it was nevr good enough and everyone before was always like

i think that kinda matches with just everything  in my life actually lmfaosdf

i was a straight A student from kindergarten to junior high
straight As and Bs in highschool

and lemme tell ya, when you get out ? that doesnt mean shit
grades dont mean shit after youre out of school. yes, they mean a lot when youre in it but man if you’re still in school please try to find something for yourself to bring out of it because grades wont do you anything
credits and your ACT/SAT score are all that really matter post highschool and even then your score really only defines what colleges you get into

and if youre to the point of college, dont start college if you dont think you can go all the way to the end
because while i learned a lot yeah, and its still stuck with me and i learned a lot more about my specific career goal and even lots of social things on the way
ive got nothing to show for it because i allowed myself to feel pressured to start before i was ready

if you want to take a year or a few years break, please go ahead, because if you’re not ready it’ll only hurt you
im thousands of dollars in debt with no degree to show for it and it gnaws at my insides every day

and if youre in, please dont give up lmfalfdf
even when it seems most hopeless you gotta push to the end, the american education system doesnt leave much wiggle room for someone who flops :’)