Molly: Sherlock
Sherlock: Um?
Molly: What was today about?
Sherlock: Saying thank you.
Molly: For what?
Sherlock: For what you did for me.
Molly: It’s okay. ‘twas my pleasure.
Sherlock: No. I mean it. 
Molly: I didn’t mean pleasure. I mean— I wanted to.
Sherlock: Moriarty slipped up, he made a mistake. Because the one person he thought didn’t matter at all to me, was the one person who mattered the most. You made it all possible… but you can’t do this again, can you?

i thank jk rowling every day for not killing off hagrid


So, um… demon!Stiles, anyone?

Included a closeup because I liked his eye for some reason. I can’t stop drawing him hel P

it’s the little things. he didn’t even look at harry and say ‘no worries mate’ after gently stroking his wrist. it’s the fact that he kept his head down and smiled as if he kept replaying that moment in his head. like it was some teenage love affair. THATS why i’m emotional.


Keen & Ressler ± Ivan

"Good work" aka “i’m so glad you’re alive wifey”

"Yeah, you too" aka “thanks babe”

happily ever after.

otp: i do think you deserve to be with someone who makes you happy otp: follow my lead humphrey you’re used to doing that otp: you’re an evil dictator of taste blair otp: it was nice not being friends with you otp: plausible deniability otp: intellectual snobs otp: they say we only run from the things that truly scare us otp: one all-consuming paralyzing thought otp: she does smell nice otp: ass backwards crushing on blair waldorf otp: i didn’t want to admit i’d begun to understand the humphrey appeal otp: i just never thought the person i’d want would be blair waldorf otp: it isn’t brooklyn i’m here for otp: you’ll still have me otp: it wouldn’t to me otp: how do you kill a feeling otp: everyone with a pulse can see that you’re madly in love with her otp: i want more i want you otp: dan loves me for me otp: it’s you it couldn’t be awful otp: if only you could see what i see otp: dan’s my best friend otp: i feel strong and safe otp: i thought you should get to feel like a princess one last time otp: happy