yo PSA

I’m totally flattered if you draw inspiration from my stuff or if your style looks similar to mine, that’s hella

But if you take my artwork and just redraw it using THE SAME PALETTE and THE SAME POSE and completely redraw and/or rip off MY animations and call them “your own,” I’m going to feel pretty freaking offended

That is not okay. Just because it isn’t directly traced doesn’t make it okay either. You can draw inspiration from another artist WITHOUT ripping off their stuff. It is a thing you can consciously choose to do, I promise.

Most importantly, you’re not going to grow as an artist by having a gallery full of copied work.




Has anyone ever used the “You know nothing” catchphrase on you? There was one situation a year ago. I was having lunch with a friend and the lovely waitress came over wanting to know what I was gonna have.  And just in my own little world, I was like, “Oh, God! I don’t know!” The waitress was like, “You know nothing.” - Rose Leslie


Jensen about Castiel, for anon

Bonus: How do you make certain decisions for Dean, like the scene where Cas dies and you took the trenchcoat out of the lake and folded it, I thought that wasn’t scripted?

Jensen: It was not. A lot of those are just character instinctual things I’ve been playing Dean so long I feel like I have a pretty good handle on how he would react to a situation – his relationship with Cas was very deep, there was a deep friendship there, and I discussed it with Guy Bee, and said if he ever comes back, he’s gonna need the trench coat. And there was just something like, almost a closure, I was just folding it up, like a flag. So I pulled the coat out, and Guy was like “Do that again.” I wanted to take care of it, it belonged to somebody who meant a lot to Dean.





ok i’m sorry but

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"I’m always saying he’s crazy, cause the song is already a hyper song, you know - and he comes in and he’s like, in this section (Mass Media), i want the drums to go CRAZY!

and then we do it and he’s like, ‘YEAH!!!’ “

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Ed Sheeran singing “Little Things” at a concert in Paris (11/18/12) to celebrate the song getting to number 1 on the official UK charts.