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And I’m not even gonna front
At first I was just tryna fuck
But you have got me so in love
So deep in love, so please be love

And I’m not even gonna lie
I wouldn’t mind if we just lie
Together till the end of time
If that is fine with you, it’s fine with me

In Which a Vacation is Recounted (Sort of)

This sort of goes with this post. Scroll along if you wish to skip my rambling; we will return to our regularly scheduled silly sketches soon, I promise. ;) 

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I bought this picture from a thrift store a couple months ago

it’s of a boy named Harry, and it dates back 1800s

I really like weird things like this, but it scares the shit out of my brother, he thinks sweet little Harry is going to come and haunt him or something. So any time my brother bothers me, I start “talking” to Harry to freak out my brother.


so i walked up to the table and said hi and my name and then handed him the shirt and he and alla giggled at it and then i asked about the tmnt movie and how excited he was -

me: “i just wanna know how excited you are for the new tmnt movie”
chris: “oh man i’m pretty damn excited! i heard whoopi was gonna be in it so that’s enough incentive for me!”

- and then i agreed and asked for a high five and yep


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Aw yeah, new Crush 40 music!