it's all i can pay attention to


It hurts, yeah.


A HTTYD AU I’ve been planning for awhile… just now starting to sketch it out. It’s a literal Alternate Universe… takes places someplace parallel to Earth. Takes place in an era reminiscent of 1910 - 1930.

Hiccup is royalty, but he’d much rather be off flying his secret dragon, which he can’t let anyone know about because dragon’s are despicable creatures that should be hunted and hung up on walls for decorations.

Astrid is a young woman who works for a secret organization which has a dubious intent. She’s kind of a special agent of sorts.

They end up crossing paths and partnering up, but I haven’t really come up with a plot yet so I don’t know what they do. They’re hiding from the law and Hiccup’s father, while doing missions or something of that sort for this organization.

but enough with all that boring stuff. I’ve officially given up trying to make HTTYD characters look like freaking Httyd characters. These look nothing like the characters they’re supposed to.


I need to learn how to draw these characters. So you may not see a lot of this au (even though I’m constantly thinking of it) until I manage to figure out how to make my art not suck so bad.


Visit Kolk, a vast & overgrown forest town where we even grow our own potatoes. Be careful not to get lost and don’t forget to stop by in the newly established milk bar and eavesdrop on fairy tales told in the dinosaur kindergarten.

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yanno i CAN be happy about representation while still calling out how much it sucks that this season catered to certain fans who had spent years putting the light skinned girl on a pedestal while also begging for the dark skinned girl to become weak. fans who just generally didn’t care for korra or wished for korra to have less of presence.