london, do you have some tips?


  • freddo - these mother fuckers used to be like 5p per small chocolate bar and oVER THE YEARS THEY HAVE RISEN AND ITS NOT JUST A 5P RISE OH NO THOSE MOTHER FUCKERS ARE NOW 20P I REMEMBER THE GOOD OLD DAYS WHERE I COULD BUY FOUR FOR 20P NOT ONE, outrageous. 
  • dip dab - a lolly you dab into pure icing sugar, its like a sugar high in a paper satchel. 
  • sherbert fountain - kinda like a dip dab but instead of a lolly you dab a long piece of liquorice into pure icing sugar. 
  • ye olde sweet shop - this is a sweet shop that sells literally everything british ((and some american)) if you go into one of these shops you can see all of the british sweets behind the counter in the jars, get some rhubarb and custards or some pear drops ((they’re my fave)) 
  • we have a thing called a pick ‘n’ mix, its where you get a paper bag and you can fill it with as much as you want you can have jelly babies, jelly dolphins, chocolate buttons lITERALLY ANYTHING and you pay for the weight instead of an individual price for each sweet
  • m&m world - if you go to the m&m world in london you can choose what colour m&m’s you want thEY HAVE THOUSANDS IN THESE HUGE CYLINDER THINGYS AMAZING. 
  • lovehearts - these cute mother fuckers have nice messages on them and they’re made completely out of compacted sugar and each message is something like  “ever yours” “i love you” “kiss me” and they’re cute af and tasty 
  • flying saucers - these are little space ship shaped sweets made out of rice paper that dissolves and in the middle of them there’s sherbert (sugar) and omg i love these

My name is Hide, I am a medicine man, or more commonly known as a shaman for you white race. You can expect me to pray for harmony within your soul and body, my soul is of the greatest as I am being granted 3 animal totems to watch over me. The coyote, the white and the black wolf. May they bring you good omen while they can bring me down. 


So I discovered an amazing cooking anime right before an assignment was due, so of course I binge watched all the available episodes and read all the manga chapters in two days. Of course. And although I don’t like how literal they’ve made foodporn, I am in love with how innovative yet doable recipes that they showcase! I’ve been stuck in a cooking rut and this has been a fabulous outlet for creativity! And it’s pretty bang on accurate with its culinary terms so finally that hospitality unit I took in high school is finally being put to good use haha. The first recipe I will be recreating is the Roast Pork - Just Kidding! I love that Souma believes that premium ingredients aren’t synonymous with impeccable dishes, sure it helps but that means he, like I, will be squealing in delight over the discount aisle at the supermarket. 

I can’t believe how such simple, every day ingredients can be transformed into something so delicious ad I loved the stark contrast between the crispy bacon and the creamy potato, Souma knows his stuff! With such success, I plan on recreating other recipes in the anime and manga as they are fairly simple in their conception.. well most of them… damn you Nakiri Alice. Someone purchase me thousands of dollars worth of molecular gastronomy equipment please cos god dammit I want that temari sushi and where will be I be able to get my hands on a soft shelled turtle like Hisako? HAHAHA. I look forward to leaning new techniques!

Roast Pork - Just kidding! Recipe 


Mushrooms, onion, clove of garlic, couple tblsp red wine, rosemary (not pictured), potatoes, bacon, 2 tblsp butter, 1tblsp mirin, 1tblsp sake

Wash, peel and cut potatoes until they are of equal size. Steam for 30-40 minutes until soft. Cool slightly before mashing with 1 tblsp of butter. 

Dice mushrooms , onion and garlic before caramelising with 1 tblsp of butter whilst potatoes are steaming. 

Mix potatoes and onion mixture together along with sprigs of rosemary. Season to taste. 

 Shape mixture into loaf form. 

Wrap very generously in bacon!

Roast for 30 mins at 180 degrees celcius. (As you can see bacon shrinks when cooked so be verrrryyyy generous!)

Prepare a simple sauce by deglazing saute pan with butter, red wine, mirin and sake. Reduce slightly until alcohol evaporates. Season. Serve with your ‘Pork roast’ and Enjoy! Both the food and the anime/manga! 

anonymous asked:

Trying to get over an ex right now and all I can do is love myself, be on good terms with her, and talk about how I'm feeling by either journal or friends.

For anyone messaging me about being stuck on someone/trying to move on, THIS IS IMPORTANT

It seems so simple but its the only thing I’ve found that works. Focus on yourself. Surround yourself with great people, do random things with them, treat yourself with a bomb ass outfit, take up running, find a new show to binge watch, and try your best to stay away from said person that’s causing you pain

Happy Aro Day!!! 

So hi! I’m Lin, I’m demiromantic and I guess here are a few facts about me :)

1. I’m going to graduate high school in less than a month (WHATTTTT?)

2. I can speak English, decent French, some ASL, ちょっと日本語、and I want to learn Korean. Really I’d love to learn any language I can. I’d like to one day learn Spanish and connect to my Mexican and Puerto Rican roots as well~~

3. I’m also kpop trash and bias SHINee like no other (today- although technically its already the 26th there- is also SHINee’s 7th anniversary so ayyy)

4. I’m a pisces and it’s shocking how accurately astrology posts describe me~~

5. I play ukulele (poorly) and I think I’m fairly good at singing xD

6. This is the first selfie I’ve posted on here so yoo. It’s also a photo from last summer during GISHWHES when I had to dress as a french maid to break some world records lol

7. Finding out about aromanticism and the aromantic spectrum was so so huge for me. I’d never experienced actual romantic attraction (until my current gf ) and I honestly worried that there was something wrong with me. So I’m really thankful to tumblr and the community here for helping me understand myself a litle better :)


This here is a EXTREMELY belated birthday gift to my friend simply-nicole-here. You can blame my life for that. XD Anyway, she gave me an amazing list of things to choose from and while they were all very tempting to draw, I decided to go with the one I knew she’d love most. Pokeshipping goodness of course. ;) My piece was based off of a reference of a couple in a roofless car. The quality was VERY BLURRY so I did my best to make the car as accurate as I could with its color, position, style, size, etc. That, and backgrounds aren’t my strength. ^^; So forgive me for its less than pristine quality. I hope you do like it nonetheless Nicole! Thank you for being so patient. :) 

I suppose like most pieces there is a little story behind this. The idea of Ash and Misty going out on a date spurred in my mind, while their kids are busy being babysat by their dear Aunt Hazel (Ash’s sister that Nicole and I created). They go during the day, take some time off of work to be together and reconnect with maybe a picnic perhaps. ;D 

Ash and Misty © Satoshi Tajiri