“Really? I feel as though this situation could be much worse. I mean yes I am now stuck as a talking doll but I suppose this situation could have been worse. This temporary problem should fix itself soon”

Kanoske blinked, tilting her head at the doll. She never really imagined herself in this sort of situation.

So… You’re… not going to stay as a doll?

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Was it any good? After Elysium I heard Neil Blomkamp’s films were taking a turn for the worse. Its hard to beat District 9 thougj

Man, I always hear people comparing Chappie to his other films but I can’t really compare them myself, having never seen any of his other films…

I will say though that while Chappie is not perfect at all (it suffers from a flat villain and entirely too much swearing, among other things), the good aspects of it make up for its shortcomings. If you like robots like I do, you’ll definitely like it. Like, unless you seriously hate robots I really don’t know how you could dislike Chappie himself, since he’s a very endearing character. Yolandi and Deon are also great characters, though Ninja is hard to like IMO. Also, the special effects are phenomenal. You’ll usually hear me ranting about how fake CGI looks, but for the majority of the movie I forgot that Chappie wasn’t a practical effect because he’s made so well.

I see people complaining that the story jumps around too much (and it does have a lot going on) or that it’s not action-y enough (not until the end) or that it doesn’t go into deep enough topics (though it does ask a lot of questions without giving answers), but honestly I don’t care for any of that. I went to the movie expecting to see a cute robot, and that’s exactly what I got, so I was happy.

Granted, it’s no WALL-E or Short Circuit. It’s incredibly violent, and, as I said before, there’s a lot of swearing. It’s a fairly dark movie, but it’s one that still manages that alongside keeping the charm of being a movie about a cute robot. At least, that’s how I saw it, anyway.

tl;dr Chappie is not a perfect film but if you’re looking for a film about a cute robot, absolutely check it out–so long as you can get through the swearing and violence, anyway.

First Car: Mazda Miata or Nissan 350z via /r/cars

First Car: Mazda Miata or Nissan 350z

Every day I browse this sub and learn more about cars. I’m a 16 year old male looking for a first car. After asking you guys about RX8s, Audis, Porsches, Pontiacs, and others I’ve narrowed my options down to 2 cars: the 1999+ Mazda Miata or 2003 350z. I’m completely torn between the two and literally have no idea which one I should work towards. The Miata is talked of like a god on this sub and is relatively inexpensive, but, judging off of 0-60 times, it seems kind of slow. The 350z is much quicker on its 0-60 and has a badass engine but is worse on gas and more expensive. they’re both very attractive cars, I could definitely see myself in either of them even though I have to admit the Miata is a little feminine. From what I’ve researched they are both very reliable cars that aren’t money pits. Can someone give me pros and cons to each of these cars and point me in one direction? Thank you guys so much for all the advice.

i feel bad talking about my abuse and i usually dont because i know it happened to my mom too at the same time but even though she pushed it on me and my brother and made it worse i still feel like its my failt tht any of it happeneed and if me and gabe hadnt been there, hadnt been born, handnt chose to live with my dad, that nobe of this would have ever happened and thag i could have made my moms life so much better and i could have made gabe slife so much better too

Ughh I’ve been having a cold for the last two days and even though it could be much worse (I don’t even have a fever and actually feel pretty ok, apart from my throat hurting), my voice has finally reached the ‘old person who’s been smoking all their life’ stage.

And I need to travel on Tuesday. I really hope I’ll sound like human being again by then…

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is there anything your followers can do to help you when you're feeling sad and hopeless? i want to give you words of support and confidence, but i know sometimes that can feel meaningless or even make you feel worse if it feels like empty platitudes coming from a stranger. i genuinely believe that you have better things ahead, but if there are things that would make you feel better, even if its just sending you cute pics or something, please let me know. i hope you feel better soon.

Thank you so much. I don’t know what my followers could do. Im just having self esteem issues and just feeling like an awful person in general. Thanks for the support though

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NO NO NO... not yet!! You do not do that until significant healing has taken place!! Doing that now will only make it WORSE!!! You need to sue that asshole for malpractice!!!

I thought that I had answered this but I suppose I didn’t? anyway I’ll make sure not to do those exercises right now for sure. My foot is cold and tingling and I don’t much like it, its really just…weird all over because my ankle doesn’t even hurt that much when I stand on it, just weak and kind of wobbly. It throbs a bit when I sit though. my knee hurts much worse than my ankle does and it started hurting before it so I just don’t understand how he could think my knee pain is stemming from my ankle? it confuses me… I’ll start looking into a new doctor I suppose, it just sucks cause I’ve seen him for a really long time… though it seems like half the doctors I see have tried to kill me in some way then give up on me (one prescribed me meds that sent me to the emergency room because of heart palpitations and then said they couldn’t help me anymore and is sending me to a weight-loss surgeon because ALL my problems are SUURELY due to me being fat as hell.