So, this happened. So basically, I’m dyslexic and I have this thing called a reader. My reader comes with me to lessons and stuff and helps me in exams and shes so lovely. Her husband is working with Benedict on Richard III and had asked him to get me a little something from him.

This is what I got. I am so happy, it ridiculous. I have cried so much.

It is a large picture of him with a little message for me on there and its signed by him.

The message says: “Hannah, Be gold, beautiful and strong. Be yourself! Lots of love, Benedict Cumberbatch.”

I cannot describe how happy I am!!


"(Y/N)? (Y/N)!….You gotta wake up. Please. You’re not gonna leave me."


The Legend of Korra returns for it’s final chapter.

I feel like everyone needs a hug… for some reasons that I don’t know, everyone is having such a difficult time right now, and it makes me sad…. 

I know that I probably don’t mean much to any of you guys but I hope everything works out well… 


Mark is love, Mark is life

I was only 16 years old

I loved Markiplier so much

I had even bought the pajama pants

I watch Mark’s video’s every night before bed, thanking him for the content I’ve been given

Mark is love I say… Mark is life

My sister hears me and calls me a “looooseer”

I knew she was just jealous of my devotion for Mark

I called her a “registered sex offender”

She punches me in the gut and tells me to get a life

I’m crying now and my belly hurts

I sit at my desk and it’s slightly warm

An unbearable hotness is moving towards me

I feel something touch me

It’s Mark! 

I’m so happy

He whispers in my ear “Press B to Blow”

He grabs me with his muscular hands and puts me on my feet

"I’m ready"

I spread my arms for Mark

He hugs me very tightly

It hurts so much, but I’d do it for Mark

I can feel my eyes popping out as my ribs start to break

I hug back

I want to please Mark

He screams like a girl as his arms gave out

My sister walks in

Mark looks her straight in the eye and says… “Cola and meal please, no bread”

Mark poofs through my window

Mark is love, Mark is life

October 1st 2014. Happy birthday Michael Cast! 

Getting insightful about Maksyl...

First of all, go read Falling by chaksforever. If you haven’t read this yet, I don’t know what you’re doing with your life. It’s PERFECT!!!

And because I apparently chose tonight to get all deep and philosophical about Maksyl and Maks’ relationships in general….

I drew comparisons between this idea of a Maksyl Argentine tango rehearsal and Erin and Maks’ Argentine tango rehearsals. (If you’ve never seen Erin and Maks’ Argentine tango, again, I don’t know what you’re waiting for. That dance is the reason Argentine tango is now my favorite dance style.) In Kendall’s fic, you have Meryl afraid to fall backwards off the table and into Maks’ waiting arms. Because duh. That’s terrifying. But he talks her down off the ledge, literally and figuratively, and reminds her she can trust him. When Erin was freaking out about a lift in their dance when she had to leap off the stage and onto his shoulder, Maks said, “There’s absolutely nothing I can do to help Erin control her nerves. I just need her to get over the fear of being lifted.” He said “There’s nothing I can do” and “I just need her to…”. Now think about what he said to Meryl: “I don’t need you to be better. I just need you to be you and I’ll do better.” Now, I loved Erin and Maks more than life itself and in the deep, dark depths of my imagination, I’m still paddling along aboard that life raft. But as we say aboard this ship… BAM.

  • My mom:you're on the computer all day everyday when you could be outside seeing new things with friends and I certainly didn't raise you to be so lazy
  • Me:I'm going out with friends Sunday

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there y’all go enjoy goshdangit I’ve been posting so much of my face lately ahahaha

taken on that fateful day, you can guess which one and what ticket that is

Today, it’s a year since we saw Ziva on our screens for the very last time. A year since we all got the kiss that we had been hoping for for so long, full of bittersweetness and sadness. A year since the episode that left a whole lot of us questioning whether we were to stay with the show that had meant more to us than any other show. A year since a lot of us were thrust into the harsh light of reality without our ship to be there, since we fluttered away to new shows, new fandoms, that make us feel things, yes, but never in the same way that they did. 

It’s been a year since we said goodbye to Ziva. In some ways, I barely recognise myself. We have watched each other totally evolve and grow and travel and expand totally independent of the show that once chained us all together. Sure, it will never be the same, but the year that has been has shown that this meant a whole lot to all of us, and it really sucks that it got totally ruined, but we all kept going. We grew. And we’ll keep growing. 

Because if the Ziva David we know and love taught us nothing else, she taught us that there is always a way to keep going.