Life may fucking suck sometimes, but that doesn’t mean you should give up. You don’t think about giving up when life is going well. Things change. Time changes everything. So the next time life sucks, remember when it didn’t and believe that things will change and be well again. Because life does get better but you have to be alive to know that.

If you’re going through a hard time, try not to dwell on it. Instead, focus on what you’ll do when it’s over. Your life is more than this moment, and you have a future that’s worth getting excited about.

It could be that nothing around you gets better. But He is there, extending grace within the swirling mess of a hostile world. It could be that people around you don’t change. But He is there, growing you to change when others do not. It could be that you get stuck at that obstacle once more. But He is there, having already removed every obstacle between you and Him at the cross, empowering you for so much better than you think.
—  J.S. Park, What the Church Won’t Talk About

Hey, good news, everyone – it’s less than 365 days until the next National Coming Out Day! Let’s all come out of the closet! In fact, let’s board up our closets entirely and just pile our clothes on that chair by the bed. Once you come out, life is just rainbows (literal and symbolic), and you’ll kick yourself for having waited so long. Or you might instead end up penniless and alone with your whole life screwed beyond repair. That’s what happened to “Ron.” Here’s his story.

5 Dangers Of Coming Out To Your Family (You Never See On TV)

Just remember, even your worst days only have twenty-four hours.
—  10 word story