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I made you this gift of your beautiful lady~ taylertots ❤️ had to draw her ! Hope you like it’ ; u; (Background isn’t mine)


Moar pics from the photoshoot!

My Doll cosplay from Kuroshitsuji

Made the whole costume myself, safe for the petticoat under my skirt(meetjepettiskirts) and the corset used in some of the pictures, the shoes are from New Look with flowers added on them.

I’m really proud of this cosplay, I worked really hard on it and had a lot of succes on MadeInAsia this year with it.

Photographer and creepy doll provider was Deborah Gayse.

Fate stay night Saber cosplay in some of the pics was Miavi, she also joined in the shoot and has some great pics on her tumblr, look her up!

ironically i can never study in the library i just end up staring at all the other people studying and get distracted



When I was your age, used to dream of having a dragon of my own. Even a stunted, twisted, ugly little boy can look down over the world when he’s seated on a dragon’s back.

(for my dear Veronika ♥)

Basically, I’ve only been getting more and more obsessed with this Little Mermaid AU I started and (long story short) I wrote a rough draft for a full length illustrated fanfiction… So that’s happening. I’ll be posting the pieces of this weird project here for anyone who might be interested.

  • Ferre:*breaks into science museum at night for fun*
  • Courf:u beautiful rule breaking moth


Never let it be said that I don’t follow through on my promises (x). Also, I decided to only use POC Bill because he deserves more love and I adore his designs!

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And as usual, if I missed anyone, let me know!! This video is dedicated to my bro for life, youareunbearable. Enjoy!

SONG NAME: Magic by Mystery Skulls

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so you're telling me you're currently unemployed, recovering from 6 months of tendonitis, have been diagnosed with a thing that might foretell of a future where you can't draw due to the pain AND you're dealing with constant rejection from publishers despite having a thing that everyone wants to buy??? how the fuck how the FUCK are you so positive all the time jfc

well, I’m not always positive! but it’s a good default and hey, today’s a good day and I’m still alive, so I guess I’d better get on with living, hey?


final fantasy xii hd screencap gallery

A fortress built on an oasis located between the old kingdoms of Dalmasca and Nabradia. Defended by high ridges and barren sands, long it stood firm against generations of aggressors. Nalbina Fortress and the merchant town that sprung up in its shadow made the area a focal point for local commerce. […] Works continue to this day to repair the damage which the fortress suffered during the war. Recently, markets where antiques and rarities can readily be had have sprung up in the outer wards of the fortress, taking advantage of the steady flow of traffic which passes through this midpoint between Rabanastre and Nabudis. It is this pivotal location that gives the fortress its unique character. Many are the travelers who visit Nalbina Fortress to witness this ever-booming oasis that refuses to silt over in neglect, or crumble before the blistering winds of war.
– Sage Knowledge 43


Guys, I’ve seen the decrease in the number of rebloggs not only myself has been getting, but TONS of other artists as well. 

Please take head and REBLOGG their work. Only liking is like walking up to a very important job meeting sticking up your thumb then walking out. 

Reblogging helps you get exposure and is something a artist yearns for. 

Please let artists get the right exposure they need. Without it, how are we going to get out there and our voices heard? Sometimes a little reblogg that takes the least amount of effort can make or break a career. 

I’m not saying that to get attention or whatever your Tumblr feelings will accuse me of. I’m just trying to say, from the point of my friends as well as my self that this has never been a problem before. I would never make a post like this, but it’s a problem now.

So please take that into consideration, you are hurting a artist by only liking all of their works. If you put in the effort to like it, then why not reblogg it? It will make them 100 times more happy I’m sure, and that is sometimes all they need. 

Please tell me it’s not just me who thinks he looks like an angry puppy here: