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140922 | After Party
Rough video translation by AllRiseJae

Eunhyuk asked fans where they’re from, thanked them for coming to Super Show, told them that there will be Super Show in several countries, that they shouldn’t wait til late, that they should eat well and sleep well and that he will be going home so fans should go home safely too.

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慶功宴李赫宰喝到凌晨4點多才出來 第一次出來一直問有沒有韓國人 飯說沒有他就重新進去了 第二次出來問了飯從哪裡來 又說ss6會到中國 香港 台灣等地方 還叫飯不要等到這麼晚要早點回家 好好吃飯 喝醉的聲音超級溫柔!!動作什麼的也很可愛 坐上車後下車窗跟飯說再見 但酒味超級重的

At after party, Eunhyuk drank until 4am then came out. First time he kept asking if there are korean fans. Fans said no so he went in. Second time he came out he asked where were fans from and said SS6 will be held in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan etc. and told fans not to wait till so late, to go home earlier and eat. His drunk voice is very gentle!! Actions are cute too. After getting on the car, he winded down the window to say bye to fans.

cr: natkalau | Eng tr: elf_ninida

HAIR SELFIE AGAIN BECAUSE IT’S THE PERFECT COLOR NOW *___*.. right when it’s about to fade, lmao. this dye (directions turquoise) has lasted FOREVER, it’s been two months and it’s only now starting to fade out. It started off really deep blue but now it’s this blue-green that’s making me super, super happy.

in other news starting tomorrow I’m gonna be in Hawai’i for a few days visiting family!! hopefully there’ll be lots of food… *______*

OK SO IM WATCHING PRISONER OF AZKABAN AND I … completely forgot how good this movie is like. holy shit. this is my favorite hp movie and im suddenly remembering WHY.

under a cut bc this got too long for me to fee comfortable having on people’s dashboards

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Ten things that make me happy tag!

Ahh! I was tagged by runningonemptyy13 to write down ten things that make me happy and because I’m feeling really happy and content tonight I’ll do this… beginning with

#1. runningonemptyy13's posts make me super happy because I love to see her puppy and kitties and when she talks about her fiance she talks with such happiness I'm excited for her to get married and I can't wait to see how beautiful she'll look! #2. having a busy schedule/not having anything planned (makes no sense)

#3. running… somedays…

#4. SOUR blue raspberry nerd slushes#5. laying in bed and sharing secrets with mama-shay

#6. crossing the state line from Kentucky to ohio

#7. vice versa crossing the state line from Arkansas to texas

#8. when people are happy

#9. all things orange

#10. any time I spend with jakeeeeeeeeeee :)

with all that being said, I expect all of y’all to hand deliver a sour blue raspberry nerd slush to my front door within the next day… and also I tag runningthru-yourmind, angel-likes-running, and anyone else who actually reads this to the end! hahahaha

honeyytree said:

As a native Twin Cities resident, may I just say that it makes me super happy that you choose that school out of all colleges and universities with great premed programs like thank u for recognizing that we're fucking awesome

I love the college of biological sciences so so so much and I love everything that the u has to offer for premed students

We have so so so many opportunities for volunteering and research and jobs and we even have our own center for all of that specifically for us like that’s so rad hell yes UMN forever


That is their tragedy.

I made this remix of Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy” and Katy Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl.”

My online store is open!!! You can buy my posters and paintings! That would make me super happy! YAY!

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