it wouldn't be the same without you

Me being home with not much to do...

… means some things just kind of pop into my head randomly. Was thinking about how long I’ve known E.

This year marks the 24th year I’ve known him, and (somewhere around my birthday I guess is our anniversary) 14 years since we got together.

Also, September will mark 9 years since my grandmother’s passing, she would have been 102 were she still here on 12 January.

Lastly, thinking about the tumblr peeps I’ve come to have in my life. Three years since that first meet up at Leona’s where some of you entered my life. Two years since I traveled to meet so many of you in NYC.

Time passes but it stays with you…and I’m glad I’ve met such awesome people to spend it with.

Guys, I don’t usually talk about the number of followers I have, I think that’s not the most important…. but I had to talk about what just happened…

I mean, I just CANNOT believe it. I started this blog 2 and a half months ago, and before that I had a personal tumblr for 2 years and I had like 100 followers. And I barely talked to them. And I decided to create this blog just because I was angry at a stupid girl that was saying Jensen hates Jared, I didn’t expect all of this. Really. If I had like 50 followers I’d be so happy already.

But more importantly than having 1,000 followers, is talking to you, getting to know you. Making real friends and having people that truly admire you, that’s amazing.

I don’t follow everyone back, not because I don’t like you. It’s just that as this is a SPN blog, I prefer to have more SPN related things on my dash, and if I followed 1,000 blogs I’d be totally crazy and miss a lot of things. But I love every single one of you, and when any of you comes to my askbox it truly makes my day. 

anyway, you guys are awesome and there aren’t enough words to thank you, I could do this all day long. 

The “Help” episode was also really beautiful. I really wanted Cassie to live though, she was such a sweet character
And when she said “One day she’ll tell you” to Spike oh my god my heart burst into five billion pieces and I may or may not be in over emotional tears

a-maisato asked:

I followed you cause you followed me and I was like. "BEHOLD. A KH CHARACTER I ACTUALLY KNOW!!!!!" And I liked your writing and now it's like. What is dash without Gabe the babe?????? WHAT IS DASH WITHOUT GABE THE BABE???? DEATH METAL SHRIEKS.

Anonymously tell me why you follow me.

OOA ;; Vanitas is the best KH character && he needs his own game. SCREW SORA. jkjk ily sORRAAA
i love you, but sometimes you can be a great bag of dicks
  • TIGRESS CROCK:people basing pietro's personality off the fact they think the actor is cute
  • mrs von gruesome:pietro is a dick
  • mrs von gruesome:i love him

I did some editing to my blog- my header is different now, new music, and you can finally see all my links on the header; my ask, fb, twitter, insta, and lastely my Archive ( in that same order) should all be up and the links should work, so yay haha

*You can also view my face if you need in “The Dreamer Himself” link (just click it ehe)