Why I'm Thankful for Torrenting:

Because I get to download Muse’s live album before it comes out. I’m going to buy it and everything so I can get the DVD so I’m not like, stealing from them or anything (attn: RIAA) but I just can’t wait to hear it.

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{+}// that’s a thing?? o-o

bluexeyedxsaiyan and I are starting a verse soon where her muse is training to be a Time Patroller under Trunks’ tutelage c: So we’re doing parallel quests together online with her playing her muse as an OC and of course myself as Trunks wearing his Time Patrol jacket. Add a little IC Skype interraction in there and waboom! A new way to enjoy the game indeed!

The Theory of Everything makes my heart ache. Like it’s being squeezed inside my chest. And i can’t stop crying because of the stupid wonderful brilliant soundtrack. I don’t even know what makes me so heartbroken. This movie/story is just full of emotions and probably touched parts in me that haven’t been touched. It is heart warming. Truly.


Emily Blunt’s No Diggity vs. Anne Hathaway’s Love | Lip Sync Battle

Anne Hathaway starts things out by hitting Emily Blunt with Love by Mary J. Blige. Emily retaliates by getting down to No Diggity by Blackstreet.