[day 5] classical fanmix for doctor who. listen / download

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* Coming soon to an Ao3 near youPixel-Based Fantasy - A Kiliel Modern Gamer/Hipster AU

 "Is it possible to be in love with somebody that you’ve never actually met?“


everyone is miserable and there’s link running through the shot like some jazzy little elf.

ohcaptainmycaptain’s Stucky Porn Prompt Challenge Drinking Game

(note: this is just for fun, and is currently untested, so please play responsibly)

Drink once:

  • Someone gets rimmed
  • Someone’s pupils are dilated
  • Bucky’s metal arm is brought up in some kinky way
  • “M’gonna come”
  • Everyone is bisexual
  • For every pornlookalikes gif in the notes
  • For every additional orgasm Steve has in one go

Drink twice:

  • Every time Steve is pre-serum but still has like no refractory period
  • Skinny!Steve tops
  • Big!Steve bottoms
  • Story gets an unexpected sequel
  • You can’t remember the original prompt by the end because the story went in an entirely different direction

feel free to add your suggestions


  Let me tell you, I know you don’t want to listen to your father, I didn’t listen to mine, and I am telling you you gotta pay attention this time. When life reaches out at a moment like this it’s a sin if you don’t reach back, I’m telling you its a sin if you don’t reach back! It’ll haunt you the rest of your days like a curse. You’re facing a big challenge in your life right now at this very moment, right here. That girl loves you she really really loves you. I don’t know if Nicki ever did, but she sure as shit doesn’t right now. So don’t fuck this up.

remind me to not use painter’s tape as a substitute for white out

actually just replace all my pens w pencils bc i wouldnt be having this problem if i didnt do all my calculus shit in pen

but pens are so smooth to write

and habits



tagged by the wonderful cartermaysimmons for the 20 beautiful women challenge. 

tagging: glittervevo wildthawnebarry thefactswerebees remuslovestonks illyanapryde kirstenlouisemcduffie rlupin sorrowsbones and anyone else who wants to do it! (really sorry if any of you have done it, i’ve totally lost track by now. and also no pressure if you don’t like uploading selfies/don’t wanna do this). 

Tagged by innocehnt for the urban dictionary name challenge :) there were a few but I liked this one so its what I went with haha

Alexis is a beautiful girl, but doesn’t believe that. She’s insecure about her body, and worries a lot how people look at her. She’s full of love, but never finds the right guy. She’s understanding, funny, and is a great friend. She’s been through a lot, so, she is also good at giving people advice. She’s an animal lover, BIG animal lover. She is friendly, kind, but is easily upset. She always likes to feel important, and can get offended by things other people wouldn’t see offending. But nevertheless, shes a great person at heart, its just, people don’t fully understand her.

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izzieanne my chart you asked for 💜💜 I personally find it quite easy to get inspired I just never have a good way of putting it to use. The stability thing is a big problem for me, probably because my parents are split and moving between houses is a challenge. Staying grounded and in one place is what I’m looking forward to, I can’t wait until I get my own place. Friends are easy for me, though keeping them around is the difficult thing because its never me that want them to go but them always finding more interesting people. I find myself boring and average and I strive for attention yet don’t put myself out there to get it. I’m attracted to material things, like the more things I have, the happier I’ll be, which is stupid, I know. And while friends are easy, the next step is not because every interest I’ve ever had in someone resulted in friendship and never went farther than that. I find myself getting lost in thought - usually while in the middle of a sentence - and then stuttering and making a fool of myself, which might just be me. I’m honestly not sure how much of my chart actually affects my personality so I’m just spitting random things out right now. I know rising/ascendant is how people view me and I’m not all that familiar w Sag so if you could maybe go into that a bit. Because of my lack of relationships I can’t really see how much my Venus sign affects me. I find myself to be not completely the stereotypical Aries, which I know has to do with a lot of the other sings in my chart but I’ve never been depicted as a “fight me” type of person. I’m kind of chill and I definitely don’t like fights. I find myself staying out of drama and other peoples business. I’m not adventurous, I don’t find myself traveling very much, I’m more of a stay-at-home (or at least where I’m safe/comfortable) kind of person. I ask a lot of questions and try to help people where I can and I try to be selfless but I’m so introverted that I can’t always achieve that. I am super passionate about so many things but I find it so hard to talk to people about them without going off on a rant. I make jokes constantly and when I make people laugh I feel amazing. I like having a purpose and I like making people happy. I’m spewing out such random shit right now I don’t even know.


It’s going to be a big challenge for the Clinton campaign to get all of its surrogates — meaning, most of the Democratic establishment — to NOT GO ON TWITTER AND TWEET STUFF LIKE THIS. It doesn’t seem like it would be hard to avoid tweeting what could be interpreted as threats to prominent Democratic politicians who make banal statements on “Meet the Press,” but here we are.

A Clinton ally’s reprimand against Bill de Blasio shows why other Dems won’t be eager to enter the contest

bug reviews
  • spiders:fantastic little architects. can't believe you guys didn't even go to school for that.
  • beetles:love u big tough guys.
  • mantids:absolute badasses, would challenge a lawn mower to a duel. i can really get behind that kind of irrational bravery.
  • ladybugs:2 precious.
  • bees:great hard workers, would gladly write a letter of recommendation if they asked.
  • butterflies:WOW!
  • moths:COWABUNGA!
  • fleas:wish you wouldn't bother dogs so much, but admire your cool jumping ability!
  • mosquitoes:annoying, but only because they have a family to feed.
  • bagworms:i once saw a bagworm dragging itself and its cocoon out of a puddle and it made me picture like...andy dwyer waking up in a sleeping bag the morning after a rainy music festival or smth and just dragging himself out of a puddle and going back to sleep. that's what he would do.
  • mud daubers:duuuuuuuude WHAT that's AWESOME.
  • cockroaches:skeevy? yes. indestructible? also yes. gotta admit that's metal.
  • flies:creepy but still cool in a gross way.
  • inchworms:literally look like they could glow in the dark how sick is that.
  • lightning bugs/fireflies:literally glow in the dark it does not get better than that.
  • ants:super strength? giant underground colonies? hell. yeah.
  • ticks:disgusting tiny little monsters who deserve all the scorn in the world. 0/10 would flush down a toilet many times over.
Back on track

So yesterday I tweeted out that, I don’t know why people are always hating on Mondays! I love Mondays! because they are my restart button. They’re my chance to start a new week fresh!! Which is exactly what I did!

Today has been day 2 of me staying on track. I’ve been eating pretty healthy and most importantly have been sticking to my workout routine. I found this one week challenge on Pintrest that seemed like a good start. Now its not some insane intense workout but its enough to keep up with and set a goal of doing it everyday and its better than doing nothing. I can defiantly feel it!

Yes, I know that only 2 days is not a big deal but for me it is, and if I really want to commit to loosing weight and more importantly, get healthy, then the way to do that it to celebrate, and commend myself each day that I stick with it and to keep in mind that in two days I’m not going to see immediate results but two days turns into 3, which turns into 5 which could turn into another week and then after a while I will start seeing results and it will be worth it!

I just have to keep motivating myself to keep on track that way I don’t have to keep moving backwards and then starting over which can be discouraging and delay results, another reason to want to give up. So I just have to keep going! Even if it’s just doing these small challenges every week and not necessarily dieting, but just eating healthy, its something and it will provide results!

Just have to stay positive!!

Tales of 30 Day Challenge Day 30

Day 30-Your Favourite Game Ending

Tales of Xillia

Tales of Graces

Call me old-fashioned,but I love happy endings.And these two games has the most warm and happy endings in my opinion.But I like Xillia’s one a bit better since the whole ending is big beautiful anime cutscene.

Okay,so for me 30 days Tales chalenge comes to its conclusion.All well,that ends well.

KNIGHT AU : Lance is one of the most courageous and one of the most loyal knights to the thing and does almost everything he’s asked even if he doesn’t completely agree. One day word gets out that a princess is locked away in a tower guarded by a dragon ( you know, typical stuff or like what happened to Fiona in Shrek. ) and so, he decides to take the challenge, because being paid by the king for his daughter’s return and possibly marrying her seems like a good idea too– So he goes and he’s given the best armour by the king which has a dragon imprinted on his torso and scale-like chain mail. So he goes and once there he sees how big this Dragon is like its humongous– And then he sees the princess but his attention is mostly put on the dragon because it is absolutely gorgeous. So instead of slaying it, he works for DAYS trying to tame it ( I’m making it a little easy for him it should take longer and be a lot harder. ) But eventually he does and manages to ride it, get the princess and deliver her back to the king. But– Instead of accepting the promise of riches, treasures and the hand of the princess, he denies it because with the dragon he is one of the most POWERFUL knights in all the land and he didn’t need it nor did he want to continue working for the king. So he leaves. And legends are told about a knight who rides a dragon throughout the world, slaying beasts and enemies and he’s commonly known as the ‘DRAGON RIDER’.

fourth week (of spring quarter) to do list
  • fix hole in the wall
  • order things for graduation
  • figure out what i’m doing after gradution
  • environmental lit homework
  • american lit essay
  • pick up extra work shift
  • post weekly outfit roundup
  • dany cosplay photoshoot
  • buy comic books
  • sketch in sketchbook -  0/3 days
  • update april word count spreadsheet
  • update queue
  • post extra special bday gift for a certain someone
  • sunday six
  • abc fic challenge - f
  • aos big bang
  • with not enough time - chapter nine

When aspiring journalist Lizzie Bennet was offered the opportunity to interview a TV star, little did she know what she had to deal with. Having the immense need to prove herself and eager to write her first story, she agrees into meeting Skylar Cooper and to spend a whole week with him, documenting his every move. And while that seems like an easy job at first, Skylar is not an ordinary case. He proves to be a big challenge, one that Lizzie has to face if she wants her dream to work as a journalist not to perish.

Is a week enough to really get to know someone? Lizzie just has to take the chance and find out if a book can be judged correctly by its cover!