That one post is apparently going to be Minako being amazing.

We last saw Minako not only noticing how upset Usagi was, but getting That Look which said she sure as hell wasn’t going to give up trying to do something about it. And lo, SHE HAS.

I don’t know how Minako got the number. I’m not sure it’s in any of our best interests to know how Minako does things. What’s important is the results, and those results include, hopefully, getting Usagi feeling better.

Here’s what I love about this though. Usagi is confused about what she’s supposed to do with this information, and oh Usagi. you can practically hear her thoughts. “Well sure they’re rehearsing. Rehearsals are a big deal. Remember how much we rehearsed for that ‘Eye Candy’ song we sadly never got to perform in this continuity?” Minako is, once again, already waiting at the finish line while waiting for everyone else to round the first curve.

So Minako explains. But she doesn’t JUST explain. Everything about her changes. At first she’s her full-on determined MInako best. This is a spot where I’d love to Audiostravaganza it for you (I’ll give serious though to that completely separate Tumblr during the pause), because I’m so in love with the change in her voice. As Determined Minako, she’s enthusiastic and bright. There’s a sharp quality to Minako’s voice when she’s like that, But then the second part when she’s explaining it, and everything softens. It’s fantastic what she does with the delivery of the line, but you can see it in her expression as well. If Usagi had wanted to continue to pretend everything was okay, Minako would keep that pretense up for her. This was the perfect opportunity for Usagi to take action toward feeling better without ever having to admit she was feeling bad.

But Usagi’s just not complicated about this. (And ironically, the others aren’t aware of what she IS pretending is okay. Usagi is simultaneously awful at this and alarmingly good at this.) She doesn’t take the offer because she doesn’t realize there’s an offer to take. Minako adjusts then, and meets Usagi directly. “Hey, I know you’re upset about this, and I can help.”

And of course it works perfectly.

There’s so much care and tenderness in Minako’s voice when she says that. It’s not that Minako hides that part of her exactly, not from these girls. But it’s still so touching to see that when reaching out to Usagi directly, not under the cover of silent worry and finding distractions, that when Minako says “I found an answer”, she also can’t help saying “I love you”.

I like how every CM season finale is like OHH SHOOTINGS DESTRUCTION EXPLOSIVE TRAUMA DISTURBING CASES MURDER LIES BLOWING THE FUCK UP ANNIHILATION EVERYONE’S GONNA FUCKING DIE AHHH FUCKKKK and then you have season 6 where Reid is like ‘eyyy Seaver lets go get some chicken tandoori woo’

  • If you can’t commit to an aspect of the deen, don’t ridicule someone who can.
  • Don’t deprave the deen of its perfection by regarding aspects such as eyebrow plucking, growing the beard, and wearing makeup as insignificant. All aspects of the deen are significant, all the prohibitions whether minor or major are important. All the legislations whether minor or major are important; because it’s Who you are (or are not) doing it for.
  • We are all still learning and we ought to be more forgiving of each others’ ignorance. 
  • We are still learning. (I personally am not where I was 5 years ago, 3 years ago, a week ago. Learning is a process). 
  • I don’t know about you, but I didn’t come out of the womb knowing everything about Islaam. Until the day of my demise I can be certain I will still not know everything about Islaam. That’s not the aim, the aim is to learn and to utilize what you learn for good, for you, for Him. 
  • If someone says or does something wrong, we can advise them in a matter that suits them, that is sincere, that is thoughtful. 
  • Manners. Character. Demeanor. Etiquette. Decorum. These things matter, often more than what you’re trying to say.

More Than You Know - a fanmix for Klaus and Hayley

//LISTEN// tracklist

Pray to God - Calvin Harris (feat. HAIM)

All About US - t.A.T.u

Love Lockdown - Kanye West

Feral Love - Chelsea Wolfe

Howl (Live at the Wiltern) - Florence + the Machine

Tango in the Night - Fleetwood Mac

Power and Control - Marina and the Diamonds

Glory and Gore - Lorde

The Ruler and the Killer - Kid Cudi

Lover’s on the Sun - David Guetta (feat. Sam Martin)

billie-the-whaler asked:

What are your thoughts around Gaider leaving Dragon Age?

… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I’m not sure what to think just yet tbh, Gaider brought a lot of good, and admittedly a lot of bad, and I sure as hell won’t miss his attitude towards oppressed groups (IRL or in Thedas) but it doesn’t change the fact that he was still a good writer, and brought about a lot of characters people love (like Fenris or Dorian).

I’ll decide whether it’s a good or a bad thing after I see where Dragon Age goes next with Patrick Weekes as the lead.  

I found this on some japanese twitter (for some reason?) and it looks like the upcoming issue of the comic book?

I’m not sure if I like where this is going


To put this in perspective. Shaq is 7 feet 1 inch (2.16 m) OR 85 inches. Between Jan 24 and today March 4 we have had almost 95 inches of snow. 7 feet 11 inches basically the height of that little girl on that guy’s shoulders. IN FIVE WEEKS. Well over double our average annual snowfall of 44 inches, which we would normally get between Nov. - March.  

I’m sorry I keep posting about this, but it’s still hard to grasp and I’ve been here and seen it the whole time. But still. I look out the window and am amazed at how much damn snow there is. 

So you guys should add me on Snapchat for these next few very good reasons

1. I’m nosy and I like to look at people’s stories so you’ll have more views 

 2. I think my boobs are getting bigger so I’m taking more pictures of myself to document this wonderful time in my life 

 3. ….that’s about it 

 But forreal though( bang-a-rang-bri this applies to you as well lol)


too hot (hot damn)

i am at an otherwise very clean and visibly well-maintained motel in one of those little population 300 towns in northern Ontario and i pulled back the bedcovers which had noticeably just been washed but in the interim it appeared that a mouse had taken a little wander through the nice clean sheets

needless to say i am very glad my fierce little hunter is here to protect me

Take Me To Church ~ 8

Read the rest from the beginning here! To recap in case anyone has missed my previous posts about this story: A vampire!AU that I write while listening to Hozier <3 It’s raywood centered with a generous side amount of Mavin and it might be one of my favorite things I’ve ever written :P enjoy chapter 8!~~~~~~~~~~

               The two sat around and watched bad movies and talked about stupid things. They laughed at each other’s stories and Ryan let Ray ask him all the questions he wanted. Slowly but surely, Ray sobered up and was only slightly surprised to realize how cuddly they’d become. He was very literally on top of Ryan. The vampire’s cool hands drew patterns on his skin lazily and his nose was pressed into Ray’s hair. It was comfortable, even if it was slightly weird. Ryan was easy to get along with though, even when he wasn’t sucking Ray’s blood out of his body and it might be something about vampires but it felt like he’d known Ryan forever.

“Hey Ry?” Ray asked, yawning.

“Mmm?” Ryan sounded like he was half asleep.

“Does having your blood taken feel like that to other vampires?” Ray asked as the question came to him.

“Mhm,” Ryan tightened his arms on Ray, seemingly trying to go back to sleep.

“If you’re going to sleep here can we at least move to the bed?” The human felt the man under him chuckle and before he knew it, Ryan had swept him up in his arms. “End of the hall.”

“Got it,” Ryan sighed happily and set Ray down in the bedroom. The two stripped and curled up together on Ray’s bed. Just as they were falling asleep, Ray said something that shocked Ryan.

“You’re the best thing that’s happened to me.”

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