Take a minute and browse this map of how the internet happens underwater.  I was amazed to see that natural maritime choke points also apply to our physical internet.  Look at the straight of Hormuz for example (between Oman and Iran).  This has long been a strategic maritime pass.  Iran claims to be able to mine the entire straight in several hours if a wartime need arises.  I never thought about the connectivity vulnerabilities that exist at the same site.  One specifically equipped submarine could wreak havoc in hours.  This is amazing to think about.  I wonder what precautions are taken to protect these cables?  Surely nations have developed the ability to quickly re-lay these cables if necessary.

The internet is pipes…. under water.

Today, my younger sister and I went shopping and we came across this nice little second hand book shop that sold paperbacks (50p) and hardbacks (70p, or 2 for £1). We were looking specifically for Stephen King novels since we’re both big fans, but we couldn’t find anything- a bit odd since every single charity shop, book shop, second hand shop sells Stephen King…it’s like the laws of nature! After giving up and asking a shop assistant, she took us over to a horror section, and jackpot…there were a few. So of course my sister and I celebrated by arguing over who’s getting The Shining and who’s getting Pet Cemetery. The lady laughed and said “if it’s Stephen King you’re after, come into the back of the shop - we’ve got plenty more!” 

There was a box. Not just any box, but a fucking crater of just pure Stephen King novels. Cheap Stephen king novels. 
Long story short…we bought them all. This two shop assistants couldn’t stop laughing as we took multiple trips to haul them over to the counter.




We’re gonna be warm this winter.