it's getting tiresome

Can we stop this?

I really don’t like it when people are mean to each other. Especially when we’re not entirely sure why. Also people are gonna react to it and it just causes more drama and this is basically a drama-free fandom and it’s sooo greattt. I love you guys. All of you. So I’m sorry if I offended anyone or was disrespectful or mean. I can assure you, it wasn’t my intention, and i’m sure the same goes for everyone else who is kinda getting shit. I’m friends with all of them and they’re the nicest, friendliest people ever so please don’t insult them when they don’t deserve it. Please just quit the….whatever the hell this is going on right now.


i call bullshit on this ‘little mix are rude to fans’ shit because there’s hundreds of nice accounts where they’ve been lovely to fans (like when perrie sang with one js or when jesy said she liked this girls outfit and asked where it was from) and one bad encounter means they’re rude and acting too good for everyone?? lol okay next

small blog psa: i’m going to be trying out not centering my paragraphs. just for the sake of space. as many of you know, i never centered or formatted my text in an attempt to make it look longer. if anything, it was more personal aesthetic reasons, as i liked the way it looked. but i’ve noticed that with my longer drafts, not only is it taking up a lot of dashboard space, but it’s also taking quite a bit of extra time to format them, which is taking away my motivation/drive to do other drafts. so for a trial run, i’ll be indenting the first line of my paragraphs, keeping them small font, and probably centering my dialogue, but that’s it. like i said, i’m not sure if this will be permanent, as i really like the way centered text looks, but i’ll be trying it out this way for a bit, and i’ll make my decision on whether or not to go back or stick to something a bit simpler later.

notransyl asked:

Heya ;)! sorry for writing, is there a possibility you can help me with a fast favor?. I'am creating my own blog game on my Tumblr. Can you try Want to hear if it is working.. please? Will be the first one. You will love it! Thank you! Ady:*

okay i swear to god. stop sending me these. or i will personally track you down and rip your throat out. ok

my bae rps a rly rly good l.eon and i just wanna…kinda…scoot over and…ask for a cute rp but we already did one and i dont want to be repetitive and dumb bc its gotta get tiresome and boring,,, why do my engines kick to life for something so basic