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Grester Fan Video // Grace Helbig & Chester See - Classic 

you know what i really like about hussie’s writing is that he uses characters to say/do something that a large majority of the fandom does.

in most cases, its what they say about another characters

when jade was telling cali the story of how shit went down for her on the ship and jade telling her that they should take a brake. cali telling her she had no interest in her ‘break’ and telling her to continue with the story. john, when he appeared in the intermission part during his stint with his powers, saying nothing important was going on. (these are just ones that come to mind tbh)

now with the latest update with vriska calling slick and co the bottom of the barrel in things to deal with.

i feel like a lot of the updates seem to take some sort of jab at the intermission, dismissing them and calling them unimportant. but this could be good! i feel like this is foreshadowing the importance of the events that went down and that skipping the intermission was a BIG MISTAKE

Today I had the weird experience of having someone who hasn’t read the manga ending start reading Ugly Little Uchiha. Poor person wrote me a monster review basically asking what the fuck happened that nothing was fixed. 

I told them to please go read the manga, and gave them a brief explanation of what’s been shown in Naruto Gaiden. 

Which treats SS and NH way worse than I do in that fic, btw. Shit, in my fic Sasuke at least has been somewhat present in Salad and Sakura’s life, he comes back home once a year and boinks Sakura in those occasions. The house they live in was bought by Sasuke, too.

Kishimoto didn’t give Sakura even that in canon, and SSheeples are happy anyway because he boinked her ONCE and took off to avoid paying child support, and Sakura is shouldering all the expenses alone. 

fcccccckit!! HOW DO I CALM?!?! HOW COULD I POSSIBLE CALM?! damnthishit GAIDEN CH5 IS THE BOMB!! 

lotso spoilers from here on so….

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i can relte to the 6th sense thing also like.. when i was hospitalized i guess i had a spiritual experience caused by the trauma of being put into that situation for several days like when i was trying to sleep in the ER i could sense an invisible doctor walk in and stand by me, only to have it reallyhappen a minute later and when i was in the observation room of the mental hospital & had to spend the day staring at a wall and doing nothing i sensed the energy of ghosts near me..

how many of us have some version of sensing/seeing/channeling energy like how common is this. how common is the sixth sense

see like this is the kind of shit that makes me think im onto something here honestly like science go ahead try to explain this

spirituality is very difficult with delusional thinking bc like i cant trust myself to differentiate my true beliefs and then its like well if this is spiritual then why is this other thing not also spiritual. this also applies to political views and conspiracy theories. so consequently everything is game for being potentially spiritual

were the energies negative? im curious because id suspect a mental hospital would have some very chaotic/deeply troubled ghosts. 

also to get really trippy with the whole prediction/clairvoyancy to trivial and seemingly meaningless events, i feel like maybe the no concept of time really plays into this. like if you’re living in a kind of non-linear timeline in your mind i feel like its possible to have these occasional glitches where you percieve a thing that hasnt happened yet, or the deja vu thing obviously, like i think a lot of memory confusion is due to like you’re perception of time conflicting with how time actually works. which means not necessarily complications with recalling past events, but like, complications in percieving present or future events. 

like with the doctor thing, my suggestion is because of how you process time, and how thoughts form conceptually, you may subconciously be able to figure out whats gonna happen next with no clues that would be discernable to other people, because they’re not based on tangible evidence necessarily. therefore your brain creates a stimilus, like the phantom doctor, because youre mind knew that would happen, and prepped for percieving that stimulus, but did it prematurely, which resulted in the phantom doctor. like phantom limb syndrome, your brain is expecting something to be there, but its not, so you end up experiencing perception with a lack of stimulus. so your brain expected the doctor, but bc ur fucked up with time it just knew it was coming but didnt know when, so you go that weird shit happening.

like my point with all this is slaughterhouse five like does anyone get what im trying to communicate here

and then theres the argument where if you have the ability to form perceptions based on no tangible stimulus isnt that basically what a sixth sense is

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I find it incredibly offensive that you're promoting typical male and female bodies as the norm for queer people. Some people feel dysphoria and passing makes them feel comfortable. I as a trans didn't like being mistaken for a man so I had all the surgeries.

hahaha okay there’s just so much wrong with this i don’t know where to start

first of all the idea of ‘typical male and female’ bodies is absolute shit. physical characteristics have nothing to do with a person’s gender. i myself feel gender dysphoria and from my own personal experience, all i can say as a genderfluid person is that it comes and goes. however, when it is at its worst, i don’t stop and turn on my body with hatred. it is my body. the idea that trans people are ‘born in the wrong body’ is a toxic one. their body is theirs. society just decided to add shitty connotations and binarism to our bodies.

pushing for trans and other nonbinary people to pass is in itself a form of gender conforming. if you identify as a man, be masculine, if you identify as a woman be feminine. by expecting queer people to ‘pass’ you’re just replaying the same shit!!!!!!! passing should be up to the person. i simply just wanted to encourage those who don’t feel the need to alter their natural body to conform to the tropes of the gender they identify with.

also, please refrain from falsifying your gender identity to make your argument seem more valid. ‘a trans’ and ‘i had all the surgeries’. really??????

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I don't know the real reason as to why the I Won't Mind started but i do know that i was apart of it to support Zayn. Like its bad if we support him and want to hear his music and shit but it ain't bad for ot4 stans to support the boys and edit Zayn out of the song. I seriously don't get it. I love Zayn and I love ot4, i don't see why its so hard to do that. Zayn did nothing to them, he did what he had to do in the first place and the boys are out there making music so everyone need to chill...

it’s obvious why people started to try to trend i wont mind the intentions behind it are completely transparent and annoying

my monoprice tablet is fucking up…? i cant draw a goddamn line! its jittery af and i cant tell if its because of lag, or what. ive been trying the past 30 minutes to find out if its my computer, photoshop, the tablet, or the pen, and i think its the tablet, because i can do shit just fine with my trackpad mouse. shit ends up looking like this

the worst part is, its wonky like this anywhere from 40% to 70% of the time. sometimes its better than other times. sometimes i can get a few lines in and sometimes it just acts the fuck up

ive been googling different solutions to no avail, ive tried a bunch of stuff but nothings working. so if anyone has had something similar to this and fixed it, PLEASE let me know, its so frustrating

Racist Election, Racist Results

May 20th, 2015 – LANCASTER, NY

In the largest voter turnout in the history of the incorporation of Lancaster, NY, even counting National Elections, Lancaster residents now have two new school board members: Kelli Dupeczynski and Brenduh Chrissytopher. For those not familiar with the scandal in Lancaster a few months back, a few Native American families complained about the school district’s archaic and blatantly racist mascot—the Redskins—that the school now has suspended, prompting an outrage among Lancaster residents.

When the Lancaster School Board announced its decision to discontinue the mascot, raging alumni who have nothing better to do than sit at home remembering how their bodies have turned into a sack of shit, took to the streets. Alumni from the Class of ‘56 all the way through the 2000s hit the streets with their spawn to protest.

One Lancaster resident who asked to remain nameless, had this to say: “Listen, I’m not about to come home from working 8 hours a day to see my child be berated with tolerance and acceptance from different cultures. This is America. I can push my ideals from 1978 on my kids if I want to. Hell, I am going to no matter what pansy-ass board members have to say.”

Kelli and Brenduh quickly took to the streets to campaign for seats to replace the previous board. They used social media outlets such as Instagram and Pinterest, posting and pinning harder than any scrapbooker this side of Genessee Street.

Last month, Kelli got national attention for her efforts on the news program for scared white folk, FOX AND RACIST WHITE FRIENDS. It was there that she really had a chance to tell the nation why Lancaster residents are proud of their tradition, which dates back to the late 1950s.

When asked why Kelli thought now was the time to run, aside from #lancastergate, she released this statement:

“It doesn’t bring me great joy to have to take time out of my busy schedule of watching Survivor: Lockport or not being able to stop at ‘Timmy Ho’s’ in the morning before dropping off Angelika and Jackson at school to hold a seat on my former school district’s Board of Education. But these are tough tolerant, sensitive times. Only in America can one get up in the morning, get their kids ready for school and still share the same mentality of misogynistic, racist, bully-like ideals I once had back in the early 1990s. Lancaster ~ It gets ME.

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Honestly now when I hear a memelber of exo is leaving I want to send blankets and a cake celebrating because they're finally free from their slave driver of a company

I’ll be honest. I celebrate JUST a little too. I mean it sucks, you know, the group losing its members (which we must repeat has NOTHING to do with the rest of EXO–they just have a shitty ass shit label). But at the same time, the reason I celebrate and at this point, outright laugh is, because they keep leaving for the same damn reasons. Every case that SM has where they’ve lost a employee, it’s basically summed up to:

“Oh, we were treated like shit. We had to go SO WE DIDN’T DIE.”

If someone has to leave a comapny because of lackluster HUMAN treatment, then, yes, we should celebrate them getting the hell out of there.

Our feelings as fans with wanting them to stay together forever is important (because I would be in absolute pieces if anyone in SHINee left. I WOULD BE IN SHAMBLES–I wasn’t even in the game long and I took DBSK’s breakup personally…when Han Geng left? Shambles. so I KNOW it’s not a good feeling) however, those feelings aren’t as important as you know…their LIVES.

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What do you have against the Serkets? I know they are very problematic, but Meenvris is not an unhealthy ship. (Hell, any one can be problematic. Dirk is a rude possessive jealous person, and I don't see you busting his balls. Or the fact that John and Dave actively used the R-word many times. They're all problematic in their own ways.)

I have nothing against the Serkets, what I am concerned about is Meenah’s arc being overshadowed by them. Its already a given that the two Vriskas and possibly Aranea are going to be involved in some pretty big endgame shit, but so far Meenah has had very little to do with plot other than to introduce us to the Beforus trolls and interact with Vriska and Aranea. Given how Meenah has some of my favourite characterisation in the comic, I feel it would be quite disappointing for her character to get to amount to doing stuff only involved with Serkets and not getting to do some stuff on her own.

Again, I have nothing against problematic characters whatsoever, they’re purely a work of fiction. I was never hating against the Serkets, merely complaining that they were overshadowing Meenah, and I am sorry that I must have miscommunicated this.

What I can’t agree with though is MeenVris. cut because im not sure people want to have a fucking long discourse about shipping thrown in their faces

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Omg omg omg! PLEASE HELP ME!! I resent lay bought my first ever tarantula! she or he is a rose hair, I bought her from a pet store. Today she was on the glass and she was FANGLESS!! I called the pet store for them to tell me that the de fang all the tarantulas so they will be 'more appealing' for people! please help me I know nothing about this! will my new 8 legged friend be okay? :( do they grow back?

Holy shit this is by far the worst message I’ve ever gotten :( I’m SO sorry that this is happening to you and your new T. 

So…there is good news and bad news. 

The good news is that your tarantula will probably regrow its fangs when it molts. Hopefully your spider is young, and it will molt again soon. Some people have even had success feeding their tarantulas in the event that something is wrong with their fangs…by mushing up their prey. This is tricky, though…because tarantulas are supposed to attack live prey. I suggest going to (a great spider forum) and posting a question there or searching their threads. They’ve probably covered this issue tons over there.

The bad news is that this is completely wrong and that pet store should not be allowed to do that. It greatly puts the spiders’ lives in danger and is just cruel. Fortunately, most pet stores don’t do this…I just can’t believe that yours admitted to it. That’s truly saddening.

Does anyone else have more advice about what this person can do for their tarantula?!


So I decided to replay this game about 3x (One to blame Nathan, the other to blame Madsen, the other for Jefferson; all saved in different save slots), and I played it enough to notice that the ending of ep 2 had a cup of what looks to me like the color of an alcoholic drink. Now, the desk looks NOTHING like Principal Wells, but it could be a theory that its him…

I mean, what if he has this personal vendetta against the Presscots and that dumb Vortex crap? And what if ALL four of the people you were with had something to do?

OBVIOUSLY shown on the table was:
Puctures of Marsh = Madsen
Desk and Binder; tech to process the picture = Jefferson
Pills (ep 3 in boys locker) = Nathan

Now its just a guess but, what if ALL of them are trying to cover shit up? What if the “polite” threats were not from the father, but from Principal Wells who happen to be formal, in a way? What if the “I know where u sleep” was from Jefferson, who knew she had a dorm??

What if Madsen wanted to protect his daughter by making her get expelled?

Honestly, this game confuses me… Imma take a break now

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howdy ho

1. First impression: This guy (at the time) has his own IRC channel, neat!
2. Truth is: Shitposter extraordinaire who I get along with swimmingly. 
3. How old do you look: You look like a young’un to me.
4. Have you ever made me laugh: Thousands of times, probably!
5. Have you ever made me mad: Nothing specific comes to mind, but some of our discussion probably left me frustrated at some point.
6. Best feature: Our at length discuss about the world and its politics and how quickly we could drop all that to go ruin an internet forum for shits and giggles. Also, you care about your friends and how they’re doing a lot!
7. Have I ever had a crush on you: A looooooooong time ago, maybe? In the wayback when when I just started becoming an IRC regular.
8. You’re my: friend from my internet days before I realized how terrible of a website SH was who helped me through some rough times. I think I’ve known you for almost 7 years now, wow.
9. Name in my phone: You’re not in my phone, but I’d probably have your real name in my phone if I did.
10. Should you post this too? Sure!


Goodbye cruel world.

In case you guiz were wondering where I’ve been for the past day and a half.

Haven’t had so much text-based fun in a long while. Well. I usually don’t have text-based fun that shit’s boring as hell but this was cute.

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Are you aware the down with cis thing is a joke and you are using a poor non cis person to prove "you're a good cis"? Who says your presence doesn't pressure @scarclaw12 into posting that stuff?

I just agree with their opinion. Its not a joke its seriously hurting people, it is a negative impact. Talk to Scar themselves, I had nothing to do with what they are posting.

Get your facts.



Lmao you know what.

I am totally manipulating my best friend to post stuff, I am totally making my best friend post shit thar could get them sent hate. I am totally attempting to actually invalidating my friend.


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Omg so in regards to the text post of coming out by accident I did this with my friends a couple years ago. We were talking about hair straighteners and I had just bought a new one that was super awesome. And without realizing it I said "yeah this one's great, my hair is super straight too bad that's the only thing that's straight about me"....well my friends were kind of shocked but I couldn't not do it, it was just such a perfect opportunity.


my close friends already know

but like my mom doesnt understand and thinks its just youre either gay or straight which is so annoying when you’re trying to explain that there are like a shit tone of sexualities and i was getting so flustered and she was like ‘why aren’t you heterosexual?’ ‘nothing about me is heterosexual.’

and she had a moment of “WAIT WHAT DOES THAT MEAN WHAT ARE YOU SAYING?”