The man who comes in to Castiel’s shop is tall and handsome, wearing an expensive suit. He looks around for a for a few minutes, inspecting the roses, before he seems to settle on a bloom he likes.

Castiel feels his heart drop.

The man is probably shopping for a girlfriend or a lover. He’s looking to buy a dozen red roses, the most expensive ones in the shop, and then he’ll write a card - some deceleration of love, probably rather cliche, and that will be the last time Castiel will ever see him. 

It’s really rather silly of Castiel to have fallen in love with him at first sight. The man hasn’t even spoken to him, hasn’t told him his name and already Castiel is wishing that he was buying the flowers for him. 

"Can I help you?" he asks politely, stepping out from behind the counter.

"Do you deliver?" the man asks briskly. He hasn’t looked away from the flowers yet. "I’m looking to buy something for my parents wedding anniversary and I need it delivered to them." 

"Oh," Castiel says softly. "Yes, we deliver."

His heart pounds in his chest. Surreptitiously, he looks for a wedding ring on the man’s fingers but there isn’t one. The man reaches out and plucks one of the long stemmed red roses free from it’s display. 

Finally, he turns to look at Castiel.

"I’d like to buy a dozen of these," he says. "And also this one, but I want to keep this one separate. It’s a gift for someone else."

Castiel nods. He tries to keep his disappointment from showing. Of course this handsome man would have someone in his life. Of course he would. 

"I’m Dean Smith," the man says.

"Do you want to open an account with us?" Castiel asks automatically.

Dean smiles.

He offers the rose to Castiel.

"Actually, I was hoping for your name." 

UGGGH, But seriously; imagine Dean Smith coming out to his family
  • Dean:Listen, Ma, Dad... Jo, before I go off to Stanford, I just... how do I... uh...
  • Dean:OK deep breath...
  • Dean:When I come back for holidays... don't be surprised if I bring a dudeAND just so we're clear, it's entirely within the realm of possibilities that I'll bring home a chick.
  • Jo:So you like boys.
  • Dean:AND GIRLS!
  • Ellen:Dean, Dean, There's no reason to get upset. We understand. And we're fine with it.
  • Dean:And you guys still love me?
  • Bobby:'Course we do, boy! What kinda sick question is that?!
  • Bobby:But I'll tell you this, just like I told you to treat every woman with the respect she deserves, if a man ever treats you like you're less than a goddamn treasure I will-
  • Dean:-Bust down his door with a shotgun?
  • Bobby:Damn straight!
  • Jo:Or bi.
  • Ellen:Joanna Beth.
  • Dean:Nah, that was funny... So what do you think li'l sis?
  • Jo:I think it's beyond lame when you call me li'l sis.
  • Jo:But if we're talkin' about you liking dudes... You try to steal my boyfriend, I'll cut you, understand?
  • Dean:You kinda need a boyfriend for that dontcha half pint?
  • Jo:Ten dollars says I beat you to it.
  • Dean:You're on.

Title: Love in an Elevator

Author: bellacatbee

Artist: 2blueshoes

Fandom: Supernatural

Word Count: 14,119 words

Rating: NC-17

Characters/Pairings: Dean/Castiel, Implied Sam/Gabriel, Unrequited Meg/Castiel

Warnings: A/B/O, Knotting, Mpreg,  It’s a Terrible Life verse. 

Summary: Dean Smith is working late when the elevator breaks down, trapping him and an Omega from account between floors. The Omega, Castiel, is in heat and although Dean tries to resist him and the sweetness of his scent, they end up mating. Dean doesn’t expect to ever see the Omega again but then he hears that Castiel is being fired and that he’s pregnant.

Link to fic master post: Here!

Link to art master post: Here!

Dean Smith/Secretary!Cas.

cw: mpreg, mentions of abortion. 


When the pregnancy test turns out positive, Castiel already has a plan in place.

He makes a phone call to a clinic and then books the time off work. He doesn’t tell Dean where he’s going or why he needs the time away. He arranges temporary cover for the few days he’ll be gone.

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Dean loves the chance to show Castiel off.

There’s this little club he knows, he’s been going there a long time, before he met Castiel. Its a discreet club catering to gentlemen with discreet tastes. Dean is that kind of man.

Dean Smith, Head of Sale and Marketing, could never been seen at any regular BDSM club. Although it isn’t the company’s business what Dean does on his own time, that doesn’t provide him with any legal protection. Sandover Bridge & Iron Inc cares a lot about the way they are perceived.

So Dean found this little club and when he wants to parade Castiel around, that’s where he takes his sub. 

He picks out Castiel’s clothes, always something to bring out his eyes and show off some of that creamy skin. He makes sure Castiel wears his collar. Dean wants everyone to know that Castiel is owned. 

There are big leather chairs at the club, comfortable and aged. Dean settles down into ones of those as soon as they arrive. He gives his drinks order to one of the boys working there before pulling Castiel into his lap.

There are private rooms, place he can take Castiel later if Castiel needs it badly enough or if he doesn’t behave, but Dean likes to enjoy the build up first.

His whiskey arrives and Dean dips his fingers into the glass, getting Castiel to lick the amber liquid from his finger tips. Castiel is a good boy. He sucks hungrily and Dean knows he wants more but Castiel only squirms a little in his lap. 

Occasionally, when Castiel’s been very bad, Dean’s thrown him down across his knee and spanked him out here, in the main room. Castiel doesn’t really enjoy an audience though. He likes to save himself for Dean and Dean’s eyes only so he’s behaving himself now. 

Dean is aware that other men are watching them now. They’re watching Castiel’s pretty lips, watching his cheeks hollow as he sucks. Dean could tell them just how well Castiel sucks cock but he isn’t one to kiss and tell. He gets off on knowing other men want his angel but that they’ll never get the chance. 

Finally, one of the men finishes his drink, his belly full of liquid courage and makes his way across to them.

"That’s a pretty boy you’ve got there," he says, speaking directly to Dean. "I know you’ve got a collar on him, but do you share?" 

Castiel stills in Dean’s lap. He’s very good at pretending to be demure when he wants to be but Dean can feel the tension in his body. Castiel likes it when Dean takes care of him, he doesn’t like it when other men act as if he’s a pretty little object they can make a deal about. Their relationship is an agreement between Dean and Castiel, not something other people often understand.

Castiel finds freedom in submission but only to Dean, only because he trusts Dean.

Dean places a hand on the small of his back, rubbing in circles there. It’s a gentle touch, a comforting one. He wants Castiel to know this is a line he’ll never cross. 

"No," Dean says firmly. "Castiel is all mine."

The man opens his mouth as if he plans to respond but Dean has hooked two fingers into Castiel’s collar and dragged him close enough to kiss him hungrily. The man fumbles and stares but whatever words he was going to say die in his throat.

Castiel moans into the kiss and Dean knows it will be soon be time to take him to one of those private rooms. 

Castiel always enjoys these displays of dominance too. 

Manicurist!Castiel who works in an upscale men’s spa. Dean Smith always comes in on the weekend for a massage and to spend time in the steam room, but he also books an hour with Castiel. 

Castiel buffs and clips his nails, massages Dean’s hand and makes small talk with him about the state of the world. Dean Smith tips extravagantly and Castiel thinks he’d always like to ask for more, but that’s not the sort of establishment they are. 

When Castiel is off sick one week, Dean cancels his appointment because, as he tells the receptionist over the phone, he only wants Castiel to touch him. 

Castiel can’t help feeling pleased when he hears that and the next time Dean comes in, Castiel works up the courage to flirt with him. Dean ends up staying until closing time, doing laps in the pool, until Castiel finishes for day. 

He takes Castiel out for dinner and it’s the start of something beautiful. 

"Suddenly appearing at the computer desk would be just like waking unexpectedly from sleep, if Castiel had any idea what it was like to wake up. " ("It’s A Terrible Life"-verse, Dean Smith/Castiel - Castiel wakes in one of Zachariah’s illusions as Dean’s secretary)

Author: Anythingtoasted (pastrymisha)

This basically inserts Castiel into the episode and gives him some more character development and time to sympathize with humanity.