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I can’t decide if it’s amazing or pathetic that I wake up most mornings and think: “Today, I want to be someone Misha Collins would be proud of.”

City Kids Part 1: Taehyung


Rating: G

You would have been upset at the weather for being so cold if it weren’t for the light rain that descended upon the silver cityscape as you walked up the stairs to the entrance of your apartment building. But the rain only gave you a sense of comfort and more of a reason to make yourself a cup of hot chocolate, curl up and read a book until your stomach told you it was time to get up and do things adults do. You planned to do exactly that as you unlocked your apartment door, you stop to pick up your mail on lying on the floor and continued to the kitchen.

Bill. Bill. Late rent notice. Bill.


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When the logic is like: 

Children being abused  ≠ Sebaciel

Children being abused = Abuser’s fault

The haters be like:

Children being abused = Sebaciel/Sebaciel shippers’ fault

And when you said that people can’t be hurt by a fictional ship, if it’s anyone’s fault then it’s a human’s fault, an abuser, they be like:

“Wow you are insulting CSA survivors that it is their fault that they can’t defend themselves from a fictional ship.”

insanity day 16

max out: 2:40
calories burned: 418

I DID IT I BEAT MY CARDIO CHALLENGE TIME! I know it’s only 15 seconds, but I’m so, so happy. I haven’t been able to beat that week 1 time AND I FINALLY DID IT. man. tonight’s workout was killer, but I tried not to modify at all, which meant a couple more short breaks than usual. still, check out those calories burned. that’s more than I burned during the first week. damn, what a good workout. I don’t feel like I’m absolutely going to die either. it’s crazy, I can actually feel how much my stamina has increased. ahhhhhhh. :D

There is no word that can describe how disgusted and enraged I am by people who bend over backwards and act like brats to maintain their illusion of the world being just fine and absolving themselves of responsibility when “Rome is burning”.

You bring up an important global issue, a MAJOR problem that needs to be addressed, and they just dismiss it without evidence or make the most absurd things up to deny it and say “stop whining lulz”


They don’t deserve to live on a planet they abuse.