One time he was 7 years old and we were driving him to a very important game and I noticed he was so quiet. He was sick; he had a high fever. I said ‘We’re turning around, you’re not playing hockey.’

He started getting so mad he said, ‘No, I’m going to play.’ Most kids would be in their bed but he wanted to play, he was so dedicated. ‘I have to be there for my team, I have to go play.’

And he did and they won. So amazing, his dedication and his strong will to win, to give everything he has. He’s been like this since he was very young.

—  Daily Herald interview with Andrée Toews,  5/29/2010

theheiressofspace asked:

how do you art that fast, HOW, I CAN'T EVEN ART THAT FAST

when you draw for awhile, you start to develop your own art process. So after awhile, doing speed stuff doesn’t come with too much thought. I only reserve the speedy stuff for upd8s tho.

here is my process in a few steps

- sketch
- clean line
- lay down flat colors
- multiply and overlay
- normal layer on top to clean

Doing a lot of gesture drawing helps get the first two (and most important steps imo) down in a few minutes. The rest becomes busy work with filling color and doing simple lighting. It helps to know the shortcuts for whatever art program you are using to the point that switching bw them flows as naturally as your thought process.

If I wanted to put some serious time in it tho, I’d go full drive on the last step, which is polishing everything. So there ya go, hope that gives you an insight to speedy ol’ me. Getting excited about the thing youre working on helps a lot as well. :)


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