My up to date Stephen King collection. I think this is just about everything he’s written.

Special thanks to stephenkingporn for inspiring me to finally get hold of Storm of the Century.


1: i will made special post for 250 Followers instead of 200 (explain belov)

2: My education just ended and time for search for Work, It means my freetime will dramaticly Decrease and probably i will nolonger be able to draw at the morning, BUT it doesnt mean that i will end drawing&Close blog&not looking at it No no no no No It just means that sometimes i will need even more time to draw something, but dw i always doing my best

3: i just NEED to wake up tomorrow very early and %$#@! Draw something!! it pissing me off that last days on blog are not many my drawings and i did few “text” posts >.< i want My Blog Be Fullfilled with my drawings, not “annoucment” posts Like that one right now Bleh..soo yeah if i will not put drawing tomorow i will be mad at my self entire weekend, because i’m drawing in middle of Week at morning when i am alone in home and have peace around me <(^_^<)