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I know a ton of you guys that follow me are 5sos blogs so I just wanna apologise for the excess amounts of One Direction I’m posting. I get that it can get a bit repetitive/annoying/depressing, but just please understand that a lot of us are taking this really hard. thanks guys.

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Hello :) can you do a fan fiction where the guy is really into blood play and bondage and the girl has a serious kink for being tied up :) and can it be REALLY smutty and if you do visuals them too please :) your a very talented writer

You woke up but your vision was still black even though you knew your eyes were open, naturally you began to panic. You attempted to move your hands to your eyes to try and remove the black screen that was preventing your eyes from doing their job only to find that you couldn’t, you physically couldn’t. It was only then that you heard the voice of your dearly beloved: Ashton. You didn’t so much hear his voice but you heard his signature dark chuckle that you loved all too much. “You know why I’m doing this, don’t you Princess?” His tone said soothing but his words said something completely different; punishment. It was then that it all clicked into place in your mind, you had taken control two nights ago with Ashton, without his permission. Yes it was amazing, but, Daddy didn’t want his baby girl to be dominant and she was, so she needed to be punished.
When you realized what was about to occur you smirked, he had waited so long you knew he had been planning this out. A slap finds it way to your thigh. “Wipe that smirk off of your face and answer me.” He said sternly. “Yes Daddy, I know.” You answered immediately. You could hear the smirk in his voice as he said “Good.” You felt the bed beneath you gain weight suddenly, knowing he was now sitting beside you. He slid his hand up and down your bare thigh, rubbing light circles into the soft skin. He continued with this, his hand sliding farther and farther up your leg. You sucked in a breath as you felt his hand touch the place where you needed him most, spreading your wetness around. He knew how much you loved being tied up and that’s how you were so ready for him already. You whimpered and pulled on your restraints. “Daddy…” It had been too long already. He lifted his hand off of you suddenly. “Did I say you could speak?” He asked gruffly, feeling the weight off the bed being lifted, he got up and walked to the bottom of the bed.
He let his fingers circle your clit before he began to finger fuck you. He didn’t start off slow, he went fast straight away, not wasting anytime before he added another long finger. His fingertips just brushing your G spot, testing your ability to keep quiet. He began to curl his fingers inside of you, never letting up his fast pace until you came. “Daddy!” You yelled as your orgasm hit you.
As you were coming down from your high you felt the restraints around your wrists and legs being taken off before the darkness is lifted from your eyes. You see Ashton looking down at you, a sly smirk adorned his face. He picked you up as if you weighed nothing and made you straddle his thigh. You sighed in content as you looked down. You loved his thighs, they were so thick and firm. “Get yourself off, Princess.” He commanded, pulling your hips forward on his thigh. You kept going, grinding, feeling his big hands planted firmly on your ass, pushing you down harder and faster onto his thigh, controlling your every movement just the way he liked. “Do you like that baby, hmm? You like feeling Daddy’s thigh between your legs?” He asked, tormenting you with his dirty words as he slowed down your pace on his leg so he could whisper in your ear. You whimpered and he nipped at the skin of your ear. “Use your words, babygirl.” “Yes, Daddy.” He smiled. “Good.” He cooed, before speeding up how fast you were riding his thigh to an incredible pace and making you cum all over his black jeans.
“Look what you’ve done to my jeans.” He tutted, shaking his head as he looked down at the mess. “Sorry, daddy.” You said apologetically. “Sorry isn’t good enough Princess,” he brushed his lips against yours as he demanded “get on your knees.” You did exactly as you were told and were rewarded by the clang of his belt hitting the floor, you reached forward to pull of his pants, eager to feel him only to be met with a slap to the hand. “Looks like you forgot the rules baby.” He scowled before picking back up his belt that you had been wishing would come off the entire night and wrapping them around your wrists, binding them together. He smirked as he pulled off his skinnies altogether and then pumped his cock which was already seeping precum from the tip. He then tapped his dick against your mouth, your lips opening happily. You were about to start sucking him off when he put both of his hands on either side of your head. “I’m going to fuck your mouth so hard babe.” He muttered gruffly before doing exactly what he promised. He thrusted into you, your lips stretched around his cock, always a sight he loved to see. You looked up at him innocently through your lashes, loving how his mouth opened in ecstasy. His cock was going further and further back your throat, almost choking you but you loved it. (Who the fuck wouldn’t? It’s Ashton’s penis!We have all seen the Teen Choice Awards video like too hot, hot damn, call the motherfucking police and the fireman.) A groan and a shout of your name were the sounds you heard as he shot his load down your throat. He smiled before picking you up and laying you flat on the bed once again; restrained and horny.
He lay over you, eye fucking you as he looked down at your naked and sweaty body from all the orgasms and intense teasing. He brushed his lips along every inch of your skin, barely touching you because he was still punishing you, he wasn’t finished with that yet. He noticed how you were awkwardly lying on top of your bound wrists so he turned you around. “Face down, ass up, princess.”
You rubbed your thighs together to hopefully give yourself some relieve as you felt Ashton staring at you, hearing the sound of his hand sliding up and down his dick, the wet sound turning you on even more. It took a while before you felt the presence of him directly above you. You felt some of his damp curls brush off your flustered face before he whispered in your ear. “Do you want my cock, Y/N?” “Yes!” You moaned back, sounding as desperate as housewives (I’m hilarious) “Beg for it.” He said back before leaning back so you could no longer feel him. “Please. Daddy.” You tried, Ashton was biting down on your sweet spot, unrelenting, drawing blood. You were finding it hard to think let alone speak as he left little blood bites showing his love for you all over your neck. “You really think that’s going to make me want to fuck you? Try again.” He reprimanded. You took a breath before letting out: “Please fuck me Daddy, fuck me so hard I scream, fuck me so everyone knows who owns me, who makes me feel this good. I’m your little whore, Daddy, only yours.” There was a pause and you were afraid you had gone too far before you felt Ashton ram into from behind. He leaned over while pounding it to you, deep and hard, his chest flush against your back. “That was so hot baby.” He groaned, his eyes squeezing shut from the feeling of your pussy wrapped around him. “Ashton.” You sighed out in pleasure, his cock always felt so good, always stretched you just the right amount. “Y/N” he groaned back, your saying of his name encouraging him to go even faster, the sound of skin slapping against skin filled the room, the most delicious sound known to you. He leaned back and pulled your hair to bring you up with him, giving him an even better angle to fuck you deeper. You let out a pornographic moan before hearing an “Oh fuck, Y/N!” And feeling Ashton cum inside of you, your orgasm soon following. He held onto you, helping you both ride out your highs before leaning you both down onto the bed and taking away your restraints.
He pulled you into him, cuddling you while massaging your scalp with one hand, kisses being scattered over your back. “I love you so much.” He whispered in your ear as he continued to show you just how much you mean to him.

~ ConsumedByTheNight