it must be nice to be a bird


I think It Must Be Nice To Be a Bird, run by Madeleine Belanger is currently my favourite jewellery designer (Ladybird Likes being a close second!).

My boyfriend got me a lovely rabbit pendant last Christmas and I’m in awe of it.  My life is all about crafts, and I go to a lot of craft shops, galleries and shows and there’s always a lot of jewellery and sometimes things can seem a bit samey, still wonderful, but it’s rare I get really truly excited.  (I don’t mean to sound like a dick.  I do get excited, I do think a lot of the work I see is really well crafted, but I don’t think “I NEED TO BLOG ABOUT THIS MAKER!” often) But Madeleine’s work is really breathtaking.

I love her style, tiny works of art.  And the drawings in each one are hand painted water colours, seriously.  Amazing.  So much amazing craftsmanship.  Her work is inspired by the Canadian landscape around her and it’s wildlife.

My partner has said he knows what to get me for the next few Christmasses, and I may well be asking for a commission featuring my rabbit in =]

Her blog is here:

And Etsy store is here:

All images from the artists Etsy.  And all available to buy!

Diary Entry 02

Hello, Diary! 

Well, I’m here- London! It’s really nice. Like-wow! How can I even describe it? 

Everything is so old and beautiful here. You really feel like things have happened here. Old things and interesting things. Maybe sad things too but hey, who thinks about that? 

I have a place to stay, diary. From my window I can see the sky between the walls of the buildings all around me and the cables that cross between them and the flashing lights of the sign over the Nando’s, and the very still birds that like to sleep on next door’s mezzanine. They’re always sleeping there. Ha Ha; it must be nice and cool in the shade. I like my window, diary. It feels nice and cosy, all snuggled in with the other buildings. 

There’s a man who lives next door. Sometimes we both get up early and he’s at his window and I’m at mine and sometimes I can see him walking around his flat and usually he can see me in my flat too. That’s when he does fun signals with his fingers, and I do them back and it’s such a good laugh. What a nice guy! 

I hope we can get to know each other better. 

Maybe he likes history and music too. Maybe he can show me more of London. 


In other news, i’m looking for a job. Of course, nothing too committed, but as always, diary, I am a firm believer in working hard and hard work. That’s the best way to get along in life and just because my visa says I should just kick back and take it easy with all the other holiday makers I say, ‘No way, visa! I’m a productive member of society wherever I am!’ 

Keep your beautiful beaches, Britain. Keep your spectacular domineering mountains. Keep your Night Clubs. Keep your dusky vales. I mean it! Especially that bit about the mountains.

Pffft. Mountains. Am I right? Totally overrated. 

I mean to work. 

Work and smile. 

So I better get some good rest in before I go hunting tomorrow. 

Goodnight, Diary. Goodnight!

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hello jamie. if japhet is your "bird husband" then i must be your mother in law. you be nice to my son now.

Pearl is that you????!

penny & tropes

  • ANTI-HERO: Morally good intentions, but doesn’t always follow conventional moral codes to achieve an end.
  • BADASS: In addition to communication with spirits and ghosts, Penny can drain the life force of others to reanimate the dead.
  • BLESSED WITH SUCK: Using her reanimation powers requires the use of life force – either her own, or someone else’s.
  • A BOY AND HIS X: Her cat, Max.
  • ALOOF DARK-HAIRED GIRL: She’s a very private individual and while she doesn’t mind casual conversation, getting close with her is like pulling teeth. (RE: You must be a level seven friend to unlock the tragic backstory).
  • BERSERK BUTTON: Don’t bring up her parents – most specifically, her father.
  • BEWARE THE NICE ONES: Penny’s pretty patient and it takes a lot to anger her, but when it happens, it’s not pleasant.
  • BROKEN BIRD: Still jaded from her mother’s death, seven years later.
  • DARK IS NOT EVIL: Despite her powers as a necromancer, she doesn’t use them against others without just cause.
  • DEADPAN SNARKER: Self-explanatory.
  • DON’T FEAR THE REAPER: Through her experience with her powers and with communicating with the dead, she’s found comfort in the concept of death, and is not fearful of it.
  • GALLOWS HUMOR: She tries to find humor in the worst situations she’s been in.
  • GOOD IS NOT SOFT: Penny is very much a punishment-fits-the-crime sort of person and is not above ‘teaching lessons’ when needed.
  • HELL-BENT FOR LEATHER: Very partial to leather jackets.
  • I’M HAVING SOUL PAINS: At times, her mediumship powers can be exhausting and cause painful headaches that can leave her physically exhausted for days on end.
  • I SEE DEAD PEOPLE: Spirits and ghosts, in varying forms and capacities.
  • MEANINGFUL NAME: Dušek is Czech, meaning ‘soul.’
  • PSYCHIC NOSEBLEED: Overexerting herself while using spells, magic, or reanimation abilities causes this.
  • RELUCTANT WARRIOR: Despite knowing of her abilities since age ten, Penny is reluctant to step outside of her comfort zone with her powers and especially to make others aware of who and what she is.
  • THE SPOCK: Penny is very logical and analytical and will almost always choose the most reasonable path.
  • TAUGHT BY EXPERIENCE: Penny is largely self-taught in her craft by her own research pulled from various magic shops and texts, as well as her ancestors personal written accounts.
  • THOU SHALL NOT KILL: Despite being bound by death and a manipulator of it, Penny would never bring herself to taking another’s life unless the circumstances were very extreme.
  • THE CHOSEN ONE: Her gifts as a necromancer are entirely natural, as are her talents as a witch, though the latter is more understated.
  • WITCH SPECIES: Penny is a natural witch – no soul-selling or deals with the devil required.
  • YOU ARE BETTER THAN YOU THINK YOU ARE: Despite her acceptance of her abilities and her mother’s reassurance (before her untimely death) that she is gifted beyond reason, Penny feels a lot of guilt with her powers and especially that she’s unnatural for having such a huge tether to death.

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Hi, Skylar! I notice you're not learning very many new words anymore (except when people make mistakes or give you confusing punctuation). You must know a lot of words by now!

hi benevolent-overlamp

Make sure best of them though favorite flower birds make some one was when you because im sometimes im sometimes im you would get to look new things nice day been you far you have been learning a lot whats gonna tell said that she.

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I'm the anon who messaged you a while back about also having been at Riverbend hospital, and it's so weird that today is two years since you were admitted because today is exactly four years since I was admitted there! Weird coincidence. Also, you must have had a different dietician when you were there. Mine was an older woman whose name started with a J and she was good. There's no way I would have gotten away with eating as little as you ate there. Sounds like it's gone downhill there :(

OH GOD NO I had the same dietitian. I despised her. Lol she was nice (reminded me of a bird jacked up on caffeine…don’t ask haha) but she let me do whatever for the most part. They even brought in light soy milk for me because I refused to drink the regular. Nottttt okay. And then she told me my weight upon discharge? 

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"Honored Lar'ja?" What /is/ it about the pred's shoulder that makes it so appealing to perching birds? Must be the sturdiness. "Where /do/ you come from? You're like any monster I've ever met."

    He has given up. Lar’ja didn’t even try to swat the bird this time, but instead listened to what it was asking. A soft clicking left Lar’ja as he raised his arm with the wrist computer, pressing in a command to bring up a hologram of his home planet for the bird. 

But what happened today? Let’s see: we saw two birds on a run. The big, bad Raven and the little swallow Jinx. Thank God, she has a big bird like that with her, so L€ON tried to save his people from being farmed, but oh no, his troops died from the reinforcements of Raven. Nice try, L€ON, maybe next time. Jinx went on to farm the new German guys “Deutsche Einheit” (guys, WW2 is over!), where rene81 came to the rescue. But well, when Raven and his Amigo showed up, he must have felt like the cat in the picture. No chance for his tier3 troops. The swallow went on to farm the German Revelations (she doesn’t like her own countrymen, huh?), where she met badenser. I heard she made the same mistake than L€ON and lost some troops on reinforcements, which she didn’t check out before attacking. Poor little chick! But finally…finally..I saw a real miracle. Because finally I found the nice Revelations guy. Jinx farmed in peace an ally with Capt. Blood. Wonders never cease! What an exciting morning!

Leaf Lake (51/191)

We wonder over light dancing on water

And admire the darker surface most because it’s there that the light reflects brighter

There must be something profound in that observation, but most beauty can avoid an explanation

Zak slings a fishing line across glass surface, fooling a bird into swooping down for food

The “bloop” rolls water toward our dock, as Jonathan picks notes off of guitar strings

We joke at the rom-com quality of our unique characteristics

One the mechanical Minnesota nice guy

One an engineer mind with an artist’s heart

And me, a nomadic writer seeking beauty

We keep looking at the same scene differently

There’s probably something to be extracted from this thought,

But some lessons are better enjoyed than taught

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"Th-that is-" Nayru shook her head, no. We will not question things; we are already out of the woman's favor. She turns to the owl, "Ah, is it- nice to meet you?"

The owl’s head tilted to the side as he landed on the arch of the gate, and he let out a welcoming hoot.

“You are not of this time, are you? I can sense an otherworldly aura about you, hoot!”

Again, the bird’s head spun about, and he peered down at Nayru.

“And beloved of the blue goddess, are you not? Such a heavy burden you bear. But not forever, I think, hoot hoot! Your time will come. All times must.”

spoilermaster said: ah, Chell, i love her too, but my ultimate fave from Portal is GLaDOS~ forgot to get her on the list tho and Witcher! it’s always so nice to see him around, my country’s greatest pride ;)

Oh well, who doesn’t love GlaDOS and her sense of… humor? It’s such a pleasure to listen to her that it was disappointing to me that she was so quiet during her glorious potato phase – of course, I understand that it had to be that way; otherwise she’d have spoiled the puzzles by telling us what to do…

And yeah, it must be cool that such games are made in your country! (we, what do we have here? Angry birds..? Clash of Clans…..? Oh, no, no, haha)

Staged Wildlife Photography

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I always get question about bird/wildlife photography, so I decided to do easy set-up that can be done without any special equipment.
Found this nice stump not far from the parking lot in local park, I pulled it out next to the edge parking spot (about 7/8 feet from driver side window) Same can be done next to your house or shed widow. Got bag of the bird seeds, works for squirrels and chipmunks, I placed seeds so they are not visible in the pictures (there is couple holes on the stump), but

Jay - SonyAlphaLab’s insight:

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We were walking in the bottom today and stop ode to look for nails in a spot where we had burned some old lumber last year. In addition to finding enough nails to puncture 53 lawnmower tires, I found this old wrench. It must have piggybacked its way to the burn pile in all the old wood. It was rusty and dirty, but damned if I don’t think it would still turn a bolt. ‘Murica.

Today wraps up the long Memorial weekend, so that means instead being nudged from my slumber by the morning sunlight, singing birds, and a 12-pound cat climbing on my bladder, it will once again be the chirping pattern of an alarm clock. It has been a very nice (and much needed) long break. And even though a few killjoys on Facebook want to mock people for using this weekend to visit and celebrate with friends and family…and even though they want to remind everyone that they should only be sad and introspective this weekend…I went right ahead and enjoyed myself anyway.

I am guessing that the brave men and women who fought and died in the name of this country didn’t do it just so everyone would sit around and mope on the last Monday in May. That’s not to say they did it so that we could sit around eating fried chicken and apple pie with relatives whose names we can’t remember, either, but I imagine it was more for that than it was for the other. People can sit around and be sad all the time in an evil regime…hell, that is the purpose of an evil regime. Nobody wants to fight for that.

But grandma’s chicken ‘n dumplin’s? All day visits and laughter with loved ones? Finding ways to enjoy a little extra time away from work? Those things are special and dear to all of us…things we don’t want to lose at any cost. I know I’m oversimplifying it a bit, and I realize that people are also free to be a stick in the mud…I just think they are grandstanding a bit. I’m just glad I have the freedom to hide their posts.

It would probably take a bigger wrench than this one to turn those nuts.

71° Mostly Cloudy
337 Riverside Dr, West Liberty, KY, United States

Guy With The Eye Patch

Waiting for an appointment at the clinic. It is Monday morning. I need some meds for my head, my neuralgia, and I must see the M.D. to make it happen. The pot works fine but it’s good to have a backup plan if I need it. Sitting on a bench by the creek while I wait. I might as well try to write something.

It rained but my bed stayed dry. Birds are chirping when I open my eyes this morning. All the pretty green trees look like wallpaper and I think I am in a room somewhere or still dreaming till the breeze starts moving and I remember I am in the woods. How nice.

“I was fine before I met her,” the young guy, Joey, says to me last night sitting by the big window in the café. “I had plenty of stuff going on and did not need a woman to make me happy.” He goes deeper and deeper and winds up telling me how he opened himself up to this woman so much he now wonders if it was even fair.

“It’s so weird. She brings out these fears that go way back … she says she loves me in a way that has never happened to her before but I don’t know if I can trust her.”

“Way back?” I ask. The kid is just twenty-one. “How far back are you talking about?”

“It was in the second grade,” he says, and laughs. “This girl broke my heart and I never got over it.”

Alice texts as I sit here typing. “I was so sore after the little hike we took yesterday. I hope you slept peacefully.” I check the time and see I will be late if I don’t leave right now.


The doctor is great. I get the prescription. I may not need the drugs but it will be good to have them if I do. About to go somewhere and have lunch with Alice and her little girl. Sitting on the couch and typing while they get ready.

The sun is out and it’s a fine good day. The guy with the eye patch, Stephen, emails and says he’s enjoying this story. “Thanks for mentioning me. I look forward to reading more.” He signs off, “The guy with the eye patch.”


“Just take the roll,” Alice says, when I ask if I can have a couple of feet of duct tape. “Did you stay dry? It rained hard all night.”

“I need something to stabilize this house,” the little girl calls from the living room.

“How about a coin?” her mother asks from the kitchen.

“And some tape,” the little girl says.

“No, we need to use glue,” her mother says. “Remember, I told you that tape is right for some things and glue for others. For this we need glue.” The little girl gets up from the big round crafting table and stands beside me. I’m sitting on the stairs by the kitchen doorway. Her mother, Alice, is putting away the tea pot.

“It is so warm,” the little girl says, taking my cup between her hands. “It is very warm here,“ her hands around the bottom of the cup, “and not so warm here,” her hands closer to the top of the cup. She rubs her hands together and holds them on my beard.

“We’re ready to go,” Alice says, and we eventually get out of the house and ride bikes to Ruby’s redneck breakfast joint about four blocks away. It’s great. We sit outside on the stone patio by Pioneer Street in a perfect spring breeze and share wine and food.

I could be in Paris. I could be somewhere in another star system. It doesn’t matter. All the people at all the tables around us are happy and the food is good enough.

“I probably need to go back to the woods now. Or go to the café and drink another latte,” I say, standing beside her on the sidewalk under a big tree and finishing a cigarette. “And you have a million things to do, so I guess I will say goodbye.”

“I should be alone with my raven princess,” she says, smiling so nicely as I put my arm around her shoulders. “She’s been with her dad the last few days.”

It is just very nice, all of it, the little girl, everything. We get our bikes and push them to the street. “Will you be lonely at your camp tonight?” she asks, as we embrace over her bicycle.

“I’ll be OK,” I say. In that perfect moment, holding her in the middle of this public universe, it seemed that I could never be lonely.

“Just you and the bear,” she says, and laughs.


I ride to the woods as another day fades into the warm slow breath of time. Now I am at the café by the plaza as the sky turns grey outside the big window. How could I be lonely when her face, her smile, even her scent still lingers everywhere?