it turned out she was amazing

something special { nicholas & danielle. }
  • Nicholas:It was an amazing show, he enjoyed being the host and he was quite proud of himself when he saw that everyone had had a good time. He shook his head as he said goodbye to some of his friends, wondering where Danielle was. He ran a hand through his hair, looking around as he let out a sigh. He turned his head to the left and then he saw her, she was talking to a couple of people, but he didn't care about that when he approached her and took her arm to sneak her into one of the empty corridors. "Hey." He muttered, staring at her. And without saying anything more, he caught her lips with his and kissed her hard. Yes, he had missed her so much.

SNL Review - S40E16 Dwayne Johnson/George Ezra

Cold Open: The Rock Obama! We haven’t seen him since Fred impersonated Barack. And I loved how they added She Rock where Sasheer turned into Leslie.

Monologue: I was surprised to see Dwayne sing but I thought the premise of franchise Viagra was hilarious.

Sketches: All three of the pre-Update sketches were amazingly funny. That escape from jungle island sketch was so close to being over the line with the censors but it was gut bustingly hilarious thanks to Kate especially. Also I very much appreciated that Wegmans shout out during the improv sketch because I have always said I would have gone to Wegmans University if it existed. It’s an amazing grocery store in the northeast. Overall I think Dwayne killed it in each sketch and I can’t wait until he’s a member of the Five Timers Club.

Pretaped Content: That Pep Boys gender/sexuality dialogue was absolutely hilarious. The Bambi parody and Brogaine were good too but I really liked Kyle’s circus interviews because people (especially kids) never know how to react to him.

Update: I saw earlier in the day that Jost’s first joke went viral which made me happy because it was very funny. I was very happy to see Olya again as well! Those jokes about OJ and The Jinx were super funny too.

Musical Guest: I really liked George Ezra’s performances! He’s adorable and I didn’t realize that he’s only 21 but he has that amazingly deep/mature voice.

Cameos: None.

Cast: Leslie’s singular outing was phenomenal and the rest of the cast was pretty evenly distributed throughout the night which was lovely to see.

Sketch Breakdown:

Vanessa:  3    Aidy:  3    Taran:  5    Kate:  5    Bobby:  5    Jay:  3

Cecily:  5    Kenan:  4    Beck:  5    Michael*:  0    Pete:  4    Leslie:  1

Colin*:  0    Kyle:  8    Sasheer:  5

*: Denotes Weekend Update Anchor


make me choose
gorgejesy asked Divergent or The Hunger Games

6x13 reaction fic: Rachel’s big night also turns out to be Kurt and Blaine’s big night
word count: 1758
rating: pg-13 (yeah that sounds good)

“So, Rachel,” the sixth interviewer she’d spoken to in the last five minutes (this one was a brunette lady, which was a welcome change from the five blondes) said, “how does it feel to be a Tony winner?”

“Amazing,” she said earnestly, but honestly. “It’s been my absolute dream since I was two years old and I cannot believe that it’s happening. I mean I always assumed that it would, but you never really – oh.”

“Are you okay?” the interviewer asked, lowering her microphone.

“Yeah, yeah. I’m good.” Rachel rubbed her belly – that little guy or girl sure knew how to kick. They were going to be a dancer for sure. “This baby is just getting a little antsy, I guess.”

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Giuseppe + Beyoncé

An artist that goes by the name of Beyoncé, also has her first shoe in collaboration with Zanotti coming out, scheduled for release within one or two weeks. “I’m doing a shoe with Beyoncé right now,” Giuseppe tells me while showing me an image from his phone, of a sketch. I’m not able to see what the final product will turn out like, but going by the sketch, Beyoncé has a thing for ultra thick platform stilettos. “Beyoncé has very clear ideas – she knows exactly what she wants. The thing which she then also has over other celebrities, is that she has an amazing voice. She’s incredibly talented and she’s an amazing dancer – she’s complete. Few are like Beyoncé,” the designer says about the multiple Grammy award-winning artist he has known ever since her Destiny’s Child days. “I’m working on finalizing the shoe with her stylist right now. And Beyoncé will then say what she likes and what she doesn’t like. It will be one shoe only,” Zanotti concludes with regards to the shoe that will certainly get the BeyHive craving.

OH MY GOD this and the topshop line????? YAS

Smoaking Billionaires Leverage AU where Tommy Merlyn is a talented grifter who can’t figure out who the fuck he is (or how to stop putting his foot in his mouth) when he’s not playing a role; Felicity Smoak is a criminally genius hacker who still always sends a portion of her ill-gotten gains to the single mother who raised her alone in Vegas.

And Oliver Queen, jack-of-all-trades hitter/retrieval specialist. “The worst thing I ever did in my life, I did for Amanda Waller.”

Pulled together by white-knight-turned-black-king John Diggle, embittered against the system by the loss of his brother Andy, whose descent into goodhearted let’s-be-bad-guys only quickened after the final fracturing of his marriage to Lyla Michaels (who turns out to have secrets and bad ties of her own.)

Also featuring Sara Lance, an assassin-turned-thief, and so many others.

Let’s Draw My Favourite Youtubers! (in no particular order)

Franchesca Ramsey || chescaleigh

"Calling anyone a slut, regardless of their behavior is slut shaming. The idea that anyone has the right to judge some’s sexual habits is slut shaming. The practice of judging someone and calling them a slut along with the perpetuation of ‘sluttiness leads to rape’ hurts victims of sexual assault because people assume that if they were assaulted they were somehow at fault because of their behavior or previous sexual history."

also: Reblogs (tumblr song) || Lady Gaga “Applause” Parody


Gombe’s terrain is extremely rugged. The vegetation is tangled and thick; steep ridges rise abruptly from the lake, as much as 2,500 feet in just a mile and a half. The park cannot be reached by road, and its borders are a long walk from any village. These features make the preserve an Eden for chimpanzees, while mostly keeping people at bay. But Goodall had chosen — for my sake, perhaps, because as recently as two years ago she was still clambering over steep soggy slopes, pulling herself up with a vine — an easy path. Twenty minutes later, we reached a stream, and an odd moment ensued: Should I help her with her footing? An octogenarian in my company was walking on slippery rocks, wearing sandals no less. I crossed ahead of her and stood on the other side, waiting for her to hold a hand out; she did not.

you totally can’t tell that this horse

is the mother of this horse

Absolutely not. Nope. No similarities at all. 

Oh and another thing. The colour of Icelandic horses? Never try to predict it. You put together a palomino mare with a black stallion and you get a chestnut. ????

sooooo i may have accidentally colored this wonderful drawing……

all credit for the drawing goes to phil-the-stone

Can’t believe I’m quitting Reign. Literally, the only show I’ve ever quit is Glee. 

But if that promo proves to be true, and Mary is actively trying to wed Conde, I’m just… out. I cannot stand to see a strong, wonderful woman disrespected for the sake of drama. Not like this. 

Atem: “I know what I’m going to do tonight. You.”

Yugi: “You WHAT?!”

masaya90 drew another little thing for me and it turned out amazing again! This a little daydream Yugi has in my fluffy fanfiction (chapter 3). I just couldn’t resist seeing it in a drawing. I love it! Thank you, masaya!

Go and check her out, she’s so talanted! But the position of the annoying, creepy fangirl is already taken by me. Just look at this gif that perfectly depicts my relation to masaya:

for those of you wondering how farmer murphy started

it all started with my dragon queen serena ( oldmacmurphy ) making this edit

naturally, i bowed down to her and her genius

she then made a post talking about how she had saved some farmer murphy urls. so i sent her this message:

and as you can see she suggested we changed urls. and it all spiraled out of control from there

so i told her to never fear bc i can make some hella rad icons (see my own for an example xD)

so then i changed my icon

and serena changed her url

and then turns out people didn’t think it was weird af (okay they do but we’re all weird af together)  and decided to join in. so now there are countless of amazing blogs with amazing farmer murphy urls and amazing farmer murphy edits and head canons. 

oh and also a farmer murphy network (ALL THE COOL KIDS BE APPLYING)




So maybe I was destined to love Stevie and wear crescent moons??

Being as the solar eclipse was today, my mother was telling me what she remembers from the last one in 1999. She said she was pushing me in my pram when it happened. I was around 18 months old. The eclipse started and she said: “Look Caity! A crescent moon!”. She said I was fascinated by it, and the next time we were walking at night and the moon was out, I pointed to it and said “Mammy, it’s a pleasant moon!”. Bless me for getting the crescent part wrong, but after all, I was 18 months old and wasn’t even supposed to be stringing sentences together at that age! So basically, I’ve had a fascination with the moon my whole life and I didn’t even know it.