Anonymous asked fuckyourwritinghabits:

I feel like I will never overcome my self doubt. All of my stories are just the worst

  • My stories are the worst because I think so.’ There is not a single writer who has not looked at their work and thought the same thing. Not. A. Single. One. Writing is a painful, difficult process, and self-doubt is a part of the process. If you feel bad about your writing, keep writing. Every sentence, every word, is getting you closer to where you want to go. You only get better at writing by keep writing. There is no other way.
  • My stories are the worst because other people say so.’ Those people might be trying to help you. Those people might just be trying to hurt you. If those people make you feel like shit whether or not they mean it, you don’t have to share your work with them. Period. If they get upset because of it, fine. This isn’t about them, it’s about you.
  • My stories are the worst because they’re unoriginal.’ FUCK ORIGINALITY. There is no rule out there that you have to be original to be interesting. There is no rule out there that says you can’t tell the same type of story again. It’s your story, because you are telling it your way.
  • My stories are the worst…' Stop telling yourself that your stories are the worst. Period. Stop feeling like shit over something that is legit hard to do. You are not a bad person because you struggle with writing. Your stories are not bad because they are hard to write.

OTHER THINGS TO KEEP IN MIND: Take breaks. Make lists of why you want to write. Make lists of why you want to tell your stories. Read a book. Watch your favorite movies. Take the story you’re struggling with and bury it under your winter clothes for awhile. You can come back to it. It will be okay. You can do this, and you can do it fantastically, but there is no reason you have to do it right now if it’s truly hard.

Take care of yourself, Anon.

Depression isn’t something that just goes away. It stays with you all your life, it alters you and changes who you are. The person that comes through the tunnel and into the light with scars and shadows of their past is possibly the strongest person in the world. This strength isn’t measured by mass or weight. It’s measured by pain; the amount of times they’ve cried, the times they’ve hurt themselves and the times when they thought about ending their life, but didn’t, knowing that one day, maybe just one day, it will get better. And they will be okay.
—  Laura Tann