"We’re neighbours, Al. You can tell me what’s wrong."

"I hate it when you do that," America insisted, shoving his hands angrily in his pockets.

Canada raised his voice, though it was still soft and ineffectual. “Your problems tend to affect me too. I have a right to know if something’s going on.”

America shook his head. “Not that. I hate it when you use the ‘u’. Bugs the shit outta me.”

"Th-the what? The ‘you’?"

"The ‘u’. I hate it when you put the ‘u’ in neighbor. Or favorite. It’s dumb."

Canada stopped walking and rubbed his forehead. “How is…you can’t read what I’m saying.”

America kept walking, his pout more pronounced. “I can feel it.”

—  Strange Powers ( A USUK Fanfiction by Tinstars )

anonymous said:

In your opinion is underage sex wrong if you really believe you're in love

I think as long as you’re safe and SMART (so many messages of pregnancy scares and std shit like please please figure out some kind of birth control + protection) and it’s 1000% ur choice then ya go for it lol you don’t have to be INLOVE to have sex either lmao have fun!!! Oh and it’s not someone older that bugs the shit outta me my 14 year old family friend was dating a 20 year old I was like STOPPPP

anonymous said:

I actually figured out how to play that "Sing along with Jim" on a recorder about a year ago. It's amazing just sipsco. nostalgia any time I wish

its one of those tunes i keep finding myself humming when i get really really bored tbh, i swear its just permanently ingrained in my mind

i remember one time when i was with my friends from school i was really bored and i just felt like being an obnoxious little shit so i started practically screaming it out of nowhere like NAAAH NAH NUH NAAAAAAAAH NAH NUH NAH NAAAAAAAAHHHH and it bugged the shit outta me for the next week or so because i had it stuck in my head and i kept humming it but i just could not for the life of me remember what i knew that goddamn shitty kevin macleod song from

I don’t understand why people you think you are cool with just stop talking to you out of nowhere. I’ve had this done to me many a times and it bugs the shit outta me! Like, you don’t wanna talk? Be straight forward about it instead of dropping hints here and there! We’re grown ups now…

hybrid-witch replied to your photo “1 is exhusband’s old NCO’s wife. 2 is exhusband’s still (apparently)…”

Hmm yeah I don’t see it either.

Just the thought of them still in a relationship of a romantic nature bugs the shit outta me. But you know they aren’t saying more cuz of the whole adultery thing when we were all still in Germany. 

I really hope that old NCO’s wife finds out about her husband fuckin his specialists.

So I do this thing..PSA

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Bottom line: if there is one blogger on Tumblr who needs her followers as much if not more than they need her, its me. Know that. I love you all. 

My Anaconda Don't.. | Billie Joe - Starter


                     🎧              “My Anaconda don’t want none unless you got buns hun. Oh my gosh, look at her butt” He rolls her eyes. “This song bugs the shit outta me. It sucks, and if I hear it again someone face will be used to make a hole in the wall” he threatens, a red gleam surpasses his bright spring eyes. “It’s the worst and driving me fucking insane!”