5sos preference - he hits you

You fucking leave and don’t take him back after.

Fuck his stupid apologizes. You don’t take him back.

You take him back.

Hahaha no. You break up with that scumbag.

You don’t put up with that shit and leave him!!

Holy fucking shit, if I see one more person say it was Nora’s fault that Tate raped Vivien I’m going to rip someone’s throat out. Rape is never justifiable, under any circumstance. Tate raped Vivien because he was a sick fuck with serious mommy issues and if you say what he did was excusable because Nora wanted a baby then I recommend you stay far away from me and get some professional help because that is fucked up.


Why Am I Always Second Best

someone pls tell me @ perachelbeatspercebeth is a troll blog who doesn’t matter before i actually get mad @ perachelbeatspercebeth and it doesn’t even matter if they’re a troll blog because what they’re saying can’t even be classified as a troll joke, it’s literally racist so pls @ perachelbeatspercebeth tell me you’re joking before i invest anymore of my golden youth on your shitty blog

i’ve dealt with jerks on forums in middle school i can be just as immature about this i’m a literal fuckin professional ok @ perachelbeatspercebeth

bye honey

remember when kurt told quinn that she shouldn’t complain or compare herself to karofsky because she’d had it easy in comparison

remember when quinn told santana that they’d had the ‘dream’ high school experience

remember when quinn got pregnant at sixteen, got kicked out, gave her baby up for adoption, got hit by a truck and was in a wheelchair for months 



Reasons not to be mad that 5sos have groupies
  • It’s none of your buisness 
  • You do not own them
  • They’re horny teenage boys
  • They’re not the only band with groupies
  • They’re allowed to put their penis wherever they want 
  • It’s none of your buisness

In Bay Village, Ohio, a group of high school students tricked their 14-year-old autistic classmate into doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Instead of filling the bucket with ice water they filled it with feces, urine, spit and cigarette butts and dumped the bucket from a roof onto the special needs teen.

Okay so I don’t usually post stuff like this but I feel like this is an exception.
This sickens me to no end. The fact that these kids are getting away with this is even worse. They have taken a wonderful challenge and turned it into something horrible, a cruel trick to play on an innocent classmate just because he was different than what they’re used to.
This hits very close to home for me because i have had many friends who were (and still are) bullied because of autism, and while I don’t keep in touch with many of them any more, I know countless other people who are being bullied by their classmates just because they’re a bit different. I was bullied myself because people thought I was depressed (people would offer me knives during school, discuss how many times i cut myself in a day, talk about how my family probably doesn’t love me enough, etc.) And I know that we don’t deserve to be treated this way. Nobody deserves this (unless you’re the assholes that dumped the bucket on this kid).
Please, please if you have the time, sign this petition.