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Honestly the majority of anti-Moffat people I know are men?? Which really confuses me.

Anti-Moffat in the Moffat hate tag sense, or in the Gallifrey Base sense?

The two v anti Moffat ppl I’ve met have been queer (well one definitely was, and I’m pretty sure the other was), as has the one mildly anti-Moffat person…

But then so many of the pro-Moffat ppl I know both irl and on tumblr are queer so…


   ” I met Rob for the first time at the audition. On that day, four guys auditioned (for Edward). I felt the chemistry the moment Rob came in. The chemistry can be built between two professional actors, so it not really necessary from the start. But we already had it there. I had no authority to decide the role, but I had no doubt that ‘he was the one.’ I even wrote his name on the script. ”  (x


"The Sindarin Princes of the Silvan Elves"

*imagines a world without harry potter*
*shudders violently*


Nathan Drake’s Supercut NO! | Oh, crap!